5 reasons why school Districts should equip their teachers with GPS tracking for Teachers

Teacher shortage is real and growing. As more and more students report to school, there’s an increased need for teachers. This is the reason why most school districts have started implementing Teacher’s GPS tracking services for their teachers to ensure teacher’s safety and guarantee performance.

Given that there’s a legal obligation for every school to install GPS tracking devices to every yellow bus, there’s also need to make sure that every teacher is protected and can at any time of the day perform knowing there’s someone watching.

The department of education took the measures in January 2019 to ensure that all the 9,500 yellow Buses by the year 2019-2020 have installed GPS. This means that every school was supposed to have installed GPS tracking services on their Buses by September 5th 2019. This has not yet been met and am believing that negligence on the side of law enforcers is the real reason.

Global Positioning Systems commonly known as the as GPS is taking every aspect of the market by storm. Over time, this technology has grown rapidly to become a cheaper and a more accessible system that can help people from all perspectives.

Over the time, students have information about the use of satellite navigation systems in cars and in class to make sure they are protected and taught the right way. In this brief, we are going to address the 5 main reasons why school districts are equipping their teachers with GPS Tracking for Teachers from GPS Leaders.

Easily manage the location of teachers while on school grounds

This is actually the main reason why many people are going for GPS tracking systems. These systems can send real time information about the teacher’s where about and at the same time be at a greater chance of knowing where the teachers are in real time. This makes it very easy for the management to assign duties and at the same time be at a position to ensure all the teachers have accomplished their duties without any issues.

Knowing where the teachers are at any given time is also very beneficial in sense that the management can offer much needed assistance in case of any distress.

At the time of attacks, student unrest or anguish, the management can be able to notice where all the teachers are in real time. If any of the teachers needs assistance or if there’s need for any intervention, then the first aid team will be able to act swiftly

Panic Button

Today, teachers can easily press panic button on the Portable trackers when they need help in a moment of distress including Campus shootings and student fights.

This can really save any issues with the students or in case of any terrorist attacks. As a matter of fact, there are many attacks that are happening in school property on primary school events or school functions.

The attacks in school have occurred and it’s predicted that there will be further attacks in future. The reality of the matter is that any terrorism attack is unwarranted but the first measure towards preparedness is making sure the teachers and the students are fitted with GPS tracking systems. The GPS tracking devices should have panic or SOS button functionality to ensure the students and the teachers can actually notify the authorities in case of such attacks by just pressing the button.

Easily manage the location of teachers while on field trips for liability purposes

When teachers are on field trips, the management wants to have clear information about the teacher’s specific location. In such a situation, the management will install GPS tracking for teachers by GPS Leaders and they will actually get real time information about the teacher’s specific locations. Teachers also appreciate the fact that there’s improved communications between the management, parents and themselves. All the teachers should be accountable for all their actions and at the same time be at a better position to explain all what was happening in the trips.


With GPS tracking devices, you can easily set up Geofence around school and classrooms to get notifications when a teacher arrives or leaves the school or their classroom.

Knowing whether or not the teachers attended classes and whether they stayed in the classrooms teaching for the stipulated time is also very beneficial to the school’s management and the owners.

The teachers can as well perform better knowing that they are monitored and their time tracked. This way, it will be very beneficial ensuring every hour of the day is utilized the right way.

Respond faster to an Emergency

With GPS tracking systems, it’s also very easy to quickly deploy faculty in the time of an emergency such as fire and natural disaster. In such cases, the management can as well easily know the location of teachers in real time to help real time responders understand where the teachers and the students are located.

There are several occasions when disasters happen and the school cannot be able to get all the stuffs and students without the use of GPS tracking devices. In such situations, it’s always a nice idea to go for GPS tracking systems that will notify you where the teachers are and to some cases if they are safe or not.

Being able to account for all the staffs in such situations gives peace of mind to the management and their relatives. As a matter of fact, when something risky happens in schools, parents and relatives flock the school for answers. With a GPS tracking system, it’s totally easy to answer all the questions and at the same time be able to reach out the  teacher and know how the rescue team can help them.

Tracking teachers was not an issue sometime back. Though, as manual tracking is  fading away, some owners wants to utilize the benefits of GPS tracking systems and ensure they can know wherever the teachers are and at the same time get data that can inform whether the teachers are carrying on their duties as expected.