Benefits of GPS tracking for pool service trucks

For your company to make substantial profits fast enough, you should implement measures to reduce the cost of operations. When I talk about the cost of operations, I am referring to the cost of facilitating service delivery. That is the cost of paying remunerations, monitoring and supervision of field workers, cost of repairs and maintenance for the business assets and most importantly the cost of insurance.

Across USA, people are enjoying themselves relaxing on pools and having fun with their families. In such instances, you can expect that the need to repair, maintain and wash the pools has increased drastically.

According to statistics, there are over 10.4 million residential pools in the US. The same statistics shows that there are another 309,000 public swimming pools in the same country. This is an indication that investing in pool repairs, washing and maintenance is definitely profitable.

How then do you make sure your employees are offering needed services without having to follow them? How do you reduce the cost of insurance and make sure the field workers are working as needed? This article covers ways that GPS Tracking For Pool Service Trucks provider GPS Leaders can definitely help you.

Manage the locations of pool service trucks

Implementing the GPS Insight’s Vehicle and Asset Tracking solution is one way of tracking your employees every move while in the field. The system sends you real time information about the employee’s current location. This is important in making dispatch decisions.

Knowing the real location of your employees also increases their accountability and reduces chances of unauthorized usage of the vehicle.

Receive notifications when pool service drivers arrive and leave the clients home

In this business, you definitely have a working schedule. You need to ensure that the driver arrives on the work site early enough and leave only when the day is over or they have offered the needed services. With GPS tracking systems, you will be able to track the field workers when they enter the geofenced area ad when they leave in the evening.

Secure pool service trucks with GPS Tracking

Safety of your employees and assets is also very critical to the success of the company. GPS tracking devices comes with a SOS button that your lone workers can press to notify the management and the authorities of any impending danger.

On the other hand, your vehicles and equipment are protected. In case of theft or damages, you can report the case to the authorities and the whole process of recovering and prosecuting offenders will be easy and manageable.

Receive alert notifications when pool service trucks are due for maintenance

Well maintained vehicles and service equipment improves productivity and reduces the cost of repairs and replacement. For that reason, you need a reliable method of reminding you about the exact maintenance times for specific vehicles and equipment. GPS tracking devices from Fleet GPS tracking provider GPS Leaders will be very effective in sending maintenance alerts and notifications.