Landscape GPS Tracking Services

GPS tracking has changed everything in Construction and Landscaping Industry. We understand that it can be a daunting process to monitor, supervise and manage your field workers in case you have a construction and a landscaping company. There are several things that you should ensure are running well and at the same time keep an eye on your field staffs to ensure that they are servicing your clients the right way. From the trucks that will bring them to the job site to the equipment they are going to use, you need to have reliable Landscape Equipment GPS tracking Devices incorporated.

A landscape equipment portable GPS tracking device from GPS Leaders enables you to keep an eye on your field workers, offer the required security on the company’s assets and at the same time offer a better platform for information gathering and reporting.

In addition, there are some staff and routing issues that you are likely to experience on the way. It doesn’t matter whether your business focuses solely on lawn services or there are other services that you offer, getting Landscape GPS tracking devices on your equipment is the wisest decision that you can ever make. For more information, get in touch with the Landscape GPS Tracking Provider GPS Leaders.

In this short article, we are going to discuss how Landscaping companies can benefit from GPS tracking system. There are a couple of benefits that a reliable landscape Equipment GPS tracking service can offer but we are going to focus more of the main and the most significant benefits.

With Landscape GPS Tracking You’ll Know When Your Equipment Is In Use.

There’s nothing better than being able to monitor and supervise field workers. With Landscape Equipment GPS tracking devices, you can be able to detect when your equipment is idling and when it is in work using the Power Take Off (PTO) management notifications.

This tracking software can make you understand how your assets are being utilized. What this means is that you will get a clear picture of whether you are getting a good return on investment or if your equipment are just idling.

The tracking systems give you notifications whenever the equipment is not at work. This means that you can easily identify the equipment that should be sold off or re-purposed somewhere else for service provision.

Vehicle accessory monitoring such as PTO monitoring can help you make better decisions based on the information you get. You get information about the engine utilization of the equipment there are several advantages that you get from PTO. Some of them are:

  • Increase the safety and proper utilization of the equipment.
  • You also receive real time information about the utilization of your equipment. PTO is actually engaged when the equipment is in use.
  • The other thing is that you have all the information available to compare acceptable idling and un-necessary idling. You can use this information to make decisions.
  • You also get access to accurate information on PTO utilization and vehicle accessory.

Reduced Costs Of Operations With Landscape GPS Tracking

The first thing here is that you will keep track of your equipment’s usage. If the equipment and the vehicles that you are using in the field are being misused or mishandled, then there are several costs that you should be ready to incur. With GPS, you can be able to keep track of your equipment’s idling time and at the same time be able to monitor the equipment’s fuel consumption and maintenance needs.

The good thing is that you can as well get alerts when the vehicle’s maintenance is due. What this means is that you can take your equipment for maintenance before it’s too late. You don’t have to sit down and deal with additional costs due to delayed maintenance.

Improved Customer Service With Landscape GPS Tracking Services

The last thing you need as a business owner is a complex fleet tracking system. This system is designed to be simple and easy to use. You just have to install the unit on your equipment, later log in and start tracking your equipment while at office.

You can be able to notice when your clients are late to work and later be able to notify the client. In case of any upcoming issues, you can be able to respond quickly and at the same time notify the clients. There’s nothing better as timely communication with the clients. The client should be sure when your team will arrive and when the task is likely to end.

The other thing is that when you notice that there are some equipment that are not in use in a certain site, you can re-purpose them to another place where the services are needed at the time.

This system also helps you optimize the routes that your crew will follow and for this reason, you can be able to notify your clients when you will arrive. It is easy to predict the time your crew will take to the job site.

Insurance companies are now into it. Most of the companies offer special discounts to all the equipment’s that are fitted with a GPS tracking system. What this means is that after you can reduce the costs of operations after installing GPS tracking systems on your equipment. In most of the cases, you can decrease the insurance costs by almost 35%.


With GPS tracking devices, you can be able to set a virtual boundary where all your equipment should be confined. In case they bypass this virtual boundary, you will get real time alerts to notify you of the issue. In case the company’s management didn’t authorize this, then you will have to take actions depending on the situations.

When an expensive equipment gets stolen, you can be notified on time and take appropriate actions. This makes a huge difference when you are trying to recover it. Without GPS tracking system, you are likely to have a hard time following up with the equipment for recovery.

You just have to set an alert for when GPS-Tagged equipment crosses a predetermined area. With this, you will get real time notification when the equipment leaves the work site. This means that you will know almost immediately when this happens. With GPS tracking systems, you will have an easy time spotting a theft attempt while its still in progress.

After this, you are just required to forward the GPS coordinates of the asset to the police and the recovery actions will be started almost instantly. Geofencing will also reduce instances of unauthorized use. If you limit your equipment to a certain work area, it will be almost impossible for any other person to use them in another area rather than the one in books.

When the vehicle or landscaping equipment leaves the predetermined virtual boundary, you will be notified and with that notification you can call your field workers for explanations. The other thing is that you can set a boundary that extends beyond the job site. In fact you have to put into consideration several factors before you take the actions. For long distance transportation operations, you have to put into considerations stops for refueling the vehicle and rest stops along the way.

Landscape GPS Tracking Offers Real Time Information About The Whereabouts Of Your Equipment

When you are operating a construction and landscaping company, you need to have a reliable GPS tracking system that will give you real time information about the equipment’s whereabouts. What this means is that you can easily locate landscape equipment.

Landscape equipment GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders help you monitor your vehicle from wherever you are. You can be able to follow up with the whereabouts of the equipment while at office or while on transit. GPS tracking system allows you to know where the equipment is at each point in time.

Being able to locate your equipment at each point in time makes it easy for you to deploy the nearest equipment any time the need arises. Again there’s peace of mind knowing that all your equipment are safe and in use.

In case of any arising use, you can always deploy the equipment that is nearest to the work station to serve the work. Again you keep a close track of your field workforce meaning that you can always get it in time.

Increased Accountability

It is very common for employees to kill some little time in between the jobs. With a GPS tracking system, you tracking them and increasing the employees accountability is made easy. It is easy for you to notice when they have started working and when they stop to work. In most of the cases, you can determine the idling time and the time that your machines are in use.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping business can have a lot to gain from incorporating GPS tracking systems in their business. From Tree removal companies to lawn service companies, all of them can have something from this. If your company hasn’t started using GPS tracking system, then I don’t know how you have been making profits. For the best offers and GPS tracking devices, get in touch with Landscaping GPS Tracking Provider GPS Leaders.