Low Cost GPS Tracking Services

You’ve definitely thought of using GPS tracking devices to get alerts on unsafe driving, for geofencing and for real time location tracking but the amount of money you spend on this is overwhelming. I understand this feeling and probably every business would feel the pain of paying hundreds of dollars for GPS tracking systems. This is the main reason why most of them are in constant lookout for Low Cost GPS Tracking Services. GPS Leaders tracking services are very affordable and equally offers extras such as roadside assistance and companion app to help you track the mileage and driver’s behaviors. The GPS Leaders fleet tracking devices will also remind you of maintenance like wear and tear, recall notices and battery charge. You can actually get more information about fuel consumption and get constant advice about better fuel economy.

My search for the best GPS tracking services revolved around the cost and effectiveness. In most instances, when we talk about the cost we end up compromising on the quality of services. GPS Leaders Fleet tracking service provider knows that the quality and the accuracy of the data received in this instant would probably help in a couple of decision making processes. For this reason, the cost and the quality of services is not compromised.


  • Engine alerts
  • Low yearly fees
  • Mileage tracker app
  • Few extras such as roadside assistance and tips on fuel economy
  • Driver scoring system


  • Activation fees might be applicable

GPS tracking systems from GPS Leaders evaluates the driver through the Tip Performance Index score and helps every business to save money on insurance and maintenance. Another immediate benefit is the one-year plan instead of the normal month-to-month deals. This means that you can easily get discounts on the yearly premiums from the company and insurance companies.

Why GPS Leaders Fleet GPS Tracking Service?

Besides the yearly commitment, businesses can actually consider month-to-month plan which automatically brings the flexibility to work with GPS Leaders. The pricing structure incentives for this company proves that the company offers cheap and affordable Fleet GPS Tracking Services. GPS Leaders tracking services offers all its pricing information on the online platform which brings a lot of transparency.

Users equally have a 15-day money back guarantee for their businesses in case they feel like GPS Leaders services are not perfect for specific business needs. If this is the case, you will definitely have to get in touch with the customer service and request for a full refund. You also have a great chance to return your tracking equipment 15 days from the original date of receiving them.

Despite all the information shared above, you might want to check out some of this information on your own. View or website for additional information on pricing and services offered. Cost effective Vehicle tracking services would save the company a significant amount of money on smart assistant compatibility and several other functionalities that you might need to boost the profits of your fleet business in real time.