Generators GPS Tracking Devices & Their Benefits

Being able to know where your generators and pumps are, even when you are in a remote area gives you peace of mind. I also think that generators should be always monitored to ensure their safety and maximize performance. With the GPS Tracking devices from Equipment GPS tracking provider-GPS leaders, you can be able to monitor all the important activities such as the generators running hours, its location, generator temperatures, fuel levels and other aspects. GPS tracking systems from GPS leaders also helps you to set alerts for fuel thefts. For more information and offers, visit

With the advancement in the GPS tracking technology, it is now possible to track utilization time of your equipment in real time. The also send fault reports and alert notification as the parameters fall or exceed the set thresholds. There’s no doubt that our Generator Monitoring solutions gives you an ample time to run a profitable business.

How is a Generator GPS Tracking Devices Can Help Your Fleet?

When we think of GPS tracking devices, we usually see portable tracking devices that are installed on the asset at hand. However, the system involves more than just incorporating the device on the generator. Here is an overview of what is involved to track a Generator.

The first step is to install a small GPS tracking device on a hidden area of the generator. This process may take less than 15 minutes. The GPS tracking devices from GPS leaders are usually very rugged and sealed from the elements. They are designed to stand high temperatures and hash working conditions. Some of the devices will use the asset’s power but in this case they are set to use their own power source. They are designed to use a battery power source which can last up to 7 years.

The next step is actually where the real work is. The GPS tracking devices are wired on the Generator to get specific information such as the temperatures, working hours, when the engine was started or stopped. The good thing with GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders is that there’s no limit of the metrics you could monitor. It all needs to be a wiring system that can be connected to the tracking device.

After the wiring process, the generator is registered with a GPS tracking program. There is need for registering the information that can be used to track the device to ensure that the right signals are matched to the right equipment.

After the whole process of registration is completed, now your device is ready and all the metrics you set will be monitored. The right signals will be sent when the certain events are triggered. This information may be sent after every 2 minutes. The equipment will appear on the dashboard of the GPS tracking system showing exactly what you want to know.

Advantages of Generator GPS Tracking Monitoring System

A reliable GPS tracking system can really help your company grow. They usually help you track all the metrics of your generator in real time hence saving money and time. For GPS tracking systems in California, contact

Know where your generator is no matter where you are

Being able to know where all your assets are gives you peace of mind. The good thing with GPS tracking systems is that they are going to give you an opportunity to track the location of your machine remotely. You are only required to log into your account from anywhere in the world whenever you have an internet connection. After logging in, you will see your assets instantly.

One screen dashboard

There is no doubt that if the manager is overseeing several assets in the field, reading every status on the screen can be time consuming. For this reason, technology has brought together a system where all the assets are pin-pointed on a one screen dashboard. This is where the GPS tracking for a large company makes sense. The manager is given an exclusive opportunity to zoom out for that specific asset on the dashboard. The manager will be able to gather more information or even communicate with the field worker.

Configure Customized rules

This is another very important thing that can help managers. He or she can be able to configure customized rules and ensure that they will only see GPS data that is relevant to them. This will ensure ease of operation, worker safety and at the same time increase the company’s profits.

Track hours of service

There are those companies with registrations stating clearly the number of hours that an operator should work in a day. Take for example that every field worker is required to work for 10 hours in a day. PTO Monitoring for On/Off run times will record the start and the stop times. This is will help you sign off on hours of service. The Generator operator will only be required to sign on to the GPS device in the machine when they finish their shifts and in this way, the manager will have a clear cut between the amount of hours worked by each operator. Tracking the hours of service ensures that the field workers are complying with the HOS rules and keeping your site legal.

It helps in past, present and future fleet management

The benefits of using a GPS tracking system on your Generator doesn’t only limit to being able to monitor the location, engine start and stop hours but also in managing the business later in life. GPS tracking systems from GPS Leaders provides historical data which can really help you with accurate billing and time-sheet verification or even better warranty verification’s.

This data is useful for both present and future business management. It can be used for future planning such as planning work schedules and costing new jobs. It will also help in keeping track of the maintenance or even get alerts when the licenses needs renewing.

Use proactive theft deterrent alarms

Thieves out there are looking for convenient targets and they actually want something that they can get away with quickly and easily. With theft deterrent alarms, you can make it difficult for them to get away with the machine. You have just purchased a very expensive generator and hence you need to always have a feeling that the machine is safe. For this reason, incorporating GPS tracking devices together with theft deterrent alarms can make it difficult for thieves to go away with the generator. If it happens, then GPS tracking devices will give real time information about the whereabouts of the machine and make it easy to recover it. You can as well use proactive theft deterrent measures such as updating security lighting in the area, installing CCTV or even improve security fencing.

Preventing Diesel theft on site

The cases of fuel theft have increased drastically these days. It has happened when the fuel prices has skyrocketed suddenly. What this means is that if you don’t take appropriate measures to reduce fuel theft, your business will face huge costs of operations. If managers will be successful in reducing fuel theft, they will have shadowed out some of the costs and directly impacted on the profitability. There are several methods of reducing cases of fuel theft but GPS tracking and alarms are the best of all. Fleet Tracking systems have anti-siphoning devices to help reduce unauthorized access to the fuel tank. GPS tracking system is likely to send alerts to the control room whenever someone tries to access the tank. If you have been facing this problem for some time, then Anti Fuel Theft Devices and Fuel monitoring systems are what you need today.

Using the GPS fuel monitoring system, you can be able to keep track of your generator’s current fuel levels, how fast it is draining and also the amount of fuel entering the tank during refill. If the system is reliable, then the system is likely to send an alert to the authority in real time.

Theft alerts with Geo-fencing

The other good thing with GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders is that you can be able to set invisible electric fences in a Process known as Geo-fencing. When the device gets past the designated area, the GPS tracking system will send a notification alerting the management about the suspicious activity. If the management hasn’t authorized this activity, they will actually take appropriate measures to recover the machine before it is too late. You can set a system to automatically recognize when the machine goes beyond the authorized work area.

The Bottom Line

As a business owner, there’s nothing good than knowing your assets are at work and where they are actually located. GPS tracking systems helps you get information about the location of the asset, fuel levels, start and stop times and also keep a track of several other aspects. If you want to minimize costs of production and maximize the profits, then you should invest in a reliable GPS Tracking service provider-GPS Leaders. For more information, contact