5 Ways a Delivery Services GPS Tracking Systems Can Help Your Delivery Service Company

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, there are over 1.5 million drivers in the delivery companies. In the US, there are a total of 3.5 million drivers. What this means is that about 1/3 of these drivers are in delivery companies. These drivers make over 15,000,000 deliveries per day. This means that this industry is very competitive and only those companies that have tactical strategies can make it through. There are several things that can happen on the way and most of them can lead to losses and others can benefit the company. This is the reason why it is imperative to get GPS tracking systems to monitor the drivers and also have updates regarding your vehicle’s whereabouts at each point in time.

There’s enough evidence that Delivery Services GPS tracking can benefit your delivery service company by streamlining your business operations and also making your vehicles safe. The ability to monitor the driver’s behavior and recover vehicles when stolen can impact positively on your profitability. Customers want their goods to be delivered and not just to be delivered but to be delivered on time. Majority of them want faster shipping, faster delivery and reliability.

It doesn’t matter whether you are operating a small or a multinational delivery company, GPS can help your company grow to higher heights. It is needed in almost every level of management and supervision. What this means is that the same benefits that large companies get from GPS are the same benefits that small and upcoming delivery service companies will get.

Challenges That Delivery Service Companies Face

The reality of the matter is that running a delivery company where a large number of your workers are in the field is not a joke. You also have to deal with tones of deliveries in a day. You have to dispatch the nearest vehicles for upcoming orders without any mistakes. There are several other problems that delivery service vehicles face.

Finding a Dedicated Delivery Driver

This is a challenge that most startup delivery service vehicles face. Getting a dedicated driver to carry all the tasks for the betterment of the company can be challenging. Most of them don’t even feel proud about this job and for this reason; they are likely to venture into other activities that can affect the company negatively. It is possible to hire rude, inconsiderate and a reckless driver. If you hire the wrong field personnel, then this is a suicidal mission. You have to ensure they are dedicated and are proud of their jobs.

Fuel Costs

Fuel prices are on the raise recently and most startup companies have a hard time meeting fuel expenses. If you don’t have a mechanism of minimizing fuel consumption, then you are likely to fail. There are several things that you should do to save a lot of money on fuel. Some of them include route optimization and timely maintenance.

Getting Lost

There are some of the places that are difficult to locate. Before you even start wondering why the driver didn’t pick up a load or even why they didn’t drop the package, check whether they can be able to locate the pick and the drop points manually. There are several other things that companies can do to reduce chances of getting lost and installing GPS tracking systems is one of them.

Technology Gap

When delivery service companies are starting, they usually invest so much money and time in technology. Lagging behind in technology can mean a lot on your company. The first problem is that your company will not be managed the right way. There’s likelihood of incorrect data that can affect decision making and several other aspects of the company. In order to make a profit, your company needs to ditch the old school methods of collecting data and analyzing this data for decision making.


This is one of the most common problems that startup companies face. Thieves usually target startup company vehicles and other equipment because they are sure the company doesn’t have a strong and a reliable GPS tracking system. If your vehicles don’t have GPS tracking devices installed yet, then your vehicles, driver and the packages are at a greater risk.

How Delivery Services GPS Tracking Systems Can Benefit Delivery Service Companies

There are several reasons that make GPS tracking devices a must for Courier and Package delivery service providers. At this point in time, I am going to give 5 was through which GPS tracking devices can help companies overcome the above problems.


After fitting your vehicles with GPS tracking devices, you will be getting real time updates on your remote computer device. You also get a couple of information which can help in decision making. You don’t have to deal with papers from morning to evening while you can get all the information electrically. You just have to go to your Tracking device system and check the vehicle history. You get all the information including the number of trips took by the driver, fuel consumption per trip, the speed of the vehicle at any point in time and many more. The drivers also don’t need any papers and reporting. Your GPS tracking system provides all the information needed by the management about the driver and the vehicle for the whole day.

Monitor Staff Activities

As we had already indicated, it becomes very hard to operate and manage a delivery service company because a great amount of your workers are on the road. If you don’t have a way of monitoring their behavior, then your company is at a higher risk. In most of the cases, the driver can practice something that will neither benefit your company nor the customer. Their behaviors can lead to reduced customer satisfaction and increased costs of operations to your company.

The good news is that GPS tracking services provides a highly efficient and a reliable method of monitoring the behavior of your field staff. This results in improved productivity and client satisfaction. For the best tracking devices and reliable tracking services, get in touch with Delivery Services GPS Tracking Provider GPS Leaders. The company provides GPS tracking devices with all the features to help you keep an eye on your field staff and act accordingly at each point in time.

With delivery truck GPS tracking system; you can be able to notice whenever unnecessary stops are made and whenever the driver engages in reckless driving. Tracking systems also provide data about harsh braking, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and over speeding.

Minimal Theft Risks

The fact is that a lot of your money is on the road and hence you cannot bear the news of lost or damage to your vehicles. In any case, you don’t anticipate losing your vehicle or even hearing that the customer didn’t receive the delivery due to theft. With a reliable GPS tracking system, there are lower chances of theft and loss. In the case of theft, you get instant notification and real time information about the whereabouts of the vehicle. You don’t have to sit down and digest loses. You just have to contact the authorities and everything else will follow. Police will have an easy time recovering the lost vehicle and prosecuting the criminals.

Quality Customer Service

If you can be able to manage your business and at the same time detect the nearest vehicle for the next task, you are likely to meet the deliveries and end up making your customers happy. Better planning helps you to fit more deliveries per day and also reduce inconveniences that could otherwise annoy the customer.
GPS tracking systems also gives you accurate information that you can update your clients without any bias. You can be able to give accurate information regarding the delivery time and also notify them in case of anticipated deliveries on the way. Delivery Services GPS tracking devices from GPS leaders provides logic mobility solutions through GPS tracking App development. The mobile integration system is aimed at giving you the convenience you need to ensure that you achieve maximum performance and profit your business.

Route Optimization

To every dispatcher, GPS Route optimizers are very beneficial. You don’t have to think of getting confused whenever you receive calls from customers who need instant deliveries. You can be able to notice whenever your vehicle is at each point in time and eventually advise the driver accordingly. GPS tracking systems also provide information about the shortest routes to a destination. What this means is that you can as well be able to determine the shortest route that your driver should take to deliver faster and save fuel.

The Bottom Line

With all the growing customer needs and company commitments, GPS tracking is a must for your business. GPS comes with a surfeit of benefits which can impact your company positively. Those companies that use GPS tracking systems to monitor their field staff and reduce the risk of loss in case a vehicle is stolen have a better chance of making huge profits. Transport and delivery industry is highly competitive and it’s only the companies that have sophisticated methods of ensuring their customers are satisfied that makes it here.