GPS Tracking Saves Lives Daily

It is not every time that you tune in to your TV or radio and see a broadcast of negative news. The best news that you can get is about a positive outcome that happened recently. Over the years, GPS trackers have been in use for various reasons. They were initially used to give services to the military but later introduced to the market for domestic use. One constant remains that GPS systems can greatly save the life of an individual. It is so nice when you wake up in the morning and face a news break about how GPS saved a child, an elderly or someone suffering from a mental illness.

In the recent world, these stories are common. One of them is a story of a woman from Pennsylvania who was kidnapped right at the street in Philadelphia and dragged into a nearby vehicle. Luckily enough, the vehicle that the woman was taken to was fitted with a GPS car tracking system which was still functional. It was purchased from a used car dealership that just so happened to equip their cars with these devices and the kidnappers had no information. When the case was reported, the Police cooperated with the company to track the kidnappers and arrested them. This was good news for the woman who was saved, her relatives, the police who had an easy time combating the crime and the world at large who got an informative lesson of installing GPS car tracking devices in their cars.

The story above is just one in a million, there are several other stories where a person was saved from kidnappers the same way by use of GPS car tracking devices. GPS tracking devices are really saving the lives of children and people with Alzheimer and dementia. In another case, an 11 year old boy found himself lost after he went for a walk with the parents in an 11 acre land. The problem came about when the boy got lost in the woods and could no longer see his parents or find the way home. The parents were also worried because the place was characterized with countless trees and a pond. They thus knew that they had to look for their boy as fast as possible.

The good news is that the parents were extra cautious and they had already given the boy a tracking device. They then had to use the GPS tracking system to track his location in real time and involve the caretaker of the farm to locate and reunite back with their son.

Another case was in august 2015 when a bold mother in Rowlet, Texas helped to save her daughter’s life. The daughter was only 15 and had a condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome which is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to socialize and communicate. The girl just as always went out on the streets for a walk without her mother’s notice. Out there, she was lured into a car by an American sex predator.

Luckily enough, her mother knew her condition and had already given her a bracelet fitted with personal GPS tracking system. The sex predator threatened to hurt her if she would not get into the car. All these things were happening less than 50 yards from her home.

The mother had already set Geofencing for her daughter and hence when the driver got away with her, the system sent an email notification to the mother informing her that she is not following the set route. The tracking system even specified the route that they followed and this made it easy for the mother. She got into her car and drove to the location that the device specified. She used the advancement in technology through audio capability and she was able to hear sounds of struggles.

She immediately knew that her daughter is being assaulted and therefore had to act swiftly and save her. Good thing the attacker spotted the bracelet and when he asked what it was, she told him that it was a tracker that only her mother could remove using a key. He was worried and drove her back to the place she was picked. If not for the tracker, then this stories would be more horrific.

The other story is about two brothers on a small island who were in a sinking boat. The boat sunk but they were able to float since they had life jackets. The brothers then swam to the small island and didn’t have a way out. However, they had a tracking device that helped them greatly. They were found within 30 minutes and rescued very cold but alive.

It is amazing how the world is finally understanding the benefits of GPS tracking devices in saving lives. The police from every part of the world are encouraging the use of GPS trackers for protection and to save life. Now the question is how personal GPS trackers help in this case. In a nutshell to answer this very useful question, I have to touch on the benefits of GPS personal tracking systems in saving lives.
Preventing motor vehicle crushing

Very many people lose their lives in the US on a yearly basis. In 2016 only, more than 40,000 people lost their lives through fatal motor vehicle accidents. Now car manufacturers are working on fitting the cars with GPS technology in ways that are saving lives. One of the ways that manufacturers are doing this is use of GPS on self-driving cars. The USDOT claims that more than 80% of the accidents that occur in the world are caused by human errors. Utilizing Lander sensors and the GPS technology can now allow cars to take control of themselves without the need of human control.

The GPS will reduce the cases of head on collisions with other cars. Its coordinates and detects where other cars are and since they are working with sensors they will be able to alter speed when necessary or even stop the car completely to avoid a crush. A GPS tracker has the ability to prevent aggressive driving through tracking the drivers speed and his driving behaviors.

GPS Tracking Offers For Better Search and Rescue Efforts

With the increasing cases of crime such as kidnapping and theft, the use of GPS tracking devices can greatly help. Distress Alerting Satellite System (DASS) is controlled by NASA and is used for tracking distressed signals from activated beacons. The program incorporates the search and rescue instruction on the GPS satellites. When the distress call is signaled, DASS obtains location details and sends them direct to the GPS tracking system. This way, the authorities will be able to locate the distressed individual and take action.

Personal GPS Trackers Have Panic Buttons

You can as well utilize the presence of the panic button which can be fitted on your clothes or other parts of the body where it is easy to activate every time you feel threatened. When someone is in a stressful situation, it is hard to think straight and figure out a mechanism of rescuing yourself. Friends and family might be concerned about your safety and therefore they can come to your rescue if notified by the GPS tracking system.

Panic buttons will have to draw attention by simply sending your location details to friends and family who will respond swiftly. For elderly people and those with mental problems they can be able to send a notification message anytime they feel their life is in danger or maybe their health is deteriorating.

Track Your Family Members Abroad

There are those times that you are worried about your family members may it be your children or your elderly mom, dad, grandpa or grandma. The simplest way to relieve yourself from this panic is the use of personal GPS tracking system. You will be notified of their whereabouts and get an alert when they go beyond the safe place. You can use the phone’s built-in GPS combined with find my phone features to locate their whereabouts in the global map. In case there is any life threatening incidence then the police are notified and able to respond.

How GPS Tracking Save Children

Having a GPS Device on your teenage daughter or son is not a way of invading their privacy. Their safety is much more important than the privacy we are talking about. The advancement in GPS technology as we have already seen can greatly help save the life of a child. In case the kids end up in a bad situation then the system can help track them and involve relevant authority to combat the crime.

A GPS system will simply recover a wondering or a lost person most especially those who are suffering from mental problems. It can also be set to alert them and the caretakers when the time for medication or the time to seek medical attention has come. This will help to maintain their health and save them from complications. It also helps the authorities to narrow down the location of missing persons and recover them immediately.