5 Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software

In the recent years, the subsequent advancement and development in fleet technology has provided companies especially the fleet companies with both logistical and financial advantages. Any company that runs fleet vehicles must know the potential risks that come along in case their vehicles are not fitted with GPS tracking devices.

Probably you have just heard about GPS or you want to utilize telematics solution for your company. Whatever the reason, GPS tracking software has numerous advantages that your company should be utilizing right now. ‘’GPS Leaders’ ‘is the leading tracking company in South California. ‘’GPS Leaders’’ powerful GPS tracking services are compatible with any GPS tracking device at any part of the USA. For more information, visit www.gpsleaders.com

Mitigate Time Theft With Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Leaders’ tracking software will show you why you need to be concerned about time theft. Time theft happens when someone is getting paid for extra time that they didn’t work for. Time theft is a critical issue in fleet companies. Fleet companies are wasting millions of dollars simply by paying for unproductive work. Telematics and fleet tracking software come into existence to reduce the risk of loss through time theft. The software can help you locate your fleet in real time and be able to monitor the operations. You will be able to see whether your vehicle is moving or just idling around. You will also detect if your fleet driver and other field employees are responding swiftly to service calls.

With fleet tracking software, you can observe the movement of your fleet asset and ensure that it is within its site of work. In case it is not in the service zone, then there is no doubt it is being used for personal reasons. You can either fire the employee or just punish them. You can also get data on the engine shut down and start up time. It is common knowledge that the above data can greatly help you mitigate time theft. Telematics coupled with fleet tracking software can help your fleet company prevent instances of time theft. Make a clever verdict by choosing fleet tracking system and telematics to improve employee productivity. They will help you emphasize company’s expectations, keep the company’s policies stable and also increase labor force visibility.

Manage Location of Fleet Vehicles with Fleet Tracking Software

You hold assets that involve the risk of theft and misuse. With GPS fleet management systems, you can be able to locate your asset in real time in case of any theft and misuse. GPS tracking software offers an easy to navigate interface and precise statistics which are directly driven from the GPS device installed in your vehicle. That is what enables you to determine the exact location of your vehicle. You can as well get real time information about the vehicles state of the engine and fuel consumption.

A GPS fleet tracking software gathers all the relevant information about the longitudes and the latitudes of the area that your fleet vehicle is and organizes it into readable formats. The GPS tracking devices consists of two things; hardware and software. Both the systems are there to ensure you can track your asset easily. You don’t have to waste time locating your vehicle manually.

Improve the safety of your field personnel by monitoring them in real time. In case of an accident, you can be able to respond fast and offer direct support and assistance. The safety of your field personnel is key simply because it can directly impact on the company’s operational cost.

Easily Manage Fleet Vehicle Maintenance With Fleet Tracking Software

GPS tracking devices are fitted with telematics features such as fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicators and vehicle diagnostics. With the best Fleet tracking system, you can also monitor key aspects such as the general health of the vehicle and the engine oil. What this means for Fleet companies is that they will not have to incur more costs by going to the garage for routine checkups. Data from the fleet tracking system is sufficient to help you ascertain when you need to schedule maintenance and inspection.

A recent survey confess that fleet vehicles which are maintained the right way and more often run more efficiently and to some extent consume less fuel. GPS tracking software will give valuable information that may help you detect any instances of malfunctioning and schedule a date with your mechanic. This will reduce the chance of vehicle malfunction in the runway. It also reduces instances of accident and additional repair costs.

Fleet tracking software continuously reminds you and the driver to prevent colossal repairs on the road. Vehicle maintenance is expensive sometimes but in most cases, the instances of repair can be reduced. Intelligent fleet tracking software unveils alerts and also sends maintenance cues over web-based tracking dashes. It sends a notification message or an email to the fleet management in the reporting suite.

Every fleet company has different ways of performing maintenance tasks. Since Fleet tracking software can be customized, then you can customize it to precisely inform you when your vehicle needs new tires, oil replacement and many more.

Easily Monitor and Manage Fleet Driver Behaviors With Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet tracking system allows you to track almost everything. You can track your containers, your ship, your fleet vehicle, taxi, trucks and most importantly the drivers’ behavior. GPS tracking system from ‘’GPS Leaders’’ help you to monitor drivers’ behavior through your smartphone. The way your drivers handle your fleet vehicle makes a significant difference on the company’s monthly returns.

Why let your fleet drivers drive carelessly and cause accidents and other damages while you can just monitor their behaviors and act accordingly to prevent the incidents. Fleet tracking system helps you know key things like: Harsh braking, crazily changing lanes, over speeding, idling, accelerating too quickly and many more. All the above instances can cause accident, wear and tear to your fleet vehicle or even hurt passersby.

You can as well bring up historical data about your drivers’ behavior up to 6 months with customized reports. What this means is that you can look back for the last 180 days and deduce instances of carelessness during work hours. With fleet GPS tracking devices, fleet companies can customize the systems and offer alerts to drivers in case they over speed, take sharp corners, instant braking and other careless driving. The system can send the management alerts and emails each time drivers break the rules. With two way communication, drivers and the fleet control room can communicate with ease. Drivers can receive instant communication and orders to correct problems rather than waiting for reports.

In addition, drivers can behave better knowing that they are being monitored. Drivers will not speed, idle, or overtake carelessly because they are sure that the information will be conveyed to the control room within seconds. Safe and reliable drivers are a blessing to the company. Implement GPS tracking devices in your fleet company and make your life easier.

Verify Deliveries With Fleet Tracking Systems

Verify the drivers’ location by the use of GPS tracking systems during the time of deliveries. This way, it is easier to inform your customers when the services or the products will be delivered. Optimize turnaround time by simply notifying your customers the estimated time when the products and services will be delivered. With real time tracking, GPS tracking software offered by ‘’GPS Leaders’’ provides you with the tools to respond instantly and inform your customers about delivery delays and routing drivers around traffic corners to ensure that services are delivered on time.

There is nothing more important than the customer satisfaction in fleet companies. Their referrals are equally important and it also builds a pool of royal customers who will always trust you to do the work. You can track your vehicles and the data you get can help clear details up. The details of where, when and how your vehicle was being driven to and from the clients is important when you are trying to resolve delivery cases. Customers are believed to be more comfortable waiting if they know how long it will take for the promise to be met.

On the other hand, you can also get real time information when packages are opened and confirm that the services have been delivered to the customer. This way, customers will always be satisfied and come back because your services are reliable. The link between customer satisfaction and fleet tracking software is so strong. You cannot be able to deduce if your customer is satisfied if you don’t pay close attention to several information that can only be provided by a GPS tracking software.

GPS Leaders through the website www.gpsleaders.com provides you with all the tools you need to manage your fleet. If you are in California and in need of Fleet tracking software and devices, then feel flee to get in contact with GPS leaders for quality software installation, activation and auxiliary services.