Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Fleet Operators

GPS tracking devices bring many benefits to the management of fleet vehicles in the United States. Many of the benefits involve efficiency related issues that aid the businesses in reducing the operational costs and consequently increase the profits. If you are in California and looking for GPS car tracking devices, then visit GPS Leaders at for the best deals. In this brief, I have shared some of the main benefits that are associated with GPS tracking for fleet companies.

Route Optimization with Fleet Tracking Services

Once the GPS tracking devices have been installed in the fleet vehicles of a given company, real-time information on the location of the vehicle is accessible. The management can be able to change routes and find the one that is more efficient. This enables the vehicles to avoid delays along the way that could be caused by accidents, traffic jams or construction. Having GPS tracking system aids in improving the delivery of services to the customers. This is due to the reduction of time that is spent on the road delivering the materials. Through route optimization, the goods or services are dispatched by drivers who are near the call center, drop-off location or to the customer. Real-time fleet tracking software also makes the location of a single fleet in the entire company easy. This is to mean that the managers can assign those drivers who are close to the destination quickly. In the cases where the driver is at the address, the fleet tracking management system can make it easy for the said drivers to locate their way back to their destinations.

In United States, Fleet tracking for business helps in cases where the driver is lost as the GPS systems provide the information about the current location of the vehicle and routing data that enables one to send information that offers turn-by-turn directions to the driver. Considering the value of time, each and every second that the vehicle is on the road costs the company money through labor and fuel. Route optimization through GPS fleet tracking aids in reducing the idle time that is spent in between stops and thus increasing the productivity of the business.

GPS Leaders fleet tracking provide an ideal way in which various businesses can manage their fleets and the time of their drivers. For the best GPS car tracking devices deals visit In the cases where employees know that they are being monitored, they tend to work in a more responsible manner hence eliminating unnecessary stops. Additionally, by reducing idle time spent by employees allows one to add more jobs in a day or even shorten the time that is spent to deliver goods to the customer.

In some cases, the paper maps that are used by most companies in the US to optimize routes might be outdated and thus they may fail to give reliable street changes. In such cases, real-time fleet tracking software will serve to notify the driver of such things on the road like traffic jams and construction zones.
GPS fleet tracking with real-time software is an excellent and effective means of creating more well-organized routes. Therefore optimizing the routes that the vehicles are going to use lowers the costs of the fuel hence saving money for the company. By having updated reports on the conditions of the traffic like emergency and weather-related closings, bottlenecks, and jams through real-time tracking software, one can be able to navigate easily around the problems.

Fuel Efficiency with Fleet Driver GPS Tracking

Fleet tracking for business helps in monitoring the behavior of the driver that causes inefficient use of fuel. One of the ways that managers use to eliminate inefficient use of fuel is through eliminating needless and wasteful idling of their vehicles. The fleet tracking management systems enable the managers in the United States to have a close observation on their fleets and thus they can advise their drivers accordingly. This can be done by advising them to turn off the engines when the vehicle is not on the move. This will help in saving the amount of fuel used and consequently saving the company some money. Tracking of fleets through GPS also helps in generating a standstill report that enables one to know when the vehicle was running but motionless.

The fleet tracking management system aids in monitoring over speeding by the fleet drivers. In a normal case, driving at a speed that is higher than the optimal speed of the vehicle decreases the fuel mileage rapidly. Therefore in the cases where managers observe such behaviors can advise their drivers to increase the miles per gallon so that they can save a considerable amount of fuel. Again the system helps the business to monitor excessive speeding as well, analyze the report and take the appropriate actions towards the driver. It is also essential for any company to install GPS fleet tracking system as it helps to monitor the behaviors of the employees. The system has a feature that monitors the behavior of the driver and sends back alerts concerning the habits of the driver thereby giving the company the information they require to take the appropriate action.

The system has a feature that enables one to monitor the usage of fleets after-hours time. Eliminating the personal use of fleets past the required time helps one to save fuel and money as well. In the cases where the software alerts you that the vehicle is being used after-hours time, you can consider turning off the engine or even put the brakes under unauthorized usage. The system also limits the time wasted as well as fuel by directing drivers in the unfamiliar areas. This is through the provision of the precise destination location and most efficient route for arriving there in time. This therefore works to eliminate the time that is wasted by drivers hanging around aimlessly while searching for the address.

ELD Compliance, Electronic Mandate Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Leader’s fleet tracking provides the trucking industry with a log book while their trucks are on the road. This enables the drivers to log in their working hours so that they can remain compliant with the regulations that protect other drivers on the road from dangers of tiredness and distractions. To warrant greater compliance to these regulations, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires every truck have installed GPS tracking system that aid in logging of the working hours to ensure that only those who have sufficient rest are on the road.

New regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucks to manage and share their records and duty status data. Apart from improving the compliance, the ELD’s enhance the operations of the fleets and lessen the load on the fleet drivers. With these devices, fleet managers can benefit from record keeping as it reduces paperwork. All data is tracked and recorded in an easy and accessible format that is recorded automatically without depending on the driver to grip the records manually.

Fleet Tracking Theft Recovery

Vehicles are stolen for various reasons such as spare parts, resale, joyriding, stealing expensive stereo equipment or even for committing crimes. In the cases where the vehicle is installed with GPS tracking system, it is quicker to trace and recover the fleets before the thief gets an opportunity to hide or strip the vehicle. In other cases, the devices are very valuable, especially when one is working with the police as they can use the specification location of the fleet thus increasing the chances of recovering the vehicle and possibly catching the thief so as to stop him from victimizing someone else. GPS tracking for business is very essential as it saves time when the car is stolen.

Improves Response Times & Customer Service

It is essential to note that a happy and loyal customer is significant in running a successful business enterprise. The GPS tracking system enables fleet managers to track the location of their vehicles using the real-time fleet tracking software, collect various sorts of data from the vehicles and administer diagnostics to the driver speeding alerts. Getting goods delivered to your customers in time brings more revenue to the company and keeps the customers happy. Using the GPS tracking system can enable the company to dispatch the nearest trucks to any new call from the customer and thus improving the responses times. This can be done by dispatching the closest trucks to call by drag and drop, send details of the callers to the driver, view the status of the drivers as they complete their work and enable two-way communication with the drivers.

The expectations of the customers are also changing due to the emergence of various similar business entities in the market. GPS tracking for business can enable to maintain a competitive edge through sending ETAs and capture their feedback through the unique features provided by the software. Therefore with help of GPS tracking system, one can be able to respond to service calls faster and reach the customers within the shortest time possible.