Car Alarms Versus GPS Tracking Systems

A car security alarm system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to keep off thieves who may have an intention of either stealing the car or its contents. There are various things that can trigger the alarm to go off. An alarm system can be used to alert the people around of an impending theft and at the sometime scare the thief. However, if the owner is past 500m from the car, it is unlikely that they will be able to respond swiftly. This is where GPS car tracking devices come in to rescue. The GPS car tracking system can be wired to the car’s alarm. When the car alarm is triggered, a notification message will be sent to the owner’s mobile phone, tablet or the connected PC in the control center. This way, the car owner will be able to check on the car and alert the authorities if need arise.

However, there are several other benefits associated with fitting your car with a car security alarm system

Pros of Car Alarms Versus GPS Tracking

  • An alarm system offers around the clock security for your car. Hiring a security guard to keep watch of your car in a parking lot is impracticable and would be expensive. Most people are often worried when leaving their cars at the parking lot or even just outside their own houses. This is because cars are prone to thieves. However, an alarm system will provide 24/7 protection against burglars and break-ins. This will foster peace of mind knowing that your car is secure. However, thieves and buglers are becoming sophisticated every day. This now calls for an additional protection to ensure that the car and the property is secure around the clock. You can fit your GPS tracking together with the alarm system so that in case the thieves manage to get away with your car, it will be easier to track them down.
  • Car alarm systems are quite affordable and the installation process is easy too. If you are buying a new car, you can have it fitted with a security alarm system at the factory. Therefore, not only is it offering protection for your car and its contents but it is also saving you on money.
    Another important aspect is the reduction in cost as a result of lower insurance premiums. Most of the insurance companies in the USA offer a premium discount if you vehicle is equipped with a theft deterrent system. Every car has to have an insurance. Those cars that are not fitted with alarm systems are definitely entitled to a higher insurance premium and this can add on costs. Using car alarm systems and GPS tracking system from qualify you for lower deductibles or lower premiums. If your company is not providing an insurance discount for having your car fitted with effective alarm and GPS systems then you should get in contact with them.
  • It can come to your rescue if you cannot locate your car in a crowded parking lot. For many people this is a recurring problem that they think has to be addressed. Most of the time you park your car in the morning and by the time you are back in the evening, the parking lot is already crowded with so many other cars. It can be difficult to really know where you parked the car. With alarm systems fitted in your car, you just have to press the button on your keys and the car will identify itself.
  • Modern car alarms are great deterrents and they are helping so much in reducing cases of car theft. Those cars without alarm systems are always an easy target for thieves as they can take off with it without really being noticed. This means that there are less chances of your car being a target if it has an alarm system.

Despite the numerous advantages associated with car alarm systems, there are several disadvantages as a result.

Cons of Car Alarms Versus GPS Tracking

  • Car alarm systems do not provide intensive security to your car. A new survey shows that despite the effort that car manufacturers and car owners put to secure their vehicles, thieves still target the cars. The new targets are the car wheels, tires and rims. This parts of the car cost hundreds of dollars out here. Even cars with alarm systems are highly vulnerable. Thieves are becoming sophisticated and experienced day by day. A group of thieves can get the wheels, side mirrors and rims without triggering the alarm systems.
  • Another drawback of security systems is false alarm. These sensors are often subject to false alarms from the vibration of heavy trucks passing by, animals and even loud music. This can be misleading and sometimes worrying. This has desensitized majority of people and the police and hence in case of a serious incident nobody will come to the rescue. Even if the alarms are triggered by an honest-to-god break-in, the good Samaritans will have nothing to do about it. If we have run to the rescue of these alarm systems severally in the town and to our shock nothing is happening, how is it supposed to rate for another siren?However, there are several things that the owner can do to ensure increased security for their vehicle. You can adjust your alarm for sensitivity. It will only go off when there is a serious incidence happening. You can as well fit your car with GPS car tracking devices to ensure additional security in case your car is stolen. The police will spot it faster with GPS than manually.
  • Alarm systems do not offer the car complete security. They are weak and so the thieves can disable them and get along with their work. There have been cases of cars being stolen even with the presence of a security alarm installed in them. There are smart thieves out there who can easily disarm the wired alarm system or any other type of alarm you have and take off with the car.
  • Some of the car alarm systems are expensive especially the wireless and hard wires ones. This shows that the car owner may not afford the costs associated with purchasing and installation. This will leave the car vulnerable to thieves and burglars.

The best way to be sure your car is protected fully from thieves is by installing GPS car tracking system together with the alarm system. GPS car tracking devices from GPS LEADERS are highly effective and affordable. GPS leader is the leading company in California providing GPS tracking devices for fleet companies and personal vehicles.

There are unlimited benefits associated with GPS car tracking systems. Some of them include:

Locate Your Vehicle in Case of Theft With GPS Tracking

Looking for a stolen vehicle manually can be tiring, costly and time consuming. With GPS car tracking systems, you can be able to locate your stolen car and recover it within no time. The tracking devices connected to your smartphone will send on-time location info about your vehicles. The coordinates (longitudes and latitudes) are also provided and hence with the cooperation of the police the car will be recovered faster.

Reduce Costs Associated with Maintenance and Insurance Costs

GPS car tracking devices are fitted with automatic mileage reminder which can greatly help reduce the cost associated with vehicle maintenance. What this means is that your vehicle’s resale value will still be high. With timely maintenance you will also be able to reduce penalties associated with bad tires and tax. Most if not all insurance companies issue a discount to car owners with their cars fitted with security and recovery systems. This ensures the company has minimal compensation as a result of stolen and damaged vehicles.

GPS Tracking Offers Peace of Mind

If you ever happen to be a victim of car theft and you are lucky enough to have a GPS tracking system installed, you’re very aware of what we are talking about here. There is nothing good as knowing your car is safe and at the same time knowing that in case something bad happens, you can be able to rectify it. Parents also have peace of mind in case teenage drivers go spinning with the family car. They will be able to monitor their driving behavior, limit them within a designated area through geofencing and at the same time stop the car in case of careless driving.

They are Compatible with Mobile Devices

This is good news to the people who have Smartphones and Tablets. You can be able to manage everything in your car remotely from your home.
The advantages associated with having a GPS vehicle tracking system installed re numerous. However there are some few disadvantages associated with it.

Sometimes the GPS tracking system may fail due to some conditions. This way, you can lack the most important aspect to manage and secure your car. GPS signals may not be accurate due to some obstacles such as buildings etc. If your GPS tracking device runs off the car battery, there can be instances of battery failure which can impair the whole process.

These are the few disadvantages associated with GPS tracking devices. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and hence you should make a step and fit your car with GPS tracking systems for peace of mind. GPS leaders is attending to all the tracking and alarm needs in California and hence you can get these and many more services through their website at