Jaguar Land Rover as the biggest automaker in England seems to be serious in developing the autonomous car. As it is known that Jaguar has manufactured a lot of cars since decade ago, but this is the first time they want to develop autonomous vehicles that will become favorite vehicles in the future. Now, they are currently developing the technology of Self-driving car before they release them to the public.

Even though self-driving cars are not produced for public use, they believe that this kind of car will be popular in a few years later. However, they need to test their autonomous car so they can make some improvements until they finally can produce a driver-less car to the public- Jaguar Land Rover has been choosing Lyft as their partner for their autonomous car testing.

What is Lyft? Lyft is a transportation network service that is based in the US- They are similar to UBER that operates car transportation using an app. This is a new startup that was firstly launched in 2012 and they cover more than 300 cities in the US. The CEO is Logan Green and John Zimmer as the president. Anyone can use the Lyft service where they only need to order the car service using an app. The users can download the app on their mobile phones for iOS and Android devices and then they must register their phone number and include the payment methods- Since this company becomes so popular nowadays, then Jaguar entrusts their autonomous vehicle testing to them.


Jaguar has finally decided to invest $25 million in autonomous vehicle testing to Lyft. Lyft is one of the successful online taxi services in the US that has a responsibility in testing Self-driving car of Jaguar. It seems that Jaguar is currently developing a future car which hopefully can transform the transportation system without hiring a driver. Jaguar believes that Lyft will be a good partner for their future vehicle.

This investment is done by lnMotion as the sub-brand that handles Automotive and transportation technologies. Even though Lyft becomes the second greatest transportation company in the US after Uber, but Jaguar knows that Lyft will become a successful transportation company in the future. Through this corporation, Jaguar will get some help from Lyft in dealing with autonomous car testing. Meanwhile, Lyft will get easy to access toward the Jaguar vehicles and Land Rover. Actually, Lyft has built a business corporation with Google to build Google driver-less car.

Jaguar states that the decision to be in association with Lyft must be a right step. They think that this will be a strategic investment for both parties. Meanwhile, Jaguar will focus on a new solution innovation in mobility for customers. Hanno Kirner said that collaborating with Lyft will help them accelerate to reach their ambition to be the top automaker in the world.

The fact is, Jaguar has already starting their Autonomous vehicle testing in England and they plan to operate over 100 autonomous vehicles in the next three years. Jaguar Land Rover actually has tested their driver-less car last year on off road. This test is conducted to know the level of passenger safety when this autonomous vehicle is running on any road conditions. But, today Jaguar has decided to have a partnership with Lyft to test their self-driving car by investing $25 million in this business collaboration.


John Zimmer as the president of Lyft also happily welcomes the good collaboration with Jaguar and lnMotion. Lyft has a future mission in which they can share mobility with each other that transforms cities and increases the life quality of the community. This collaboration will help both sides to reach their goals- As it is known that there are a lot of automakers who are also currently developing the same concept of the vehicle. 80, Jaguar wants to get one step further-

Will this cooperation work well’? Nobody knows what Lyft and Jaguar will do next in their cooperation.

However, it is clear that Jaguar is not playing around in this partnership- Jaguar may have hope that Lyft can become a trusted partner so they can test all autonomous vehicles manufactured by Jaguar before Jaguar really mass-produce their pride cars.

Jaguar already produces some autonomous vehicles but they are still in the testing phase. They need to believe that their self-driving cars will work well on any roads to give safety to the passengers. Safety is the most important thing and they are confident that they can build a car that can run without a driver and provide comfort and safety to passengers-

There are a lot of people who are waiting for Jaguar autonomous vehicles to release for the public use, but they need to be patient because they do not want to be reckless in this business- They need to make sure that their self-driving cars are safe and meet the standard. Besides, Jaguar also has a lot of competitors. One of the biggest competitors is Google. Google has successfully tested their self-driving a few years ago.

Meanwhile, Google also builds a partnership with Lyft so Jaguar will follow the same way by collaborating with Lyft in testing their future vehicles.

This partnership is not cheap because Jaguar Land Rover has to invest $25 million in Lyft- This will be a long-term collaboration until finally, Jaguar can produce some autonomous vehicles to the public. It seems that all of the people in the world will have a chance to buy their self-driving cars in the future so their vehicles will be the most favorite ones for anybody. It seems that everybody must be ready for the future technology where they do not need to hire a driver anymore and they can save their money for other things.

However, it does not mean that these driver less cars do not support drivers because users can actually choose if they want to drive it by themselves or they can also activate the auto-driving mode.

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