The use of GPS tracking technology to catch Porch Pirates

In the recent years, the porch Pirate crime has ventured in and people are really suffering. A 2017 survey that was conducted by Home-security startup Ring claimed that about 20% of all the people in the US have reported cases of front-porch theft. Several other surveys that have been conducted now shows that this crime is increasing rapidly and so there’s need for some sophisticated measures to make it a reality.

We all know that online ordering and home deliveries provides us with convenience and a less stressful shopping experience. We are enjoying low shopping costs and a greater variety of products to compare while shopping online but now there’s this upcoming crime that leads to loss of money and the packages every day of the year.

A porch pirate is a thief that knocks at our doors especially during the holidays when there’s an increase in home deliveries to steal on the package delivered on our doorsteps. To combat this crime, there are several measures that individuals and the companies can take. However, one of the best and the most effective measures to take is the installation of GPS tracking for Porch Pirates.

In this brief, we are going to guide you along on how to combat porch pirates through the use of GPS tracking for Porch Pirates by GPS Leaders. Besides the fact that many people agrees that the holiday presents are the main target, there’s no time of the year that is safe.

Because of the nature of such crimes, there are very low rates of arrests. However, the use of GPS tracking devices has increased the number of pirates being arrested every single year. Although the police are trying as much as possible to reduce the cases of this crime, you should as well take due care and ensure your porch is tracked every time.

Porch Theft is everywhere and becoming a serious problem

You might be convinced that porch pirates only target the city which is not always the case. This is not just a city problem because increasing numbers of people in the rural areas are reporting the same cases. As a matter of fact, the rural areas are leading in this crime. The biggest number of the cases is being reported in North Dakota. Recent surveys say that people in North Dakota are more likely to have their packages stolen with the highest numbers during the holidays.

The main reasons why these crimes are high in the rural areas is because of the few people watching them. The rural areas also don’t have many people especially during the day that can spot them as they commit the crime. They are also targeting small towns in the rural areas.

How are agencies responding?

The agencies are responding in many ways to catch the package thieves. However, they seemed powerless to catch these thieves in the past. However, some of the law enforcers have been trying to address the case from different stand points. The police in North Carolina and Greenville are using GPS tracking to catch package Thieves. They are actually installing these devices in random packages to help them spot and catch the criminals. However, they have stated that this approach is facing many challenges but has some fruits.

As a matter of fact, the police are not targeting all the thieves, they just want to catch some of them and be an example to other people with the same mind. This would significantly discourage the thefts. However, their actions at the end of it are to catch the thieves and minimize the instances of porch theft.

What to do to reduce the risks of being targeted by porch pirates?

The agencies have suggested some of the things you can implement to reduce the instances of being a target. Some of these things include?

  • GPS tracking for package theft prevention-The first and the most effective approach to take is the installation of GPS tracking systems on the packages to prevent the risk of being targeted. This is simple but still many people have not internalized it. You should get GPS tracking for Porch pirates by GPS Leaders to help you recover the package when stolen and also scale the pirates away.
  • Signatures for delivery-This can as well be a good approach because it will verify the end recipient and also make sure there are little chances of delivering the package to the wrong recipient. Next time, require signatures for the deliveries.
  • Packages delivered to alternative locations-The delivery company should actually notify you when they are delivering and if possible they can deliver the package to the community management offices or even at work.
  • Doorbell Cameras-It can as well be a good move to invest in a doorbell camera or even whole house surveillance. This will be effective in scaring the thieves away and at the same time in spotting them when the crimes happen.

You don’t have to stay home at the day of delivery!

One mistake that people make is believing that staying home on the day of delivery will reduce the instances of theft. The fact is this will provide little or no protection to the packages. The law enforcers are finding it a challenge to combat the crime as the thieves are becoming more bold in grabbing and going with the packages.

How GPS tracking for porch Pirates can help

The GPS tracking for porch pirates from GPS leaders can help combat the crime significantly. As a matter of fact, they can help the law enforcers to follow the package when they are stolen and make arrests if possible. The thieves are also less likely to try and grab your package when they know the packages are being tracked.

With that in mind, you can be able to easily deduce that GPS tracking solves the Package theft regardless of where the package is and when it’s stolen.  Once someone gets your package, you can notify the law enforcers and work closely to combat the crime and make arrests.