Keeping Fleet Drivers Safe From The Corona Virus

During this pandemic while you may be at home observing the lockdown restrictions and supporting the “Stay At Home” campaign, there are individuals on the frontline ensuring you have everything you need from food to medication and other essential products.

Fleet drivers and those drivers supporting vulnerable individuals, such as ambulance drivers and transit good truckers are at the highest risk during this time. This is an indication that the fleet drivers working during this time should be well cared for to reduce anxiety and pressure.

These individuals have families and every time they interact with them after the trip they are worried. They live in unprecedented risks of fatigue and anxiety and some drivers are working long hours to make essential deliveries.

As a fleet owner, how do you ensure your drivers are safe during these threatening times? How do you ensure the risk of contacting the COVID-19 disease is minimal? In this brief, we are going to guide you on ensuring your fleet drivers are well motivated, encouraged and supported during these trial times.

Fleet Driver Corona Virus Safety

One major concern at this time is the safety of fleet drivers. When we talk about safety, we’ll refer to all the measures that can reduce their risk of contacting the virus. This starts from offering adequate education about the novel coronavirus on how the disease is transmitted, what to do to avoid increasing the risk, and eventually offering them all the PPE they need at this point in time.

Besides that, investing in a reliable GPS tracking system that makes sure the drivers are closely monitored including the current locations and the condition of driving. With GPS tracking system for your vehicles from Fleet GPS Tracking Provider GPS Leaders, it’s easy to pinpoint safer travel routes.

Fleet Driver Location Mapping

We have already noticed how important and critical technology is in the fight against COVID-19. As a matter of fact, most countries are now applying the use of GPS to spot the real-time location of people at risk.

With the GPS tracking system for your fleet vehicles, the driver can press the SOS button in case they experience any signs or symptoms of coronavirus such as Fever, shortness of breath or any other. Learn more about our Personal Trackers for Fleet Drivers by GPS Leaders.

Fleet Driver Cab Sanitization

We are already aware that the fleet drivers will not have a chance to wash their hands time to time. For that reason, they can alternatively use alcohol-based sanitizers. This reduces their chances of contacting the disease.

Fleet Driver N95 Mask Recommendations

The use of high quality masks is also very important. The n95 mask are regarded as the most effective masks that your drivers should have today especially because they are likely to interact with several people on deliveries.

Fleet Driver Glove Recommendations

It is also very vital to include gloves on your fleet driver’s packing list. These people will interact with many clients and customers for signs and deliveries which can increase their chances of getting the virus. For that reason, use canvas work gloves, leather work gloves or cold weather gloves.