The Importance of New Car GPS Tracking.

Many people underestimate the ability of car tracking devices in curbing and reducing cases of car theft. Millions of cars are stolen all over the world every year and so you have to be extra cautious with yours. In America, there are 500,000 cases of car theft in a year recording the highest car theft rate in the world. This is the main reason people install Global Positioning Devices (GPS) in their cars. GPS trackers are portable devices that allow fleet managers, parents and vehicle owners all over the world to monitor and track their cars and trucks with ease. The importance of installing car tracker is also proven by the numerous benefits users of the device have been enjoying. They are capable of giving instantaneous speed, location data, driver behavior, and monitor fuel usage and maintenance rate alongside tracking your car in case of theft. GPS car tracking devices can be a huge help in securing your vehicle. You don’t have to worry when you leave your vehicle at the parking area.
GPS Tracking for New & Used Automotive Dealers

New and used automotive dealers are now using updated GPS tracking technology to keep track of their vehicle’s while on the lot for Inventory Management purposes. Once ready the dealer has the ability to sell the device to their new & used car customers. They customers can then use the consumer mobile applications for managing and locating their car. However, new and used automobile dealers can only install the tracking device on cars that are financed through their dealership. This means the next time your purchase a new or used vehicle, make sure to ask your local dealership to install a GPS LEADERS devices. It will offer you more security and will enable you to track your vehicle using our GPS Tracking Mobile Apps.

It is important that you install a tiny GPS car tracker that is hidden nicely in your car immediately you purchase your new car. When the car moves, the tracker will immediately notify you. Upon logging on your computer, the information on your car’s whereabouts will be displayed on your computer screen and hence it will be easier to report and recover your car.

Another important aspect of GPS car tracking devices is the ability to lock your car. When you detect that your car is stolen, you can lock it from far and trap the thieves inside. The GPS car tracker should be connected to the vehicle’s electric system in order to perform this task. You can choose from a variety of GPS tracking devices that can even disable the ignition. The thieves can smash your car windows but they cannot have enough time to remove this device from the vehicle. This will buy you enough time to report to the authorities and your car will be recovered more quickly.

New Car GPS Tracking For Teen Drivers

GPS tracking technology is not only meant for business application and theft recovery. There is an increased need for tracking systems to control teen driving activities. Research show that many youngsters between the ages of 16-19 all over the world are involved in accidents on daily basis. In fact, car accidents are considered the leading cause of deaths among teens in America more than drugs, guns or cancer. According to the 2011 statistics, almost 300,000 teenage drivers are involved in an accident in the US every year. With the statistics of teens being involved in fatal accidents hitting new heights every day, the idea of a teen taking the wheel may cause anxiety for their parents. This is the reason why many parents in California are trusting GPS tracking technology to keep their children safety.

Some of the leading car tracking devices are fitted with the emergency SOS button, which you can press when in distress. The device will also track and give the driving reports such as the speed, sudden break, turns and the number of stops. Parents can install the companion app on their smart-phones to keep track of the progress. The parents will be able to view where their children are driving and also keep track of the speed as well. With GPS LEADERS car tracking systems, the teens have the opportunity to feel independent by driving on their own and at the same time giving parents peace of mind knowing that they are capable of monitoring their children when driving. Speed and lack of judgment are the two most common factors that cause teen auto accidents.

Installing GPS Car tracking devices will improve the communication. Most of the time you have to give your family member or a friend your car for a spin and hence you want to keep in touch. The GPS tracking system logs data on your vehicles arrival and departure to specific places. You can also be able to keep in touch with the driver and communicate in case of any problem.

Comprehensive Insurance Discounts With New Car GPS Tracking

You will pay a less premium for your insurance if you fit your vehicle with car tracking devices. Most of car Insurance companies are willing to charge you less for securing your vehicle. Having a GPS tracker in your vehicle means that the car is safe and therefore the company will have less chances of intervening. The discount may actually pay for the cost you incurred installing the tracking service in your vehicle.

Save Fuel By Equipping Your New Vehicle

The GPS tracker system will also help you save on fuel. The devices will be able to direct you on the shortest route to take and which highways to avoid in case there are constructions zones or any accidents. If you are using the vehicles for business, you will be able to keep track of the drivers’ behavior such as the speed. The tracking device will force the driver to operate the vehicle more responsibly saving your company’s great time and money. Most of the tracking devices will send a notification to you when any of your drivers break any set driving rules.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Sometimes you let your friend or a family member go out with your vehicle and you are worried about their driving habits. GPS car tracking systems will help you get updated on the drivers speed and monitor the way they are driving. In case you notice reckless driving, you are able to stop the car’s ignition and send another driver to pick your daughter, son or your incapacitated husband or wife. Sometimes, drivers can act recklessly if they are not monitored.

Over speeding may be very risky to both the company and your employee. The Inventory being transported can be at risk of damage and this can impact of customer satisfaction directly. By the use of GPS car tracking devices, your company admin will be able to track the speed of the vehicle and respond accordingly.

Our devices are fitted with the vehicle analytics to keep accurate records of the vehicle’s maintenance history. By maintaining the maintenance on your vehicle accurately and timely can help you ensure the value of the car. If you are a new vehicle owner sometimes you forget to take the car to the service bay and you are not sure whether you did or not. Fitting your car with GPS car tracking devices will ensure that you can monitor your service intervals and can help you confirm that the vehicle was serviced. This way, you will be able to prevent unnecessary delays that may impact your wallet later on down the road.

Last but not least, you will also be able to keep an eye on all your vehicles at the same time. You will receive reliable information on how long a vehicle stayed in one location and estimate the time that it will took to arrive.

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