5 Benefits of using Small Fleet GPS Tracking Services

Building and managing a fleet company is not a walk in the park especially in this competitive markets. Fleet company management is even made harder by the mobile nature of their most essential assets and workers. You need to know where your vehicles and staffs are at any point in time so that you can make better decisions.

To save yourself the agony of a poorly managed fleet company, you should invest in a GPS tracking system to keep your vehicles visible and at the same time be able to get reliable and timely data for improved decision making. If you are looking for the best tracking services for your vehicles, then you can get in touch with Small Fleet GPS tracking Provider GPS Leaders.

You can get EZ Fleet Tracking device which reports the location of your vehicles in real time. The same device has an input that detects the ignition and an output that is integrated together with the starter interrupt device. It is the best device for your fleet business both in city and Rural areas.

Businesses with vehicle fleet always feel at ease when they can be able to monitor their vehicle whereabouts and have a clear information about the behavior of their field workers. In this short article, we are going to cover some of the main benefits that small fleet vehicles can get after investing in a reliable GPS tracking system.

Experience Better Customer Service With Small Fleet GPS Tracking

More than half of the customers reply that they are willing to pay more for better services and timely deliveries. For this reason, most of the fleet businesses are looking for a better method of making it easy for them to meet all the needs of their customers. They are finding it increasingly important to focus on customer service delivery.

The reality of the matter is that it is very competitive out there and for this reason, customer satisfaction can either make or destroy your business. What this means is that you have to ensure that every impression you make is a good one. For your fleet company, improved customer satisfaction is determined by how fast you can deliver, how fast you respond to their queries and orders, how ready you are for emergency responses or even how easy it is for your clients to track their packages.

Every Fleet manager is out there looking for a reliable GPS tracking system that will make it easy for them to deliver on time and at the same time assure the clients of the safety of their packages. EZ Fleet Tracking device from GPS leaders will make it easy for you to do all these. There are several ways that a GPS tracking system can help you improve customer satisfaction. Some of them include:

  • Since you can be able to see the whereabouts of each car at any point in time, you can be able to move the closest vehicle to the customers. What this means is that you will always be at standby to offer the required services to your customers when the need arise.
  • Reduce response time-This is another great way that EZ Fleet Tracking device from GPS leaders can help your fleet company. You can be able to determine the shortest route to a destination and for this reason reduce route confusion and at the same time the response time.
  • Create efficient delivery routes. GPS tracking system stores all the information in their system and for this reason you can be able to create the most efficient delivery routes. GPS tracking system also helps to increase the safety of the customer goods and the field workers. This means that you can be able to deliver as needed and at the same time deliver the package in full capacity.

Small Fleet GPS Tracking Offers Perfect Dispatch Capabilities

For fleet companies and other companies that manage field service personnel or mobile workforce, having a reliable system to help them in dispatching the nearest vehicles and workers to the next task is an integral part of their success. According to statistics, most of the customers will not tolerate lateness of up to one hour. This means that you have to respond fast and ensure that every customer is satisfied by the services offered.

If you may ask most of the company management what effect can a GPS enabled scheduling, routing and dispatching software can have on the technical punctuality, most of them will tell you that this is the next big deal.

Most of people can testify that there is an improvement after they have implemented a GPS tracking system in all of their vehicles. More than 90% of them agree that the number of orders they can handle after that has increased significantly.

Maintenance Schedule Automation With Small Fleet GPS Tracking Devices

It is now possible for you to keep track of the vehicle’s mileage, hours of use, fuel consumption, fault alerts and possible problem solutions. The main reason for this is to ensure that your vehicle remains in its full capacity so that you can move on with your business as usual.

The reality of the matter is that keeping your vehicle running at the top of its ability helps your company’s bottom line. GPS tracking systems from GPS leaders gives you a timely vehicle maintenance alerts and for this reason you can eliminate unscheduled vehicle downtime and keep your business operations running.
The system helps you to custom tailor a maintenance schedule for each of the vehicle. Once the schedules are in place, you can view the maintenance activities for each of the vehicle and when they are due for their next service.

With Our Small Fleet Tracking Device, you can:

  • Input service schedules and events for each of the fleet
  • You can keep track of historical data at any time you want.
  • You also receive reminders when the next maintenance schedule is around the corner
  • You also establish service scheduling based on mileage, scheduled dates and the hours of usage.

There Are Several Other Things That You Can Do With This EZ Fleet Tracking Device.

Fuel Card Integration

Field service technicians more from one place to the other to offer their services. What this means is that fuel and maintenance costs can be expensive if you don’t have a good mechanism of monitoring and getting timely alerts. There are several ways through which GPS tracking system can help in this case.

GPS Leaders EZ Fleet Tracking Device makes it easy for you when you are looking to reduce the company’s expenses. Besides buying vehicles, maintaining those vehicles, hiring and training drivers and other field workers, most of the fleet businesses are turning to fuel cars. This is another tool on your dashboard that will help you manage fuel purchase for fleet vehicles. This tool offers fraud alerts and customized speeding controls.

This device can be integrated with the Watchcard Fuel Card to generate reports for costumers on all the transactions. This is the most beneficial aspect of fuel card integration with the GPS tracking system. It helps the managers get reports that they can use at any point in time to make sound decisions.

Driver Behavior Alerts

How your staff handles any asset can make a huge difference. If your drivers are not following all the traffic rules, there are chances that you will have a hard time following up on legal matters and at the same time increased costs of maintenance and fuel usage. With EZ Fleet Tracker, you can be able to get notifications every time your driver makes sharp cornering, harsh baking, or over speeding.

With a reliable GPS tracking system you will get all the data as they happen. You will know whether your driver is braking harshly, whether they are crazily changing lanes and idling excessively. Any actions that they take on the road can cause wear and tear and increase the company’s costs in maintenance.

The other good thing about GPS tracking systems is that they give you means of bringing up historical data on all of the drivers behavior. With this information, you can either reward or punish them accordingly. The device gives you access to all the information over the last 90 days. This means that it will give you all the evidence you need and the information you need to make decisions.

Additionally, you can receive timely alerts on the screen and this way you can be able to respond in a timely manner to correct the driver’s actions.

The Bottom Line

GPS tracking systems helps fleet companies streamline their operations from all dimensions. They help them reduce overhead costs, enhance the performance of their field personnel including the drivers and at the same time optimize the life of their vehicles. All this is aimed at offering better services which eventually offers improved customer satisfaction. If your company hasn’t took the chance and get Fleet GPS tracking services, then you have a long way to go. For the best deals and offers, get in touch with Small Fleet GPS Tracking provider GPS Leaders.