5 Reasons Why You Should Use Forklift GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking systems are today becoming the talk of town. These systems are bringing several advantages to the families, individuals and now businesses. They have for a long time been used in military and helped Special Forces to overcome most of their hardest times. Many fleet companies have a lot of field workers that if not managed and supervised well can bring losses. If you run a company with a lot of fleet, you are at a great risk of time theft and other crimes. Actually, heavy duty equipment pays off well to thieves and they are also very easy to go away with. OSHA statistics “indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year, with 42 percent of the forklift fatalities from the operator’s being crushed by a tipping vehicle”.

Construction companies should opt for equipment GPS tracking system to make sure their assets are protected and utilized the right way. If you are like many upcoming construction companies that are researching for the best equipment GPS tracking devices for their equipment, then you should check on Forklift GPS tracking service provider GPS Leaders for the best deals and offers.

Forklift GPS tracking systems provides all the data about the exact location of the equipment but there are a couple other ways you can utilize this technology. In this brief, we are going to list and explain 5 reasons why you need Forklift GPS tracking devices.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take long for businesses to realize all the possible benefits that GPS tracking devices can bring to their business. Now we want to explore why you need to track your Forklift and why your field employees should feel supervised.

Mitigate work place accidents with Forklift GPS tracking devices

Surprisingly, many business owners don’t see forklift GPS tracking systems as a means of reducing work place accidents. Unfortunately, accidents at the workplace are a reality and some of the managers have realized this. That’s why most of them are today trying to use Forklift GPS tracking devices to reduce the risk. Even the smallest collision can be a cost to the company which really impacts the profitability. Major accidents that can happen at the work place can be a cause of worry.

The good thing is that there are several ways that forklift GPS tracking devices can reduce the risk of accidents. GPS tracking devices can report driver behavior when the forklift is on the road or even when they are working at the site. It can help to reduce instances of hard brakes, reduces hard acceleration and eventually manage the forklift speed. This doesn’t mean you have to follow up with your driver and field workers at all times, you just have to install forklift GPS tracking devices and everything else will follow.

Easily recover stolen forklifts with GPS tracking devices

This is the most obvious reason why most fleet and construction managers are going for Forklift GPS tracking devices. Forklift loss can be a hard thing especially when you are in a startup business. Its upon the management to make sure that every asset in the company is safeguarded the right way and is in a lower risk of loss.

In case of loss, it’s easier to track the Forklift and combat the crime with GPS tracking devices rather than following up manually. The police will have an easy time following the asset simply because the GPS tracking device installed will send real time location updates.

It’s a very expensive investment that you shouldn’t want lost at all costs. As much as you are trying to protect your workers, you should put the same efforts in ensuring the assets are secure. The GPS telematics allows you to monitor the location of your assets with ease. This means you will have an insight about the whereabouts of your forklift at all times of the day.

Set Up power Takeoff (PTO) monitoring with GPS Tracking

This functionality is very easy especially when you take time to research for GPS tracking service providers whose devices allows integration with other devices and products. The PTO is an example of such devices that you should be using today. This is a technology that helps you to run the equipment at home especially when you run out of power. This device has the capability to gather information from the vehicle’s ECM and later provide that information about the status of the PTO unit.

In simple terms, the PTO gives you all the opportunity and the capability to utilize the Forklift engine with ease to run other activities. With Forklift GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders, it’s very easy for you to utilize the PTO and have all the information about the engine usage.

Set up Ignition On/off reporting for Forklifts with GPS tracking

With GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders, it’s really easy to notice when the forklift engine is ignited and when it’s put off. This helps you to detect and calculate the number of hours that your asset has been in use. This way, it’s very easy to detect whether it has been over utilized or underutilized. This is a capability that every manager wants because they want to have an insight of the time the employee gets to work, when they go out for lunch and when they leave in the evening. This helps the management to reward or punish the workers based on the information provided.

Dispatch the closest Forklift Streamlining warehouse operations

With GPS tracking systems, it’s easy to detect the closest and available forklift and later allocate it to the nearest task. This ensures customer satisfaction and at the same time maximizes the company’s utilizations of its assets. You don’t have to be following up manually every time you want to allocate a forklift. You will just check at the information provided by the GPS and eventually contact to see the availability of the machine which makes it easy to carry out operations.

The above are some of the benefits that Forklift owners can get from Forklift GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders. If you aren’t yet convinced about the advantages your company can accumulate from GPS tracking, then you have a long way to go.