GPS Tracking For Delivery Trucks Can Generate Your Business An Immediate ROI.

Delivery service providers need a lot of coordination, planning and a great amount of organization. They need all these to meet their goals and at the same time offer quick, efficient and secure delivery of packages.

Although there are fewer cases of theft, delivery trucks are at a higher risk of theft and damage especially those that operate in highly remote areas. It’s not only the truck that is at higher risks, the driver too and the cargo is at risk. Actually, cargo theft can occur anywhere along the supply chain which can lastly affect local logistics, transporters, storage and yards.

As a matter of fact, delivery companies lose about $76 million in the UK due to theft. In the US, delivery vehicle theft cases have been reported in some of the states including Alaska, New Mexico, Nevada, California and several other states. According to FBI reports, about $6 billion was lost in motor vehicle theft in 2017 only.

With the above statistics, you should be ready to invest some money and time researching and buying some technological devices such as GPS tracking devices to reduce the instance of delivery vehicle theft.

Purchase GPS Tracking For Delivery Trucks By GPS Leaders

At GPS Leaders, the delivery and service vehicle tracking software will offer functionality that you have been waiting for. The software will help you locate your delivery truck and at the same time locate the nearest vehicle to a destination. What this means is that you will be able to meet all your delivery needs with ease which later adds to customer satisfaction.

Delivery truck GPS tracking devices from GPS leaders offers speed, location and heading of vehicles. This means that you can track and manage your fleet and your employees which reduces late arrivals and idle time. For the best offers and deals in GPS delivery vehicle tracking software and devices, visit GPS Leaders.

Easily Locate Your Delivery Drivers

GPS tracking devices and software from GPS leaders keeps you aware of the location of your asset and the status of your information. As a matter of fact, they also store tracking information which makes it very easy for you to view a complete history of all tracking sessions that are recorded over time.

The best GPS tracking will at the same time offer a complete report that makes it easy for you to get and read your data and reports in one easy to read format.

Locating the vehicle’s real time location means you receive a notice when something fishy is going on. In case of theft, it’s also very easy to involve the authorities, track and recover your vehicle. You also need to know how your operations are going and at the same time find areas where you need to improve.

Protect Your Delivery Trucks From Theft

This is the ultimate goal of every person that chooses to install GPS tracking devices on their vehicles. GPS tracking has always been seen as a tool for protecting personal property. Actually, most of the insurance providers will give you lower insurance premiums when your vehicle is installed with GPS Tracking devices.

The move of installing GPS tracking systems in your car guarantees you to get information more than just the directions in an unfamiliar city. As a matter of fact, you can be able to know the exact location of your vehicle. This information can greatly help you in an unfortunate event your vehicle is stolen. It can as well help you to prevent theft and in some measures track and lock the vehicle remotely if you notice something fishy about to happen.

When your car is fitted with a GPS tracking system and it’s stolen, you just have to report to the police and the authorities will help you to recover it very fast. Similarly, GPS tracking system can keep thieves away. If someone notices that your car is secured with GPS tracking systems, there are less chances of them attempting to steal it because they are sure of being tracked down and arrested.

Track Your Delivery Drivers Driving Habits With Ease

By now am sure you understand the impact driver behavior can have on the success of your delivery business. Now that you don’t want to incur more operation costs by tolerating bad driving behaviors, how do you keep an eye on the way your drivers behave while on field? With the Delivery vehicle’s GPS tracking system, it’s very easy to reduce these operation costs significantly if correct measures are put in place.

These devices will send you real time information whenever your driver takes sharp cornering or any other form of bad driving. This means it’s very easy to keep an eye on every step the driver makes. You will also get information on the time your vehicle was idling and if possible get information about fuel usage. In case of fuel theft, you can simply check and punish the culprits.

Having all this information regarding unauthorized vehicle use, excessive fuel consumption and increased idle time, you can be able to get answers from your driver about the same. What this means is that it’s very simple to manage your field workers even from your office. You don’t have to spend the entire day following them manually and tracking them, the easiest thing to do is to use a GPS tracking system for this purpose.

Remote Lock and Unlock Your Delivery Driver Vehicle’s Doors With GPS Tracking

Although this is not to be misused by the management, it’s now easy for you to lock and unlock the trucks doors remotely from office. This feature should be used right to help drivers get access to the truck at the needed time and ensure that the vehicle is secure after work. It can as well help the driver in case he/she has locked truck keys in the vehicle. Today there are updated versions of GPS tracking systems that makes all this a success.