Why use GPS Leaders to manage fleet vehicle maintenance with GPS Tracking

A good number of companies use vehicles within the business. Consequently, many of them have come to realize the importance of GPS tracking services for managing vehicle maintenance. The size of your fleet does not matter. Whether big or small, every company needs a fleet GPS maintenance system. Certainly, there are many benefits to reap from the fleet GPS solutions. For starters, keeping your fleet in good condition is costly. However, with the GPS systems, business owners can save on some of these costs.

One thing that every fleet manager knows is that maintaining vehicles impacts directly on the business productivity.  All the vehicles in the fleet are vital and you depend on them to get shipments and deliveries to the customers in due time.  Therefore, ignoring things like checking on the tire pressures or fluid changes could result in expensive repairs. Well, the saying that goes prevention is better than cure, largely applies in this situation.

Let’s face it; even the most devoted fleet manager is bound to get overwhelmed at some point. Ensuring all the fleet vehicles are serviced on regular basis is not a walk in the park. That’s why, fleet GPS tracking by GPS Leaders will be an indispensable service to your company. The fleet GPS system gets everything done regarding the vehicle maintenance and much more.

Schedule preventative maintenance time or mileage based intervals

Manually setting maintenance dates for an entire fleet is such a daunting task. Additionally, it leaves room for errors which may cost the company a whole lot of money. To avoid such situations, simplest invest in GPS software. You can use it to set reminders that will occasionally notify you when its time. This may be through a text message on the phone or email.

Customize schedules to your vehicle or business needs

Basically, fleet vehicles operate differently. This means that preventative maintenance has to be scheduled based on several factors. These can be mileage intervals, tire rotations or even just oil changes.

With a GPS tracking device, you have the opportunity to set alerts based on these factors. The device automatically takes note of all the data including log entries, engine time and the mileage for each vehicle.  It then creates a schedule and notifies you when it’s time for the appropriate servicing. This makes things so much easier and convenient. You simply have to customize the maintenance schedule according to the vehicle or business needs.

Keep your maintenance records and vehicle reports

Managing a fleet is not an easy task. However, there are ways that you can make everything so much simpler. The GPS system allows you to make useful notes on the fleet maintenance and receive alerts about the same.  It also gives you reports on the vehicles such as the engine hours. This kind of data will greatly help you improve your business operations and increase profits.

It’s no secret that GPS tracking devices can help you cut down on costs. Preventative maintenance is one of the definite ways to avoid costly vehicle repairs.