Backhoe GPS Tracking Devices

When you start a construction project, you don’t anticipate for anything to alter the process. However, besides the equipment failure, there is another thing that can stop, delay or even increase the cost and that is construction theft. Recently, the National Equipment Register revealed some disturbing news about heavy equipment theft. It is estimated that on average, equipment theft results in $400 million without even considering downtime, rental costs and projects delays. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, heavy equipment thefts range from $300 million to about $12 billion every year.

The good thing is that with the advancement in technology, most of today’s heavy equipment that are stolen can be recovered. In 2014 alone, over 23% of all the heavy equipment stolen were recovered. This is good news but remember 67% of those stolen were lost. If you don’t want to be on the 67% mark that cannot be recovered, then you need to install Backhoe GPS tracking devices in your equipment. For the best deals and offers, you can contact the Backhoe GPS Tracking Service Provider GPS Leaders.

Backhoe Equipment & Construction Equipment at Higher Risks

The fact is that target equipment should meet two criteria-mobility and value. For this reason, those equipment that are at a higher risk of theft are mowers, loaders and tractors. A report released in 2014 shows that loader thefts included primarily skid steers, wheel loaders and backhoes. Thieves seem to concentrate too much on areas where there’s a combination of potential buyers and a large amount of equipment. The same reports show that most of the theft cases happen at the job site rather than the owner’s premises. This is inspired by the low levels of security at the job site and also the ease of mobility from the site. Most of the job sites especially for road constructions and bridges are very remote.

It is also very clear from the statistics that most of the cases occur in areas with low population. From this fact, you can guess that theft is going to happen in rural area rather than metropolitan areas.

What Can You Do About This?

The reality of the matter is that there’s very little that your government can do to reduce cases of theft at the job site. It’s all about you to get reliable Backhoe GPS tracking services and at the same time increase the level of security at the job site. There are several other recommendations by the National Equipment register but the best of all is getting a reliable GPS tracking device installed on your equipment. Other recommendations include:

  • Stamp equipment-Although this is a good measure, it may be unreliable in case no one cares about that. There are some of the thieves that target specific parts of these machines and hence stamping may not help in such a case. However, stamping a backhoe with the company’s logo or identification numbers can reduce the chances of theft.
  • Removing circuit breakers and fuses-This is another method of reducing chances of theft. You can remove circuit breakers and fuses when the machine is not at work.
  • Use the wagon circle method-If you are going to be out for the whole weekend, you can surround the equipment that you really value with a couple of other equipment to make it difficult for thieves to get it.
  • Sleeve locks-Sleeve locks can help greatly to reduce cases of theft. This method keeps the backhoe wheels off the ground by fixing backhoe pads.
  • Fuel shut-off systems-This method is reliable and can make it difficult for the thieves to leave with the machine. If you think that you will be out for a weekend, then it is imperative to fit the machine with fuel shut-off systems.
  • Use GPS Tracking systems-This is the most reliable, method of reducing cases of theft and at the same time making it easier for the authorities to recover the machine if stolen. There are several ways that a reliable GPS tracking system can help.

How a Backhoe GPS Tracking System Can Help You

It seems that there is an increase in theft cases but GPS tracking systems can increase the chances that the machine will be recovered after theft. At this point in time, we are going to show several ways through which GPS tracking systems can help you and at the same time help your company grow.

Backhoe Recovery

This is the first and the most obvious reason why majority of the people go for Backhoe GPS tracking systems. Backhoe GPS Tracking Devices from GPS Leaders are designed to ensure that the stolen machine gets back to the owner. With these devices, it is easy to realize when your machine is at risk. Even after your equipment is stolen, it uses frequencies with a 90% accuracy level to track, monitor and recover the stolen machine.

Once you notice that the machine or even a part of it is stolen, then you are just supposed to file a stolen-equipment report with the police and the rest will follow. The police may just send a silent signal to the tracking device to activate it. After that, the device sends signals to the computer. The fact is that these signals can penetrate dense trees and valley and give accurate location details of the machine to the computer. These computers are actually fitted in most of the police vehicles. They enable the police to easily and quickly track the stolen equipment and embark in a recovery mission.

Protect the Equipment and Save Money

If potential thieves detect that the equipment is fitted with tracking devices, they are less likely to try it on that specific backhoe. What this means is that GPS tracking systems reduces the chances of theft by simply scaring the thieves away. There are several other ways through which GPS tracking systems can help you save money. Immediately after fitting your equipment with GPS tracking systems, you are supposed to contact your insurance provider to see if there’s any discount available. In most cases, you will be required to pay fewer premiums after installing GPS tracking system to your equipment. In some of the states in the US, there are some laws instructing insurance companies to offer discounts for those vehicle owners with GPS tracking systems.


Geofencing is the next big thing in protecting your vehicles and construction equipment from theft. With GPS tracking systems, you can be able to set a designated area where your construction equipment should be confined. You just have to select the location where they should be until the project is over. The GPS tracking devices are fitted with Geofencing properties and trace web-based software. This helps minimize losses and at the same time increase the business’s profitability.

With GPS tracking system, it is now easy to create a barrier and be at the control of your business whenever you are in the world. It becomes suspicious when you notice that your backhoe is leaving the site. This way, you can always get in touch to know what is happening and if there’s some threat you can contact the police for tracking and recovery. It is easier this way than embarking in a manual recovery process. With a GPS tracking system installed on your Backhoe, it becomes easier for you to notice when a suspicious activity is taking place and if possible prevent the crime from happening.

Stop the Engine Remotely

There are several claims that a GPS tracking system can be used to disable the engine remotely. Although most of the people don’t believe this is true, the fact is that it is now easy and faster to disable an automobile remotely and leave thieves stranded. If the equipment is stolen, you can wait until thieves come out to public and disable the engine. The thieves will be left stranded and end up leaving the machine.

Use an Alarm Together with a Backhoe GPS Tracking Device

The best way to scare away thieves is to integrate a reliable alarm together with the Backhoe GPS tracking devices. It becomes simple this way. The alarm will start whenever an intruder forces the door open or even when they force it to start. Then GPS tracking devices will send a notification to the management informing them of the impending dagger. After this, you can take any measure to save the vehicle or report the matter to the police for tracking and recovery.

The Bottom Line

As the days go by, there are new inventions and those new inventions come with their benefits. GPS tracking system is not just for preventing vehicle and equipment theft but also for collecting and conveying other useful information. What this means is that there are several ways through which Backhoe GPS tracking devices can help you.

Besides helping you to track the location of the machine remotely and helping you recover it in case of theft, there is another way that GPS tracking system for Backhoes can help. You can closely monitor the operator’s behavior remotely and make decisions based on their performance.