The Transportation industry is changing rapidly. DOT Regulatory Mandates will force ALL Motor carriers to install Electronic On Board Records (EOBR) compliant GPS device in all vehicles and will require all drivers to produce electronic logs on demand.

The days of paper logs are almost over. Rising fuel cost, the expense of installing GPS and Electronic Log Systems, along with new rule sets that limit the driver ability to meet deadline all work together to make it hard for motor carriers to make a profit.

That’s were GPS Leaders comes in, we provide motor carriers a cost effective, DOT Compliant, Totally Automated electronic HOS solution. Drivers can easily create trips, perform trip inspections, log comments, provides DOT agents with requested logs and much much more.

Internal users of the system can view a snap shot of their fleet’s current activity as well as track driver’s individual activity throughout their day. A powerful and sophisticated alerts system keeps everybody well informed of any compliance of HOS issue before they occur.

GPS Leaders incorporates all of the DOT rule sets from many of the industries sectors including, Long Haul, Short Haul, Motor Coach, Oil Field, Agriculture, Construction, Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste.

State variants and exceptions are included as well as both Mexican and Canadian rule sets. GPS Leaders offers the most user friendly, comprehensive fully compliant HOS application on the market today.