GPS Tracking For Dogs Is A Must Have Tool For Any Dog Owner.

According to the American Kennel Club, the instances of dog and pet theft are on the rise. With the cases occurring in the parking lots, pet stores and backyards or even armed thefts on the trails, it can be a huge issue for pet lovers. The theft cases range from small puppies being stuffed into purses to pets being snatched from the cars in the parking lots and their shelters.

Am sure you don’t want to bear the news of your dog getting injured or stolen. Sadly, this is something that is happening almost every day in the United States. According to statistics, almost 7.6 million animals enter shelters every year. Among them 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are euthanized.

The main solution here is very simple, you should promise to always protect your dog and if possible handle them and keep them safe every single minute. With that said and done, there are several things you can do to reduce instances of dog theft.

According To the American Kennel Club, You Should Do The Following To Ensure Safety Of Your Dog

Don’t Let Your Dog Off-leash

This is one of the best prevention methods that you can implement and ensure the safety of your dog. Just make sure your dog is close to you every single minute. Don’t just let it wander and catch the attention of thieves.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Unattended In Your Yard

Every time you are out with your dog, or keep it on your yard, just ensure you are with your dog. The best thing is to avoid leaving your best friend unattended in your yard. Dogs can easily dig a whole under fences and some will even jump a fence to escape the yard they are left in.

Be Cautious With Information

Just be cautious with strangers that approach you to admire your pet during walks. Don’t just be over exited to answer their questions especially details of how much the dog costs and how much it matters in your life.

Never Leave Your Dog In An Unattended Car

Even if you think using your dog as a security tool while running errands is a good idea, please do not leave it there even if the car doors and windows are closed. Not only can it be un-healthy due to heat, a car thief can easily open one door letting the dog out while hoping in the other door to steal your vehicle.

The above given measures are only to prevent instances of dog theft. However, there are some advanced measures you can take to reduce risks further and at the same time be assured you can be reunited with your life partner even in the worst instances of theft.

The same technology used to track vehicles, machines, ATMs, elderly people, Alzheimer’s patients and equipment can be used to track dogs and other pets.

Purchase GPS Tracking For Hunting Dogs by GPS Leaders

Losing your beloved animal is the last thing you want to hear. Today, pet owners are advised to have a microchip implanted on their dog and always keep the information updated. Although this can be helpful, it may not be enough to protect your dog and at the same time recover her if stolen or lost. What this means is that along with implanting this chip, you should invest in a highly reliable Dog GPS tracker from GPS Leaders.

Why Do You Need A GPS Tracker For Your Dog?

There are several reasons why your dog needs a GPS tracker but the main reasons are safety and convenience. There are some of the instances that you will be confused why your dog needs this. Is it even worth it to invest a lot of money for GPS tracking in your elderly mom, your car and now your dog? To answer this question, you will need to first of all understand all the risks and uncertainties that await you and your pet along the way.

GPS devices for your dog from GPS Leaders work the same with the GPS tracking system in your phone. Here are some of the reasons why you need it for your dog.

Easily Locate Your Dog On Camping Trips

With the GPS tracking devices for your dog, it’s becoming very easy for you to track and keep an eye on the whereabouts of your dog. There are several instances when your dog can run out of your sight. Apart from getting worried and wondering where your dog is, you can just use GPS and find your best friend without stress. Sometimes, it can be confusing and even affect your experiences in the camp looking for your dog. If you have a tracker for your dog, it is very easy to open your smart phone and the tracking app to determine exactly where the dog is.

Monitor The Location Of Your Dog While You’re Not Home

When you leave home, you still want to feel like you are protecting your pet the right way. In this case, you need a GPS tracker for your pet. It gets very easy to track him and at the same time know where she’s without any hustle.

GPS trackers for your pet does more than just tracking your dog’s location. In some instances, the tracker can monitor the dog’s fitness level and their health status and at the same time send the data to you wherever you are. They easily determine when your dog is scared or ill by checking their heart rate. There are some of the instances when we don’t know whether our dogs are getting the right medication or even getting better after a treatment. This is the time when you need your GPS tracker for Dogs the most.

Know If Your Dog Breaks Out With Geofences

Leaving your pet at home has many risks. Manually, it is very difficult to notice when she breaks out and gets lost. With a GPS tracking device for your dog, you can set an electric location where your pet shouldn’t cross. If you notice that the location has extended beyond this area, then it’s very easy to determine that something is not right. It’ now very easy to take action to recover the dog even if she gets lost in the streets or gets stolen.