How to prevent Catalytic Converter theft using GPS Tracking

Cars have a device on the exhaust emission that controls the release of toxic gases and pollutants from the engine to the environment. The technology works by catalyzing a redox reaction. When the catalytic converter is compromised or stolen, you may not notice immediately, but your vehicle will experience poor engine performance, dark exhaust smoke, and reduced acceleration. The catalytic converter is part of the car that just like a water pump and alternator, you don’t often think about.

Besides reducing the amount of smoke and pollutants from the engine, these converters contain palladium, rhodium, and platinum, and that’s why there are rising cases of theft. NICB states that someone can fetch up to $240 per converter. Thieves in the US. Store about 4,000 catalytic converters in 2016, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau report. So how can you specifically prevent Catalytic converter theft? Here are ways to minimize instances of Catalytic Converter theft.

Use of GPS tracking with a shock sensor to prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

To get the catalytic converter off the car, thieves will definitely have to apply some force. Using GPS tracking with the Shock sensor, you can easily be notified on your smartphone whenever it senses this force. GPS leaders offer GPS tracking services to all car owners that want to minimize instances of Catalytic converter theft. The notifications can be sent in your email or through a notification alert through the application. This way, the car owner can take preventive measures to secure this important part of your car.


Besides the GPS tracking devices sending the shock sensor alert notifications, they can easily put the alarm off to scare thieves. There are two major options when it comes to alarms, the security system with five different sensors in your vehicle to detect when the vehicle turns up and down, detecting hard impact through shock zones and light warning impact detection.

The Catalytic Converter GPS tracking system by GPS Leaders

This device is definitely going to detect a hard impact on the car and notify the owner through alert notifications. But you still want to implement some preventive measures to ensure the vehicle is secure and watched by guards. Consequently, always park your vehicle in controlled, closed, and manned parking.

Watch out for local converter thefts.

One thing we all know is that local catalytic converter theft is likely to cost you if you’re not aware of the current trends. For that reason, it’s always important to watch local news and follow up with updates on social networks in your local area for such information.

Install a conspicuous video surveillance camera

In some cases, it’s hard to put the thieves out completely. For that reason, you need to install a video surveillance camera to capture the face and actions on site. With such details, your local authorities can easily track down the criminal. Watch out for people working under the vehicles in parking and roads; they might be looking out for the next victim.