How thieves are using signal amplification relay devices to steal cars

As we get older, I believe that the first thing anyone would want to own is a car. In fact, one of the happiest days of my life was when I bought myself a brand new car. There are so many upsides that come with being a car owner. On the other hand, this can be a huge challenge especially when you have to deal with car thieves.

Technology advances so fast and as we speak, a car owner can operate a vehicle without necessarily needing a physical key. This is what is referred to as a keyless entry and ignition system. Basically, a keyless ignition system consists of a fob that you can keep in your purse, pockets or even briefcase. It has to be at a close distance to the receiver which is inside the car. The fob has some signal that are transmitted to the vehicle computer system and allow the owner to start the car with the push of a button or enter without inserting a physical key.

As much as technology is evolving, car thieves are also getting smarter by the day. They are now using the same technology to take off with other people’s vehicles with so much eases that you’ll be surprised.

How are thieves stealing cars using the signal amplification relay devices?

The one downside associated with the keyless ignition and entry system is that it’s vulnerable to hacking. The car thieves know this and the equipment used to hack the vehicle computer system is easily accessible and cheap too. They basically use relay devices to capture and boost signals from the fob.

For instance, when the car is parked outside your home, thieves can come with a relay device and waive it outside. If the fob is inside the home, they will be able to pick up the signal. The relay device is able to amplify the key fob distance even when it’s a thousand feet away. A second device held close to the vehicle receives the signal from the fob and another thief is able to unlock and get away with it.

How to prevent SARA thefts using GPS tracking

The real question is, how can car owners prevent signal amplification relay attacks? The best thing to do is to make it difficult for the thieves to steal your car. Store your key fob safely in a wallet or most preferably in a faraday box so that hackers don’t easily access its signals. However, even with such precautions, there are chances the vehicle may be stolen.

The best way to protect your car from thieves is through the use of GPS Tracking Devices from GPS Leaders.  Install a GPS tracking device on the car so that you can know its real-time location. You can even set-up the geofence feature. This sends you immediate notifications and alerts any time your car is moved form a specified location.

In case the unfortunate happens and thieves drive off with your car, you can use the GPS device to track and recover the vehicle with ease. Invest in a GPS tracking device from GPS leaders to defend your vehicle and keep it safe.