Benefits of Arizona GPS tracking Service provider GPS Leaders

According to Arizona Automobile Theft Authority, there’s an increase in vehicle theft despite the authority’s efforts to track down criminals, educating the public and emphasizing the importance of GPS tracking services. In 2017 for example, the State of Arizona lost about $65 million from more than 19,058 vehicles that were stolen. Although this was regarded as an increase from 2016th statistics, Arizona has witnessed a drastic decrease in the number of vehicle theft for decades now. As a matter of fact Arizona was once the number one state for vehicle theft. Today, the state of Arizona ranks 15th in the country for vehicle theft per capita. But this definitely doesn’t mean that car theft is a traditional crime here. This is what calls for a reliable Arizona GPS tracking from Arizona GPS tracking Services provider GPS Leaders.

Stolen vehicle recovery in Arizona by GPS Leaders

Most of the vehicles that are stolen every year are never recovered mainly because there’s no way to track the vehicle’s movement remotely. With Arizona GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders, vehicle owners can pin point the location of their vehicles in real time and at the same time be able to initiate the recovery process before damages are caused. The authorities can easily track the real time location details from the GPS systems and initiate the recovery process. Setting Geofences with Arizona GPS tracking service by GPS Leaders is equally easy especially in the situation of fleet vehicles. The admin will at any time get alerts whenever the truck moves past the designated virtual boundaries.

Receive Insurance discounts in Arizona

The insurer understands that GPS Tracking helps reduce the chances of losing the asset. For this reason, the Insurer might choose to give an insurance premium discount because the chances of your vehicle being stolen or damaged are minimal. According to Forbes, most insurance companies give an insurance discount of up to 15% off its comprehensive coverage premium for vehicles with minimal risk. Other insurance companies such as Nationwide, offer discounts of up to 25% depending on the state you live. In Arizona for example, you can get insurance discounts after installing GPS tracking systems from GPS Leaders on your personal vehicles and fleet.

Easily Locate your vehicle in Arizona

One of the biggest benefits of installing Arizona GPS tracking services from GPS leaders is real time monitoring of your personal vehicles and Fleet. The safety of your vehicles and the employees as a fleet manager is paramount. In the situation where your vehicles are stolen, you can easily locate the vehicle in Arizona. The GPS tracking system is the best tool to send alerts and mapping data as the criminals are getting away with your vehicle. This way, the admin can easily notify the authorities for recovery.

Being able to track every aspect of your vehicle allows the fleet managers to meet deadlines, to reduce the fuel and operation costs, reduce chances of theft and initiate easy recovery in case of theft and damages. Your insurance company may equally choose to give a discount for installing GPS tracking services from GPS leaders.