San Diego Power Sport GPS Tracking Provider – GPS Leaders

Vehicle theft is everywhere and San Diego is no exception. Every single day, vehicles are stolen in San Diego and not all of them are recovered. Thankfully, GPS Leaders is on the forefront of ensuring the security of your vehicles and motorcycles through the GPS tracking services.  Nowadays, power sport dealers opt to provide GPS solutions to their customers. This is a good idea considering the rampant vehicle theft in the region. If you own a power sport dealership in San Diego, this is the most appropriate time to equip all your vehicles with GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders.

GPS Leaders offers GPS solutions to all types of vehicles regardless of whether it’s an ATV or UTV. They have you covered in all matter security. Believe it or not, your customers will be thanking you later for this. Most of the time when a thief drives off with a vehicle that has a GPS tracking device on it, it’s recovered within a very short time. This is because the device gives you real time information on the location of that particular vehicle. All you have to do is track it and involve the relevant authorities to recover it.

The features of the GPS Leaders power sport tracking devices

There is a good reason why you should get the GPS Leaders power sport tracking devices.  The GPS trackers come in a myriad of useful features that will be a real gem to your power sport dealership. Let me briefly elaborate on some of these features so that you have a clear picture of exactly what am talking about;

Weatherproof power sport tracking devices

The tracking devices consist of a weather resistant design. This means that come rain or sunshine, it remains highly functional. The outer casing is designed in such a way that the GPS device is well protected from the harsh elements of weather.

Compact design

The GPS Leaders power sport tracking devices come with a compact design. This makes it easy to install and hide it out of view. If you think about it, this is a vital feature because no one wants to position a tracking device at a place where it can easily be seen or found.

The 3-axis accelerometer

This is definitely the most important feature. The 3-axis accelerometer has motion sensing abilities. Therefore, anytime someone tries to take away the vehicle or motorcycle, the owner receives a notification warning them of a potential theft.

Can be used on 6v to 36v battery

The GPS tracking software can be installed on any on-road or off-road vehicle, motorcycle and watercraft as long as long as it has a battery of at least 6v.

These are the key features of San Diego Power Sport GPS Tracking Provider GPS Leaders. However, there are many more benefits to reap once you choose to partner with the company for your power sport GPS tracking solutions. Don’t just offer your customers vehicles, provide them with a reliable solution to protect and secure the assets.