GPS tracking for dealership loaner vehicles

Managing a dealership loaner fleet imposes its challenges and demands. It goes way beyond maintaining an adequate supply of vehicles. You have to prevent the customers from abusing the system or keeping the loaner’s vehicles for too long.  While it is true that loaner cars are among the means of convincing customers to purchase vehicles from your dealership, you should be able to meet the related challenges.

Dealership loaner vehicles GPS tracking provider, GPS Leaders is at your service. Using the GPS Leaders, GPS tracking software, you can keep track of each and every one of your vehicles. Any customers who will take advantage of the situation and abuse your loaner vehicles will be held accountable for their actions. Here are more reasons why you should get the dealership loaner vehicles GPS tracking solutions from GPS Leaders.

Track dealership loaner vehicles using GPS Tracking

Nothing will give you peace of mind than having GPS tracking devices on your dealership loaner vehicles. Are you wondering why these are so important? It’s only because you can easily monitor the cars any time of day and night. You will have real-time information on where the vehicles are going, how long they are on the roads, how fast, and most importantly, how the customers are treating them.

Recover dealership loaner vehicles not returned

While the majority of the customers are responsible and will return the loaner vehicle at the required time, there are still some others who will not do that. Without GPS tracking devices, it would be difficult and time-consuming to locate the unreturned loaner vehicles. But since you have real-time information on all the cars’ whereabouts, you can easily trace and return them to the company.

Setup driver behavior alerts

When the customers are out there with the loaner cars, you cannot control what they could do. However, they can be held accountable and responsible for their actions. GPS tracking solutions for the dealership loaner vehicles will allow you to setup driver behavior alerts. In the case of any parking fine, speeding fines, or travel for an unwarranted number of kilometers, you will receive instant notifications or alerts. Aside from that, you will have digital records to prove the abuse.

Easily manage the location of all dealership loaner vehicles.

Many people perceive GPS tracking solutions as just anti-theft devices. Well, they are more than that.  For instance, you can set geofence alerts, and any time your vehicles are driven to an unauthorized destination, you receive notifications immediately. This is a stress-free way of remotely managing the location of all your dealership loaner vehicles. You will always know where the cars are at all times.

Keeps the customers in check

When the customers know there is a tracker attached to the vehicle, they will feel compelled to avoid reckless behavior. They know they’re being monitored and hence will be accountable for any damage inflicted on your loaner vehicles. In most cases, the customers will keep their behavior in check and take good care of the vehicle.