GPS Tracking For Plumber Vehicles Can Help A Plumbing Companies Bottom Line.

Vehicle theft is recently marked as a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. Reported cases of vehicle theft in the US are alarming with a large number of them getting away unrecovered. Although there are several ways that fleet managers can protect their vehicles from thieves, it gets very hard with the level of skills and technology that they have adopted.

The good thing is that a layered approach of technology and precaution can reduce instances of theft. In the US, vehicle theft is rated as one of the most common crimes with an automobile getting lost almost every 43 seconds. This means that more than 737,000 vehicles are lost each year. This costs the US economy about $4.5 billion annually. National Insurance Crime Bureau states the US is among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest vehicle theft cases.

While it’s very easy to assume motor vehicle theft is full theft of the entire vehicle, there are some criminals that target a specific part of your vehicles. Plumber vehicles have also fallen victim of the recent increase in vehicle parts theft. This theft covers several types of crimes including grabbing valuables, using the vehicle for any other criminal activity and anything else in between. In the recent days, smash and grab of valuables have become very rampant.

With all the risks associated with leaving your plumber vehicle unattended, there’s need for additional measures to prevent theft and in the unfortunate event of theft to recover them with ease.

Stopping Plumber Vehicle Theft

Criminals usually target plumbing vehicles when the driver and workers are performing their duties like repairing water and sewerage lines, agreeing on a deal or when they go to the washrooms. Since the driver and the worker have divided attention, it’s very easy to leave the door open or even leave some of the valuables unmanned. This usually happens when the driver thinks that they will be out of the vehicle briefly. One thing that most of them don’t know is that it takes just a minute to steal a vehicle or to steal from the vehicle.

Easily locate your plumbers

This is the first and the ultimate reason why most of the people get GPS tracking devices for their plumbing vehicles. Since you are in business and want to feel that you have full control of your field workers, you should implement and use a GPS tracking system. This way, it gets very easy and simple to get real time information about the whereabouts of the vehicle and at the same time the activities being undertaken.

Knowing the exact location of your plumber also makes you able to respond quickly to needs and other orders. Actually, being able to react quickly for all the needs of your customer is a crucial part of the business. Now that you are sure of where your plumber is, you are able to increase the response rate by dispatching the nearest plumber to the site. This works to manage the time spent in the field and the time spent driving to the next site.

Protect your plumber vehicle from theft

With the GPS tracking system, there’s a higher chance of recovering stolen plumber vehicle. The fact is that you may never know when or where your vehicle will get vandalized or stolen. In such an event, GPS can help you detect about the crime before it is too late and at the same time take swift measures to recover the vehicle. These devices also increase the chances of you getting the vehicle no matter the case.

As the statistics above indicates, vehicle thefts are on the rise each single day. How sure are you that your vehicle won’t fall victim the next minute? To eliminate such thoughts, you should invest heavily on a reliable GPS tracking system for your Plumber vehicle.

Verify when your plumber arrives and leaves the job site with geofence

As a business, one thing am sure you cannot tolerate is time theft and laziness. Your employees should be on the job site on time and leave when it’s their time to do so. However, monitoring your field workers to ensure they follow all the guidelines can be difficult.

With GPS tracking, it becomes very easy and simple to know when your workers get to work and when they leave too. This reduces instances of time theft and misuse of work assets which may add directly to the operation cost.

With the same feature, the management can track down and know reasons of missed schedules. If for any case your employee is late to get to the office, they should give a valid reason. You don’t have to rely on them fully for the information because you can get the vehicle and eventually track down information for the entire day.

Track your plumber miles driven with GPS tracking

You now want to make sure that the business is incurring a low operation cost which means greater profits at the end of the day. For this reason, you should make sure that all the business resources are used the right way and not misused.

GPS tracking devices for plumber vehicles make it very easy for you to get all this information. These devices can track down and monitor driving behaviors. They can as well report accurately the time that your driver has been on trails. This ensures you have a base to reward or punish your workers.

Purchase GPS Tracking For Plumber Vehicles By GPS Leaders

With all the benefits stated above, I don’t see any reason why you should hesitate to invest in a reliable GPS tracking system. For the best deals and offers, get GPS tracking devices and systems for your plumbing vehicles from GPS Leaders, the leading provider for the Plumber Vehicle GPS Tracking Services in California. All the devices and the systems offered will help you to ensure safety of your machinery and at the same time benefit your business significantly.