LoJack Replacement Device

CalAmp announced the wind down of their U.S. LoJack sales operations effective from 17TH Dec 2020. This was to make the CalAmp focus on the core business which is providing telematics SaaS solutions around the globe. With such news, many users are now out there trying to look for LoJack Replacement solutions in the US. If you are one of them, then I’ve got you covered right away. GPS Leaders offers LoJack replacement program for all LoJack dealers. This means that all LoJack replacement dealers can equally benefit from this program without having to rely heavily on similar but ineffective solutions.

Free Rip & Replace for all LoJack Dealers 

GPS Leaders offers free rip and replacement for all LoJack Dealers. What this means is that you will not incur anything when you want to remove the old unit and replace it with GPS Leaders units. The company wants to ensure that all LoJack dealers still benefit from car tracking capabilities as they used to previously. Even after LoJack exits the US market in this instance, no one wants to have their vehicles stolen or loose lot management capabilities at their Dealership.

Many vehicle owners relied heavily on purchasing LoJack devices that were provided by New & Used Car Dealers to secure their vehicles were protect in the event of a vehicle theft. However, now that LoJack doesn’t offer such services in the US, you automatically need a better alternative.

This is where LoJack Replacement Provider GPS Leaders comes in. GPS Leaders offers peace of mind and at the same time offers in-depth tracking and monitoring capabilities. What this means for you is that you’ll lose nothing if you choose to jump to GPS tracking devices as opposed to the LoJack devices. Here is what GPS Leaders tracking devices for your fleet can do for you.

GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders offers a replacement to LoJack devices simply because LoJack is going out of Business. LoJack devices helped in a lot of things. They provided tracking capabilities for fleet owners and at the same time reduced the chances of theft. This is mainly because LoJack Devices linked directly to the local police and at the same time offered instant notifications in case of any risks. However, now that LoJack is exiting the market, LoJack recommending to their dealer that they should look for an alternative.

The GPS Tracking services from LoJack Replacement Provider GPS Leaders use a professional vehicle tracking system that is designed specifically for Car Dealers and their customers for every tracking need on a single device and platform. The device helps to make the business more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for vehicle tracking services or whether you want to keep an eye on your adventurous teenage son, GPS Tracking devices from GPS Leaders are very beneficial.

GPS Leaders has been providing GPS tracking services for over 22 years and offers the best monitoring and tracking experiences for all types of vehicles. You just need to determine what you need and definitely your targets and you’ll be offered with the best LoJack Replacement Program for LoJack Dealers.