Automated Car Dealer Service Retention Software

Just like other businesses, car dealers should focus on retaining their past customers instead of just focusing on the new Buyers. Most car dealers however, fails to understand the common benefits of keeping the clients and claim to employ measures that would fetch new clients. The fact remains that the dollar allocation to marketing to existing customers is very low compared to the amount of money used in marketing to new customers and this is were Automated Car Dealer Service Retention Software should come into play.

Car Dealer Service Retention software helps the dealerships to utilize the industry’s real time solution to get the customers and at the same time keep the existing customers through automated marketing campaigns. The campaigns are actually based on not projected mileage. Its Main benefit is providing services that are tied directly to the manufacturer’s service recommendations. This can automatically save the dealership a lot of time and money on marketing.

Fixed Ops Marketing Software for Car Dealers

This software offers a one click inventory solution to all car dealerships for both new and used automobile dealers. The dealers automatically have a solution that helps them streamline the daily operations and at the same time make sound inventory purchase decisions. The Car Dealer Service Retention Software at the same time provides a very simple, analytical view of all the information that all Businesses have been looking for. Cooperating and organizing for this software with the Car Dealer Service Retention Software service provider GPS Leaders will save you time and energy and at the same time helping improve the profit vs. loss portfolio.

Send Automated Service Retention Notification to Customers via Push Notifications

I’ve emphasized on the benefits of saving time and money when reaching out to new and existing business customers. This software makes it very possible to automatically Send Service Notification to Customers via Push Notifications. This creates Customer Loyalty and at the same time helps you get new customers. In such a case, the increased trust is very important. If you want to keep all your previous customers and always get to hear from them when they need your services, it would automatically help to get this software. The current customers will automatically see the staff as experts. The software equally offers the dealers some insights on the accurate mileage information to your customers. The dealer can automatically offer an exclusive ownership experience. This is easily achieved through the accurate services tailored for a specific customer.

A Simple User Interface For Car Dealers

Whenever a software is available to solve an existing cause that initially wasted a lot of time and money, people usually wants to have a software with a simple user interface. The Car Dealer Service Retention Software has a user interface that has been built with a mindset of a one click automation. This means that you no longer need to manage most functionalities in your car dealership business. As a matter of fact, you can view the vehicle’s current location, have an insights about all the vehicle’s past trips and get other important information that can help make more profit from your business.