What are some of the differences between GPS tracking and GPS Navigation?

Upon hearing the term GPS, most people automatically assume that GPS navigation and GPS tracking are the same. Despite the fact that the two systems use Global Positioning Satellites, the functionality and the process of providing the data is different. So what is the GPS tracking and GPS navigation and what are some common differences.

What is GPS Navigation?

GPS Navigation in many instances refers to the use of an app, a built-in navigation system or a device to find your way in case they are lost or in case they want to check a direction. The devices that are used in GPS Navigation receive the signals from Global Positioning Systems. They will automatically receive the information you want to know directly from GPS. The devices and the apps in use might also use Wi-Fi signals and cellular towers to give you the right accurate data. In many instances it is used to give information such as where emergencies are, where you want to be, the condition of the traffic and several other important information.

The main difference that you should have in mind is that it has the main role of sending and receiving the information between the satellites and the individuals that requested the information. The information will definitely be sent to the individual that is using the app or the GPS device.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking on the other hand means the use of a device that receives information from GPS satellite and eventually sends the information to someone else that is far away from the object being tracked. The GPS tracking device can easily be hardwired as part of the vehicle or the object being tracked or just be a software installed on the system to receive and send data. In case of a vehicle, there are certain cases where another receiver is in the office to display the information about the speed, behavior and in extreme cases initiate functionalities such as SOS, Geo fencing and stopping the vehicle.

The main role of a GPS tracking device is to display the information about where someone or an object is. It can be used to track an entire fleet of trucks or rental cars and see the whereabouts of all of them from a single screen.


Is GPS the same as Navigation?

GPS navigation systems are very different from GPS tracking. GPS navigation system is used to locate addresses and at the same time provide directions to a destination. GPS tracking provides more data about a specific object. It can provide information about the whereabouts of an object, the driver’s behavior, Geofencing and several other information according to the programing set. In simple terms, the tracker is used to display important information to someone that is hundreds of miles away.

Can a navigation system be tracked?

The navigation systems are on the rise and they can actually come in different forms. The most common ones are in-dash GPS systems and portable Navigation systems and they can help track the several details depending on what is set.