After attempting to send people to space and creating Tesla, EIon Musk now has a new project at The Boring Company. The meaning of Boring refers something good where he wants to dig a big hole in the ground for a good purpose. What does he actually do in the Tesla Boring Company? Well, Musk declared that he has a new idea in the Boring Company to solve traffic issues. This project focuses on to reduce the traffic jam in Los Angeles by making an underground tunnel network for any cars on roads.


This project will attempt to dig some holes on the streets and then there will be some tunnels in the ground with many tracks for cars. There will be some elevators that are put on the road where a car can stop by and then the car will be sent down to the ground to the underground tunnel network. However, this underground tunnel network will not require the drivers to drive their cars, but the cars will remain on the pad and they will be transported on a rail system that can speed up to 200km/h.

Musk also has provided a video illustration recently how this system actually works. This project is a really big project because it is not that easy to build a big tunnel underground with many rail tracks. The idea is really great but how this system can really be secure to deal with earthquakes. What about underground watering systems so that the tunnel is not flooded? It seems that Musk has a lot of things to consider before he implements his idea into reality.

There are a lot of people who say that Elon Musk idea is crazy but it also becomes a great idea to solve the LA traffic issues. As we know that there are a lot of people who buy vehicles every day while the road cannot be expanded due to the population and the numbers of cars on the road. All of the LA citizens hope that there will be some alternatives to solve the traffic jam in the city. Nobody has a greater idea as Musk suggests in making a great tunnel system for transportation. ls his idea so effective to solve the traffic issues?

If there are no other ideas that can be implemented to solve this traffic jam issue, then Musk’s idea can be the only option. However, this project is not a cheap project and it takes a long time to build a long rail track underground. He also needs to consider the deepness of the tunnel so it will be safe and no landslides. This project must also consider the water system to prevent it from flooding. Moreover, Musk also needs to think about the strength of the tunnel to prevent it from breakage of an earthquake.

Another important thing is the air ventilation because there will be less oxygen underground. Furthermore, he also must be ready to give a lot of lighting’s underground for 24 hours because during the daylight the tunnel will always be dark. Of course, it needs a great power to make the tunnels always bright in the day and night. The traffic system of Musk is a great idea but there are still a lot of matters that he must think twice before implementing it.

According to his statement, Musk suggests tunnels with one end that only heightens the intrigue. However, no one knows that Musk is really serious in this project, but we also need to know that he is also someone who has created some cool vehicles. Somehow, this Tesla Boring Company project is still just a plan there Musk does not apply for permission yet with the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering.


As Musk states to a tech publication, there is no chance to solve traffic issue without tunnels and the traffic will be worse someday. However, the concept of the Tesla Boring Company brings an idea and it is considered as the most effective one to solve city gridlock. Nobody wants to get stuck in traffic jam. Besides, autonomous vehicles can even create a worse condition because everybody can rent a car at affordable cost, so there will be a lot of cars on roads.

By building underground tunnel system, it will reduce the numbers of cars on the road because some of the cars will use alternative way through the tunnel system. Besides, this tunnel system will also provide a fast transportation through rail tracks. The fact is that this underground tunnel system may need years to finish or it may be just a plan that will not be implemented forever because there are a lot of things to consider, especially for the budget and safety.

In summary, will the Tesla Boring Company project be implemented in this year? it seems that this idea still has a long journey for implementation. Since Musk only has this idea but he does not know when he can implement this project to solve the traffic issue in Los Angeles. As we know that Los Angeles becomes one of the most populous cities in the US and all of the citizens have any kinds of vehicles. By building an underground tunnel transportation system, he hopes that the people will not get annoyed anymore due to the traffic jam. Besides, there are more and more vehicles on road in the future. So, the government and innovators must think about it early. At least, Elon Musk has an idea to wake anyone up in order to give other better ideas in dealing with traffic jam issues in most cities in the US.

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