Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers to Avoid Boredom While Stuck in Traffic

I bet sometimes you spend a lot of time in traffic jams, and hence you should think of things that will make you avoid the nightmare of the traffic jam and maintain your mood throughout the journey. Traffic jams are an inevitable part of your life therefore; we should learn strategies to put up with this situation. We have come up with a short list of things that you can do to avoid getting bored while in traffic jams.

Listen to Music

Boredom can be difficult to overcome but listening to your favorite music on either Spotify or Pandora will do the trick. Turn on the radio or get your phone and turn your favorite music on. One thing music will do to help is keep you alert and active. When stuck in traffic especially for a long time, anyone would get bored and with boredom comes sleep. Even if the traffic hasn’t moved an inch, keeping your concentration alive is critical. Things might start moving while you are deep asleep and upon waking up in that confused start, you are bound to make mistakes.

Heavy traffic is an occurrence every single day as a result of modern life and there is little you can do about it. Therefore, a driver needs to keep the right attitude and avoid getting annoyed or stressed. Music might just be what you need to calm your nerves and get rid of the irritation brought about by being stuck in traffic. It is like a therapeutic escape from the harsh realities of modern day living and help reduce tension. This in turn will keep you calm and alert on the road ahead as you wait for traffic to start moving again.

Listening to your favorite music while stuck in traffic will also keep you happy and overcome any boredom that may be creeping in. You can sing along or learn new lyrics of your favorite song and before you know it, the traffic will be moving once more. Yes, Karaoke is what am talking about. Even if you don’t know the lyrics to the latter, try getting what the singer is talking about. You can as well shake your body and dance your style while sited. This way, you will be able to eliminate all the boredom and stress in your system.

One recommendation that we hear from a lot of fleet drivers is that you should rather listen to softer music such as pop rock, country songs, gospel songs and RnB music from all available on Spotify of Pandora.

Learn a Second Language

While stuck in traffic, it is important to keep yourself occupied during that free time, and what’s better than talking to other drivers on the road. You can as well try learning the language of the people you are interacting with. Fleet drivers transport goods over long distances and the language from the place you are coming from may not be what is spoken in the next region you get to. This is where learning a second language other than your own comes in, you will be able to break any language barriers encountered during the travel.

Being stuck in traffic and not being able to communicate with other people at least to find out the cause of the heavy traffic will only add to your boredom. However, if you can understand a different language then communicating with other people on the road will be easy. You can roll down your window and listen to what other drivers are saying and even get to engage in their conversations. Doing this will keep you active during that time you are stuck in traffic and in the process you get to even make new friends with the other drivers. Besides, just knowing what’s causing the traffic jam will keep any driver at ease rather than not knowing the reason behind it.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcast is a form of digital audio made on the Internet that can be easily downloaded onto a mobile device or computer. Typically, podcasts have many audio shows that a fleet driver can choose from and listen to as they wait for traffic to start moving. This will keep you entertained as you can subscribe and listen to whatever podcast that suits your personal interest or thats within your personal interest. You can even ask some of your friends on recommendations about the most entertaining podcasts that will help you counter boredom. Furthermore, BBC has endless podcasts to download and get to know more about the latest news happening from every corner of the world. Boredom will make any person unproductive and being a fleet driver, the most critical thing is the right attitude and energy to be able to carry out the task at hand well.

Connect Car Wi-Fi and Watch Movies or TV with Netflix and Hulu

Netflix has hundreds of entertaining movies that can keep you busy and overcome boredom during heavy traffic. The driver can simply connect the car Wi-Fi and download any of their favorite movies from Netflix or Hulu and watch while waiting for the cause of the traffic jam to be cleared. Netflix has everything you need in terms of entertainment from your favorite and latest movies, to documentaries and even the best television shows. The same goes for Hulu, this means if you are connected to WI-FI and stuck in traffic, get rid of the boredom by looking up that humorous movie or TV show and watching it before the traffic gets moving again. You will be surprised by how fast time will move and most importantly there will be no annoyance brought about by boredom and irritation. In other words, turn the heavy traffic nuisance into leisure time where you get to enjoy yourself instead of hooting horns and getting stressed.

Just like you, the passengers may be bored and getting tired, turn on the WI-FI and inform them so that they can get to the internet. They can watch a movie, listen to a song and/or reply to their chats on Facebook or whatsapp. Many buses and trucks are fitted with WI-FI to provide internet to the passengers and keep them busy while on their various journeys.

Take Side Streets and Explore New Routes

GPS devices are providing an alternative to the traditional methods or carrying a map and asking for directions from the pedestrians. An expert driver always knows that there are alternatives to the main highway that can be used to reach any given destination. You can find side streets that are not affected by heavy traffic to avoid the boredom associated with getting stuck on roads. Mostly, side streets have fewer cars and therefore a driver can easily navigate through and get to their destination faster.

You can use your phone to find other routes that end to the same destination that you are headed to. This can give you an alternative route to avoid the traffic and be more efficient and productive during your work time. There are a number of companies that provide low cost GPS car tracking system. If you are in Fleet Management Services in California and looking for GPS Tracking, contact us today!

Listen to Your Favorite Book

This is another alternative of leaving the realm of traffic. A nice book can take you to the places you have never been. Such places that you would always want to be. Listening to an audible book has several advantages apart from making you forget about that traffic nuisance, it will sharpen your brain. If you don’t have a hand copy, there are a hundreds of apps that you can find e-books and interesting blogs about health and politics. Ensure you listen to long e-books, reading or listening to a short blog will leave you bored again.

Play Some Brain Stimulating Games

With the advancement in technology, I know every person has a game installed in their phones. Choose a game that helps you get away from stress and boredom. Games such as puzzles will greatly help to keep the mind occupied. Get in the zone of playing the game until you win. This way you will focus at the game and forget the boredom and the stress brought by thinking about the traffic.