5 Reasons why you should use Refrigeration Truck GPS Tracking service

Perishable goods pose the additional risk of being spoilt before they arrive at the destination. The main reason for this is because the cargo should be transported in controlled temperatures and at the same time be delivered in a timely manner.

The cargo may as well be lost or the vehicle stolen along the way which can cost business millions of money in lost products, redelivery time and loss of reputation.

All the above issues call for the use of Refrigeration Truck GPS tracking services. It actually has a couple of benefits that associated with GPS fleet tracking especially if you are dealing with perishable goods or refrigerated fleet.

Trucks that are equipped with real time trailer temperature monitoring which means you can actually be at a point to regulate the temperatures remotely.

This brief covers 5 most important reasons why you should opt for GPS tracking systems for your refrigerated fleet.

Easily manage vehicle idling to help reduce fuel costs with refrigeration truck GPS tracking

Nobody will tell you that increased costs are of one the direct reasons why many startups give up and exit the market. In this case, it’s very important to monitor the entire driver’s behavior to make sure they will not idle too much or get involved in any other activity that can greatly impact on the company’s profits.

GPS tracking devices will help you manage idling and at the same time help you efficiently optimize routes, reduce labor costs, monitor the vehicles and machines maintenance and most importantly reduce fuel costs.

Optimizing routes will result in fewer miles travelled. This means you have more jobs that you can meet with the same fuel costs. You will as well complete more tasks with less labor.

Additionally, GPS tracking services for Refrigerated Trucks allows you to lessen some of the costs that are associated with upholding the temperatures inside the refrigerator.

Easily manage dead batteries

Refrigeration Truck GPS tracking service by GPS Leaders will greatly help you easily manage dead batteries because you  will get timely notifications whenever the batteries are about to die especially if the driver left the refrigeration units on while the vehicle is off and they did not plug it in. GPS tracking system is installed in such a way that it will note all the changes in temperature inside the refrigerator and notify the authorities about the same. This means that swift mechanisms will be taken into place to make the whole idea a walkover.

Knowing when there are changes in temperatures will inform your decision on when to replace the batteries and at last know which improvements are needed with subsequent operations.

GPS systems installed on your refrigerated trucks will as well note refrigeration failures and notify you fast enough for swift responses. In fact, refrigeration failure is one of the main reasons why many fleet owners are worried whenever their trucks are out on transit.

Manually, the driver can be stopping to check whether everything is okay. With the introduction of Refrigeration Truck GPS tracking, this will be very easy for the management and the driver. First and foremost, the driver will be notified whenever there are any changes in temperatures or whenever there are any failures.

Easily manage the refrigeration units’ internal temperatures remotely to avoid spoilt food

An operation failure inside the refrigeration system means you will incur a lot of costs along the way. Most Refrigeration truck GPS service providers will install temperature sensors in the cargo area to get an instant notification whenever there are any issues with the refrigeration.

During installation, the service providers will make sure that the GPS tracking system is  installed in such a way that you will enjoy all the features in a single screen. The system will actually tell you when, where and how long each of the stops were. Additionally, you will track temperature history from the time the track departed to the time it arrives at the destination.

With the same functionality, you will actually get valuable data bout temperature changes for a certain period of time. The same systems will tell you when and where the temperature thresholds were exceeded.

Quickly dispatch other trucks to the location of the broken down truck to avoid spoilt goods

Many perishable goods have a limited shelf life which means efficiency along the way is of imperative need. For this reason, GPS tracking systems will actually help the company be at a position to know whenever there’s a break down and at the same time know which track is close to the breakdown and dispatch safely and fast enough.

When other vehicle is being sent to pick up the products, It’s also very imperative to make sure that there’s a process followed to make deliveries faster.

Furthermore, it will help in efficient routing and avoid traffic which can delay the operations. With that said, you can be assured that GPS tracking systems will help you very fast.

Manage driver’s behavior

With Refrigeration Truck GPS tracking services by GPS Leaders, it’s extremely easy to have all the information about the driver’s behavior including speeding, fast acceleration, sharp cornering and disobedience to traffic rules. In such situations, it will be very easy for you to act swiftly and avoid tickets and fines when the drivers are on route delivering your perishable goods.

The reality of the matter is that better driving habits will reduce accident risks and increase safety , increase productivity and eventually profitability. It will as well improve the customer satisfaction which will mean more orders and additional profits.

With a GPS tracking system, you can be able to monitor the below things:

  • Unauthorized usage
  • Route deviations
  • Excessive idling
  • Time and fuel theft
  • Aggressive driving habits

With a refrigerated truck GPS tracking service from GPS Leaders, you will see more productivity by simply being at a position to pinpoint start and stop times, observe the drivers behavior and respond fast in case of any issues on the way.