The Advantages Company Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracking Devices

Now your fleet is under maintenance and repairs more than it should, customers are complaining, employee productivity is coming down and business costs are increasing significantly daily. The above are problems that businesses face on day to day operations. It doesn’t matter the size of the business, managing fleet especially if you are operating from different points can be troublesome. The main reason why most fleet businesses face the above problems is lack of an elaborate fleet tracking system.

When we talk about custom fleet tracking software, most of the people may take it as specific software that tracks the whereabouts of your fleet and your field staff on virtual map. However, the functionality and the benefits of this GPS tracking system extends beyond what most of us would think.

Apart from being a desirable solution in the business model, they are also about to become a legal obligation. As a matter of fact, as of December 18th 2017 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued the electronic Logging Devices mandate which came into effect for commercial drivers which set the pace for electronic vehicle tracking.

All the drivers as from this day are required to maintain records of duty and the following will apply to them.

  • The mandate established that electronic tracking devices should replace paper logbooks. It also established that the electronic tracking devices will integrate with the engine to track and relay all the required information.
  • The electronic tracking devices should be able to track date and the specific day when the information was stored. They should as well be able to record location information, vehicle miles traveled, ID information of the driver and eventually the engine hours.

How custom GPS tracking systems will benefit your company

As we have already established, GPS tracking system may benefit your company on different instances. However, you need to make sure that you are using the best GPS tracking devices to avoid frustrations. As a matter of fact, you should first of all get in touch with a reliable fleet tracking software provider. For the best deals and offers, get in touch with Custom tracking Software provider GPS leaders.

With the best service provider, your company will end up the best services in this regard. You will get Private shuttling services GPS tracking and Town Car GPS tracking services at an affordable rate. Below are some of the benefits that GPS tracking system can bring to your business.

Stolen vehicle recovery

This is the first and the most obvious reason why most of the people are investing heavily on reliable GPS tracking system. Most of these systems combine a GPS transmitter in the car and cellular technology to transmit the information about the real time location of the vehicle and much more from a monitoring center. Although there are some technical limitations on this, most of the systems work well to help the police and the relevant authority recover a stolen vehicle. With a GPS tracking system, it’s very easy to locate whereabouts of the vehicle and the offenders. In case of any threats, GPS tracking systems will send real time notifications to the control room which seeks swift actions to prevent the vehicle from damages and loss. It also acts to maintain security of the driver and any other team member on board.

GPS tracking systems from GPS leaders has a 90 Percent recovery rate and this is the main reason why the police prefer it. There are several instances where this system have helped the police recover stolen vehicles and eventually arrest the offenders. From this evidence, there is need to invest some money and time on reliable GPS tracking systems and services.

Driver Behavior Reporting

If you notice that your field staff’s productivity is deteriorating, then there are several things that are happening behind your back. The main list of duties that are bestowed to the company’s drivers is to keep the fleet in motion and at the same time avoid causing any trouble and also deliver as required. However, implementing this can be a really daunting task especially if the driver known no one is eyeing them. Most of these systems can be integrated with cameras and other software to record real time images, videos and audios from inside the vehicle. They can as well be able to track the driver’s activities and other driving behaviors including harsh braking, sharp cornering or over speeding.

Once you have the tracker installed in the specific vehicles, it will be very easy for you to know all what is happening while the vehicle is in transit. The GTPS cloud based tracking system can be accessed anywhere any time. What this means is that the management can be able to get all the information in real time and intervene when the need arise.

Driver Safety

The reality of the matter is that even if the driver is required to take urgent tasks to complete the assigned tasks, driving over the required speed limit can be dangerous especially because it increases the chances of an accident. In case an accident occurred, there are chances that your driver and the field team may be injured and to some extreme extents die. The management may also have to internalize the costs of a damaged vehicle and at the same time  lose time and money treating and taking care of the driver.

With GPS tracking system, it is very easy to audit driving habits and set up alert notifications whenever the driver over speeds or acts in way that threatens the vehicles, his life and the package being delivered.

Fuel management

Companies are in the move to minimize cost and at the same time maximize profits. If that is exactly what you want for your business, then you to start by getting the best GPS tracking systems. As a matter of fact, they bring efficiency and achieve maximum productivity. To impact on the company’s productivity continuous fuel monitoring and control solutions should be at the core of every fleet management.

There are several ways that GPS tracking system can help you control and monitor fuel. It helps you monitor where, when and how much fuel was filled in the tank. This makes easy for you to ensure that all the fuel purchased was inputted into the tank.

The other way is fuel theft detection. With GPS tracking system, it is very easy to detect whenever fuel is stolen. It gives you an insight of where, when and how much fuel was drained from the tank at any given time. The machine gives you immediate notification which ensures you take immediate actions on the same matter. The system also includes fuel graphic which may give you an insight of when and how much fuel was consumed.

Rate and compare drivers

In every business, the best drivers especially those who are tirelessly helping the business meet some of its goals should be rewarded. With GPS tracking system, it is very easy to rate drivers and vehicles according to fuel consumption, travel distance and behavior. This makes it easy for you to reward most productive drivers and at the same time punish or take action against lazy ones.

Other benefits

Reduction in costs

There are several ways that a GPS tracking system can help the company save significantly on operation costs. Although equipping your fleet with GPS tracking system may require huge financial sacrifices, it adds directly on the company’s profits with time. The first way that GPS tracking systems can help your company save is by minimizing fuel costs. They help the management prevent some of the influencing factors in fuel management which includes speeding, idling and fuel theft. Over speeding is known as the main contributing factor in increased fuel consumption.

Additionally, most of the insurance companies charge lower premiums for companies that have fitted their vehicles with GPS tracking system. The main reason for this is the reduced risk of operation and increased efficiency.

Accurate billing is the other influencing factor in terms of operation costs. The fleet management app from GPS leaders uses ‘’billing with landmark’’. This makes customers billing more accurate.

Operational efficiency

As a matter of fact, GPS fleet tracking systems can really help managers with back-end and vehicular operational improvements which really helps them to avoid potential breakdowns, coordination chaos and repair costs. With GPS tracking application, you can schedule automatic service and maintenance alert.

Additionally, GPS tracking allows for more flexibility especially when it comes to dispatching. What this means is that the management will at any time be able to locate the nearest vehicle to the task and dispatch it more efficiently. This adds directly to customer satisfaction.

The above are some of the benefits that you will get directly and indirectly after you install GPS tracking system on your Fleet. Just take the move and invest some money and time into getting the best Custom GPS tracking services for your business.