Benefits of GPS tracking for Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

The automobile industry has over the years experienced a couple of downfalls. Though, the industry is on the rise once again courtesy of many factors including the subprime automobile financing. Previously, car buyers found themselves in a bad situation simply because of the loss of jobs, bankruptcies, foreclosure and many other financial woes. Today, most of these people are moving close to full financial recovery because of their new jobs and new careers.

Despite the many positive changes, these people cannot still qualify for any traditional auto finance and they still need vehicles. To meet their demand for vehicles, most dealerships and lenders thought of approving more subprime auto finance.

With that said, you can expect several challenges in this industry including defaults, repossessions, delinquencies, resources and collection staff time. To deal with these issues, most of them have considered Buy Here Pay Here Portable GPS tracking devices. In this brief, we are going to discuss the benefits of Buy Here Pay Here GPS tracking devices

Track vehicle location

The management needs visibility on where the assets are especially when the buyer is aberrant on a loan payment. The GPS tracking devices from Buy Here Pay Here portable GPS tracking service provider GPS Leaders can easily locate a vehicle in real time. The system can also predict where the vehicle may Be to make recourse easy when repossession is needed.

The portable GPS are very easy to install

It is very easy to install Buy Here Pay Here Portable GPS tracking devices-simply place anywhere in the vehicle and avoid the installation costs. This is actually the main reason why most business owners are going for these portable devices. The devices will reduce the installation cost and at the same time give the flexibility of installing them whenever you want. More information about Buy Here Pay Here Portable GPS can be found here.


The company can as well set Geofences and get notifications whenever the vehicle enters or leaves specific areas. The dealers will be able to monitor where the vehicles go and assess whether it’s a risky or a safe area. With the GPS tracking systems, you can actually set more than 10 geozones for each device. You will end up getting notifications whenever the vehicle gets past the designated area.

Buy Here Pay Here portable GPS tracking devices are highly reliable

You may expect that portable GPS tracking devices are not highly reliable because of their battery life. With Buy Here Pay Here Portable GPS tracking service provider GPS Leaders, you are going to get Buy Here Pay Here Portable GPS tracking devices with up to 3 years Battery life.

Easy vehicle recovery and receive impound lot notifications

There are some situations where repossession is needed. In such a case, tracking the vehicles manually and repossessing them can be a tiring affair. Though, GPS tracking devices are going to send instant Impound notifications and real time information on the vehicle’s location to ease your work.

Starter Disable

The technology works to remind the customers of upcoming and late deliveries. In case no action is taken, the management can actually initiate a starter disable signal. This way, you can get the vehicle with little hustle.