The Apple Watch Series 2 has a built-in GPS that allows the end-user to leave their iPhone at home when they go for a run or ride and will continue to track their activities storing the data until they get back to their iPhone for syncing. It can record the precise distance, speed and pace while walking, running or cycling. All the data and metrics captured can be viewed using the Apple Workout App.

The Apple Watch works and performs in very similar manner when compared to a GPS Leaders Vehicles & Asset GPS Tracking Device. Our devices allow end-users to track their vehicles in real-time along with the drivers behind the wheel. Similar to the Apple Watch it captures, stores, sends analytical data such as location information, speed, distance, time, heading and more. It as well, continues to track even when cellular connectivity is not available. Once a cellular connection becomes available, the GPS Leaders GPS Tracking Device will store forward the information to the end-users application. The GPS Leaders GPS Tracking Device offers end-user mobile apps and allows for alert notifications on your new Apple Watch Series 2 device.


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By equipping your vehicles with a GPS Leaders GPS Tracking Device you can benefit in multiple ways. Unlike the Apple Watch, the GPS Leaders GPS Tracking Device can offer you safety & security for your vehicle along with significant ROI’s. Enjoy continuous 2 minute real-time tracking with alert notifications & vehicle health reports. With real-time tracking should your vehicle become stolen, you will have a way to actively track & share the vehicles current location information with authorities for proper recovery. Due to having a GPS Leader GPS Tracking Device installed within your vehicle, it may qualify you for additional insurance discounts off of your comprehensive insurance depending on your insurance provider. So don’t wait, contact us today and learn how we can help you stay in communication with your vehicles.