GPS Tracking For Bicycles

Among all the means of transport in the world, bikes and bicycles are the most likely machines to be stolen. This is very obvious because stealing bikes is much easier than stealing a car. This means that your bicycle is prone to theft unless you plan to employ a guard to keep an eye on it at all times. However, with GPS tracking devices for bikes it can be a bit harder to steal the bikes. These devices also make it very easy to track down and recover the bicycle in case of theft.

If you are a bike owner, it makes sense to implement measures to prevent theft and loss. The main reasons why bikes are easier to be stolen are because they are small in size, light weight and also highly portable. This is what makes them a great means of transport in the city and at the same time the most targeted by thieves.

According to statistics, in the US alone about 186,000 cases are reported and recovered each year. In relation to the number of bikes that are stolen in a year, this is a very small proportion of bikes that are recovered. The highest rates of theft are reported in the United Kingdom. Here, there are thousands of reported cases with just 376,000 cases on average that are solved and bikes recovered. This is the worst news to bear because only a small percentage of bikes are recovered.

Over time, thieves have improved their tactics and hence it becomes very complicated to safeguard your bicycle and make sure it’s safe especially when not under your watch. The good news is that GPS Tracking Devices for Bicycles from GPS leaders can greatly help you in this case.

Why Do You Need A Bicycle GPS Tracking System?

There are uncountable reasons why you need to invest on a reliable GPS tracking devices for your bicycle. As I had already stated, bicycles are very easy to steal and tracking them manually can waste a lot of your time and in most of the cases ends up unsuccessful. For this reason, you might think of using a GPS tracking device for your bicycle for the below reasons.

Easily Locate Your Stolen Bicycle

In most of the cases, it can eliminate the high risk of theft. When thieves know that your bike is tracked and that there are higher chances of them being caught, they are likely to leave it intact. What this means is that GPS tracking devices deter thieves from stealing your bicycle and at the same time makes it very easy for the bike to be recovered whey they get away with it.

Nobody wants his asset to be stolen but in case of the unfortunate event, you should be assured that you can follow up with your asset and recover it with ease. The GPS tracking devices will send you details with the exact location of the bicycle which allows you and the police to track it easily, recover it and the offenders be arrested. The fact that the bike can be recovered fast enough reduces instances of vandalism and damage. Quick response and recovery also reduces the chances of the bicycle being strapped down.

Monitor The Location of Your Bicycle Should You Share It

There are several instances that you can lend your bicycle to a friend or even a family member. To be sure that the bike is safe and sound, you need GPS tracking devices to track the exact location of the bike and at the same time contact the rider in case you detect they are getting away with it.

This also comes into play if you run a bicycle lending business. It’s very easy and fast to know where your asset and the clients are so that you can respond fast incase of some issues. When you are lending your bike to someone you don’t know, you should be sure you can track the rider at any point in time.

Protect Your Bicycle While at The Breach

Sometimes control is better than cure and you should be sure your bicycle is very safe as you continue with your fun activities. As a matter of fact, most tourists rent bicycles to trail with in the streets and also have some good time in the morning and evening sun. If you are one of them and wants to keep the bike safe throughout your visit, then you should make sure you have a GPS tracking system installed. This is very beneficial because you will get real time alerts whenever someone tampers with the bike and at the same time be able to notice when your bike leaves the designated place.

In the public beaches where there is a traffic of people, you should be sure the bike is secure. Along with the alarms and the bicycle lock, you should install a GPS tracking device to make it fully secure and reduce instances of theft and loss.

Purchase Bicycle GPS Tracking Devices by GPS Leaders

With all the benefits stated above, I bet you are now looking for a better and a reliable GPS service provider. If this is the case, then you should check on GPS Leaders for reliable and highly functional GPS tracking devices for your bicycle. The service provider makes sure your Machine is secure and at the same time easy to recover after an unfortunate event of theft. For the best deals and offers on Bicycle GPS tracking devices, contact GPS

For the owners of bicycles and other bikes, getting an alarm and a lock won’t guarantee that your bike will not be stolen. In case your child goes out with the bike, it gets very difficult to determine where he/she parked it. What this means is that you need another system that can send you real time location of the bike whether stolen or misplaced. This system will help you follow up and might make it easy for you to track and get your bike.