Why You Should Use Auto Transportation GPS Tracking Devices

There are several instances that occur in our life that can impact our businesses significantly. One of these things is the risk of loss especially if you are running an Auto-Transportation company. Prior to the introduction of GPS in the automotive industry, managers had a lot of work securing their assets. Today, there are several ways that a GPS tracking system can benefit your Auto-Transportation industry. If you want to get GPS tracking system for your auto transportation business, then get in touch with Auto Transportation GPS Service provider GPS Leaders. In this short brief, I am going to talk about how GPS tracking system works for your Auto Transportation Business and some of the benefits that you are likely to get from it.

What is GPS tracking system in the Auto Transportation?

GPS technology is extremely valued in the transportation and logistics industry. It extends further than a thing to help drivers navigate locations while on their daily duties. It allows the management to track the location of several vehicles in real time. In simple terms, GPS tracking portable devices are placed in the asset and will at all the time transmit relevant data to software through the GSM network.

I know you may wonder what may happen in case the connection is interrupted. In this case, the data is stored on an internal memory and transmitted when the network is back. Recently, some of the GPS tracking system offer vehicle diagnostics. The system allows you to see and analyze the data on any computer device. The good thing is that now you can even get the data on your smartphone.

When dealing with auto transportation, then there are several things that make a difference. Some of them are the delivery time and the method of transportation. In real life situations, the delivery time is a time of anxiety to most of the customers. They need to keep updated on the location of their vehicle to release the tension.

The first thing when you are looking for an auto transporting company is to ask them if they have a tracking system. After that, you will need to get your tracking number. Most of the shipping companies have trackers to ensure that their customers can have reliable information.

GPS tracking system is a good way of tracking the location of your automobile. When the system is integrated on the vehicle you want to transport, then you get the exact location of your vehicle at any point in time. As the customer, the most valuable information that you want is the instant location of the vehicle.

Additionally, you should know that the GPS tracking systems vary with the shipping company. But they are all going to fall under the below methods.

  • GPS Satellite tracking system-This is the most common method used. It is generally used by vehicles waging remote areas. It relies on the automatic transmission of data to the system in real time.
  • Passive GPS tracking-This is the second method which captures and stores information at certain set intervals. What this means is that infrequent data is sent to the system.

How To Access The Data

The channel through which you will be accessing your data depends on the specific company. However, here are some of the most common ways of accessing the tracked data.

  • Frequent Notifications-This is the recommend method of accessing the data. The auto transportation company may opt to send you notifications without your request. In most of the cases, the notifications are automated so that you can access the data regarding your automobile whereabouts effortlessly.
  • Online tracking-In this method, you have to log in to the company’s website to access the data. Although this method is effective, it is not so reliable. Some companies will ask you to log in to their website to get information about the location of your vehicle.
  • Mobile tracking-most people opt for this method because it is convenient and highly reliable. You can always get the information concerning the location of your vehicle remotely from anywhere you are in the world. You are just required to integrate your mobile device with the system and everything else will follow. In most cases, you may have to install the tracking app on your device. Every time you want to access the information you will only need to get to the app.
  • Email notifications-There are some of the companies that will opt to send you email notifications about the location of your vehicle. They can do this as frequently as you want. However, you have to request for such data before they send it to you.
  • Calls-This is not a very common method of accessing information about your vehicle’s whereabouts but some of the companies may call you to inform you on the same. This is especially if they want to make a special announcement or to deliver immediate data that they want to confirm you got.

It’s up to you, you want to go with the method that works the best for you. For this reason, you have to inquire about the method your company is using to rely the information before you finalize. After that, ensure that you do some few things to get all the information you need. Some of those things includes:

  • Recheck the tracking number-This is the first thing that you should do before you authorize for transportation of the vehicle. If you get the wrong tracking number, then you get the wrong information all through. You may even fail to get tracking details at all.
  • Stay connected-if you want to get up-to-date data in regard to the location of your vehicle, then you need to stay connected. You should have a reliable internet connection and at the same time ensure that there’s good network coverage in the area you are in.
  • Contact the company in case of any tracking failure-You may experience some tracking problems on this case. Some of these problems will not be caused by the things at your side. They maybe some issues with the tracking devices, the Auto-Transportation GPS service provider or any other cause. Consequently, do not hesitate to contact your company.

Benefits of Auto Transportation GPS system

There are several benefits that an auto-transporting company can get from installing GPS tracking systems in the vehicles they are transporting. At this point in time, we are going to discuss how the company can utilize GPS and get these benefits.

Track The Vehicles Location In Real Time

The first benefit is very obvious. In fact the primary reason why the company is installing GPS tracking devices on each vehicle that is being transported is to get instant information about the location of the vehicles and give clear and reliable information to the customers. From the first stage of transportation, the company should get reliable GPS tracking portable devices from a good and highly dependable auto transportation GPS tracking service provider such as GPS Leaders and install them on each vehicle they are transporting.

After that, they have to ensure that each customer who is waiting for the vehicle has the correct track number. This is the number they are going to use when they want to get instant information about the whereabouts of their vehicles.

Now the tracking devices should be tested to see whether they are transmitting the correct data the correct way. If all is good, then the transportation process should commence. Now the auto transportation company will get reliable information about the location of the vehicle at any point in time. Equally, the vehicle owners will have access to a reliable data. This way, they will be able to ease the tension.

Mitigate The Risk of Theft

The second way that the auto transportation company can benefit from GPS tracking systems for auto transportation is by mitigating the risk of loss. Today, there are several case of vehicle theft. However, with GPS tracking systems for auto-transportation companies, the tension and worries are eliminated.

The first thing is that GPS tracking systems for automobile will reduce the instances of petty thieves. Studies show that there is more than 50% theft inactivity after the installation of a GPS tracking system. The second thing is that in case of theft, then the company and the vehicle owner can have an easy time retrieving the asset. You don’t have to sit down and bear the pangs of loss. With GPS tracking systems, you can always do something.

Give Reliable Feedback

GPS tracking systems also helps the company give reliable feedback to their customer. The customer is relying on the information provided by the transit company and hence the company should be in a position to provide steadfast information. With GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders, the company management will always be at the best position to answer queries concerning the location of the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

As we have already seen, with portable tracking devices fitted on the vehicle, the company and the owner have a lot of benefits to leap. For this reason, if your company doesn’t rely on GPS for information then you are lagging behind. Make the decision of having GPS assistance at the core of the company today.