Benefits of GPS tracking for street sweepers

For any business that has its workers in the field, there’s need to track their every move during the working hours. GPS tracking systems from GPS Leaders gives managers a 24/7 access to critical information that can easily be used in decision-making.

If you operate a street sweeping business, you need efficient monitoring and control which is offered by GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders. The GPS tracking devices will auto track the routes and increase job productivity. This brief introduces you to GPS Tracking for your street sweeping business and how it can help you reduce the cost of operations and significantly impact on your company’s overall profits.

Street sweepers location history with Breadcrumb trails

Regardless of where your employees are, you can easily track their real time location using GPS tracking system. It doesn’t matter whether your employees are working far from the office or whether they are widely dispatched in a way that you cannot monitor all of them all at once.

With GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders, it will be very easy to access their timesheets and monitor where they are working at different times of the day. This is actually one of the main uses of GPS Tracking systems.

Street sweeper Geofence monitoring

You probably want to minimize time theft and restrict your workers in the job site until the end of the scheduled time. With GPS tracking devices, you will get an alert from your office whenever the job vehicles or your field employees crosses the electronic boundary.

What this means for you as the business manager is that you can easily set a geofence from the office and supervises the worker’s arrival and leaving time in the evening.

Street sweeper PTO Monitoring when vehicle is cleaning or Not Cleaning

Your employees are practically using machines on their daily activities. For that reason, you need to be sure that they are actually working and not enjoying themselves in the streets. GPS tracking devices will send you an alert every time the cleaning equipment is put on and off.

With GPS PTO monitoring, it will be easy for the management to know how the vehicles and other assets are being utilized in the streets. Monitoring the engine start time and off times is now easy. The management will easily determine the amount of time your field workers took for tea breaks and lunch.

Street sweeper Maintenance Alert Based on Mileage

You probably care about the effectiveness of your field machines and want to maintain them when the time comes. One of the many ways of realizing when your machine is due for maintenance is the use of GPS tracking systems.

The management will get real time notifications when the vehicles reach their optimal set mileage for repairs and maintenance. This reduces your costs of repairs or buying new and eventually increases the productivity of those specific machines and work equipment.

Use GPS tracking systems to customize your work management and increase field workers and equipment productivity with ease from your office. Talk to Fleet GPS tracking service provider GPS Leaders.