Fleet Tracking For Fleet Companies

Many companies have the misconception that they don’t need to track company vehicles simply because they trust the employees.  The fact remains that we don’t implement GPS tracking devices to monitor employees; we do so in order to reduce operational costs and inefficiencies as a result.  Every company that relies on trucks and other vehicles to provide their products and services to their end users, will get huge benefits from tracking devices. Most of large successful fleet operators in United States have been using GPS tracking devices to get real-time location information on their vehicles. The main objective of every company is to minimize costs associated with the production of their products or services and/ or maximize their profits associated with the sale of their products and services. The first step to reach this long term goal is to reduce costs of operation. This will not be possible if the company cannot keep track on the costs associated with their vehicles and trucks.  GPS tracking has enormous advantage for transport industry not only to associate companies but also to individuals and small enterprises. A GPS tracking device will consist of a device installed in your vehicle along with a central server and other relevant software that will make it possible to track all the operations and the whereabouts of your vehicle from a headquarter.

Here are some of the benefits associated with the use of GPS tracking for both vehicle monitoring and fleet management by GPS LEADERS:

  • Locate your assets- GPS tracking is greatly useful when tracking your lost and stolen vehicles within a short period of time. The company will reduce the risk associated with lost and stolen vehicles and other assets.
  • Reduces time wasted through vehicle maintenance- If you are using a system’s automatic mileage reminder, you will be able to clearly and precisely avoid penalties associated with bad tires and will ensure your truck is serviced regularly hence increase the resale values of fleet vehicles. The GPS tracker has engine temperature indicators and vehicle diagnostics that will inform the management when to resale, when to maintain and eventually reduce the cost associated with mechanics and routine checkups.
  • GPS tracking will help reduce paperwork in the company-The system will keep track and automatically save all the minute details and eventually present it in a user-friendly form when need arise.
  • Customer satisfaction- A customer will always prefer to hire a cab or a taxi that is tracked rather than the one that is not. If the cab is tracked and monitored by the relevant authorities, the consumer will be guaranteed of maximum safety. Hence, implementing GPS car tracking for your fleet company will greatly help in increasing consumer satisfaction.
  • Installing GPS tracking on your vehicles can as well help reduce the cost of insurance- Some insurance companies provide special discounts to companies that are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This means that you can reduce your premium amount by simply tracking and monitoring your vehicles.
  • GPS tracking will also increase worker productivity- You will be able to keep track of lunch hours, unauthorized stops and breaks and evaluating the overtime requests from customers. It is easy to keep an eye on employee activities and eventually evaluate their productivity.
  • Optimize resources-You will be able to monitor fuel usage, driver productivity and engine idling among others. This means that you will be able to optimally utilize every aspect of your resource endowment. GPS equipment is fitted with fuel level indicators and other equipments to ensure that you can monitor every functional unit of your vehicle.
  • Improved safety- You can be able to respond faster in case of untoward incidents. The system will also help implement two way communications between the drivers and the support team and hence be able to deal with arising issues with no time.
  • It increases company asset control- Having on time monitoring and control of the company vehicles and trucks means that the company has full control of the company. You keep in touch with most if not all of the company employees monitoring their productivity and behavior.

ROI Generated By Fleet GPS Tracking

Fleet Tracking is the simple tracking of business and individual vehicles through the use of Fleet GPS tracking systems. It will save you a huge amount of money if you take the initiative of implementing and installing GPS fleet tracking devices in your company vehicles. It will help the business in making their vehicles more efficient by reducing speeding, fuel, unauthorized usage and idling. You will be able to improve schedules and decrease the costs of fuel through optimizing vehicle routes.  The company will cut on labor costs since punch card disputes will be eliminated completely. A GPS system for your fleet can as well work best as a six month audit for all the employees in a company.  All your fleet tracking needs in the US will be handled at GPS leaders with great service delivery and customer satisfaction. You can get all of these services at GPS LEADERS. GPS fleet tracking contract can be expensive and hence you need to take into account several factors when purchasing your GPS fleet tracking software. You need to determine the number of fleet vehicles that needs to be tracked and the type of system you want to use for the tracking purposes.

Are you able to tell your customer with certainty that your driver will be at their service on time? You can get the guess work out of your mind by installing GPS trailer tracking devices on your Carriers. Trailer tracking is the process of tracking your articulated vehicle’s trailer through a GPS trailer tracking device fitted on your trailer. With the wide variety of GPS trailer tracking devices available in this century; you should expect that things got easier to track your cranes, trailers and any other big equipment. The same technology used to track fleet vehicles is the same technology that you need for your trailer tracking. You need a complete tracking system in order to monitor and locate your trailers.  If you constantly handle cargo of perishable goods such as fresh produce, there are safety concerns involved. You can use trailer tracking devices to protect temperature sensitive cargo such as fresh meat. The tracker will come with a fleet telematics which will monitor your trailer temperatures and update the central authority of the company.  Trailer tracking will also give information on location, the status of your trailer- whether moving or idle, geofence alerts and the speed of the machine. Through this, you can be able to avoid wastes by installing temperature-detecting trackers on your trailer, you will also be able to manage procrastinating drivers, keep track of logistics and make all your operations efficient. Whether you are a fleet manager for a commercial truck fleet, an equipment rental company, a construction company or any other type of a company that may need tracking for their vehicles and equipment’s, you will always find the best GPS trackers for your trucks, cars and other equipment’s at GPS LEADERS.

Equipment GPS Tracking

Keeping track of all your equipment can be challenging. Most of the time companies have to deal with cases of lost equipment and therefore keep on buying new equipment without a clear know-how of the last equipment. Most of the time they are just misplaced or one of your locations is holding them. To keep track of all your equipment, you have to get GPS equipment tracking devices installed to your equipment’s. This will make it simple to manage all your valuable equipment with ease. Equipment GPS tracking will help keep track of the physical location of your small tools and track fixed assets and other equipment’s. Whether the equipment is a motor cycle, a phone, a computer or a confidential briefcase, it is so easy to install a GPS tracking device on the equipment that you wish to track. The main purpose of equipment and asset tracking is to ensure that assets retain value and remain usable to the business. It will also help the company to log purchase info, planned maintenance activities and the details of the performed in a digital database.

Heavy Equipment Tracking

When starting a construction company, you need to organize all your property and equipment. To manage everything at the site, you need to get GPS heavy equipment tracking devices installed on your equipment and reduce wastage’s. Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking devices from GPS Leaders monitor engine hours, idle time and give you maintenance alerts and also help in asset recovery.

GPS leaders are passionate about ensuring the safety of your inventories and employees, which is why the company has designed tracking devices that will help you and your company reduce the risk of lost, misuse and wastage’s in your company or business. You get all your tracking devices from GPS LEADERS. The software is compatible with many of the programs and software you are using and hence you should expect to get the best services from GPS leaders.