AVAS Dealership Service Retention Program

Nowadays, the dealership companies need to automate their services.  First of all, this gets rid of the tiresome paperwork. Secondly, it makes everything so much easier, including responding to customer queries and getting in touch with them. The AVAS Dealer Program is what you need to streamline many of the processes and tasks that were previously handwritten

This is a real-time solution that allows dealerships to reach all of their customers through the use of automated marketing campaigns. We all know that marketing can be a great challenge and even expensive. However, you can save time and money through the automated marketing. This is achieved only when you become a part of the AVAS Dealer Program.

About the AVAS dealership service retention and tracking software

The whole world is literally going digital and if you are still stuck in the old ways, you’re definitely missing out on a lot. The AVAS dealership tracking software offers incredibly useful inventory management software complete with mobile apps. With this, dealers can go on with their regular operations from wherever they are using their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Say goodbye to overwhelming and stressful dealership tasks.  This tracking software for both new and used automotive dealers works to save your time and energy.  It helps streamline your dealership operations, including managing the inventory and improving the profit portfolio. These are actually the things people need in this modern world that relies on technology to get the best out of everything.

The Benefits of the AVAS Dealer Program

What is so special about this program, and why do you need it? Well, there are a couple of reasons why the AVAS Dealer Program is right for you.

Automated marketing

There are so many dealers out there who don’t know about the myriad of benefits that comes with automated marketing. In this case, you have an effective way to reaching out to your potential customers without doing a lot of work or spending too much money. As a matter of fact, you are likely to incur less than $50 per vehicle with automated marketing.

Retaining service customers

AVAS offers a service retention program that gives the dealer accurate insights on the mileage information of their customers’ vehicles over a period of 3 to 5 years. This is called Live Mileage Marketing, and it’s done in a non-intrusive manner. Through this program, dealers are able to offer services that are tailored to meet their customers’ needs and demands. The program allows them to send automated maintenance notifications to the customer mobile devices together with discounts and saving options.  In addition, the clients are given the choice of setting service appointments with a single click.

DMS integration

Everything is automated, and as a dealer, you don’t have to worry about connecting and engaging with customers.  All this is automated and the customers will be notified through a text message or email on their mobile phones. Furthermore, the fact that it’s accurate and tailored to suit the customer needs makes it an invaluable tool.

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