School Bus GPS Tracking Service Provider In California

There is no doubt that every day students step onto yellow buses to be transported to and from their respective schools. Their safety in these buses is paramount. Parents want to feel that their children are safe every time whether they are home or at school. Schools have the obligation to provide a safe haven for children so that they can focus on their studies and at the same time give their parents peace of mind. Most of the time, parents are very concerned about the safety measures a specific school has in place before enrolling their children there. This is the reason why majority of schools have set up a fleet tracking systems or a Bus Tracking system. Every school needs a reliable GPS tracking system to ensure they have full control of whatever happens on the road. For the best Bus Tracking services, get in touch with School Bus GPS tracking Service provider-GPS Leaders.

NHTSA regulates the manufacturing and the sale of school buses. At the same time, states set aside laws that govern the transportation of students. Some of the states have laws concerning the safety of children and hence some of them can as well be punished for not wearing safety belts or even when they act in a way that threatens their lives while on the road. Apart from the laws that are set by states to ensure that students are safe while on the road, the school should also put forward some more measures such as installing GPS tracking systems to keep their students safe. For deals and offer on Bus Tracking systems in the USA, contact GPS Leaders

How School Bus GPS Tracking Systems Work

The system works the same with GPS tracking systems for fleet. A high end GPS system is installed on the bus. After the system is installed, all the signals from the vehicle are routed to an integrated central server which will offer real time monitoring.

The information from the central server can be transmitted to the authority in terms of SMS notifications or even mails. The authority can as well check them online on the web or using their mobile app.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for School Buses

There are several reasons why school district customers use GPS tracking solutions for their school bus fleet. They actually work to ensure that both the staff and children are safe every time. Some of the benefits of using GPS Leaders GPS tracking systems for the school district include.

Staff and Student Safety

Safety for students and staff is the first priority when the bust is transporting them between home and school. Fitting a reliable GPS tracking system on the bus, the management will be able to pinpoint the exact location of each bus every time of the day. The management is likely to get an automatic alert in case the bus veers off route. They also get other key data that can help them determine how the bus is driven. I bet this is what gives the parents, management, staff and the students’ peace of mind.

Parents’ Peace of Mind

As I have already stated, parents are highly concerned about the whereabouts of their children. They need to know that their children are in the right hands every time. GPS tracking devices for school buses helps parents know the travelling details of children at any time. The system also informs the parents about on and off of the school bus and hence they can know at what time to expect them at home.
Knowing the student’s location in real time

The management will know the location of students in real time through radio frequency identification tags. This is one of the reasons why school managements are installing GPS tracking devices for School buses. In case the students are leaving for a school trip, the management will have real time data about the arrival times and departure time. This is a very imperative data that will ensure they are secured every time they are out of the school premises.

Monitoring and Managing School Bus Timings

The school bus monitoring system can help school authority to monitor where the bus is and for that matter be able to determine the time they can expect it back. This is a very useful thing in scheduling other bus activities by the school management. If the management can be able to estimate the time they expect the bus back, then they can be able to structure a comprehensive travel time table.

By knowing the exact time that the students will arrive, the teachers and administrators can be able to create better and more effective schedules for their students. This allows for better time management.

Monitoring the Driver’s Behavior

Statistics shows that majority of accidents are closely related to driver behavior-sad but true. With GPS Bus tracking devices, the management will be able to monitor the driver’s behavior in real time. The system will send alerts when the bus is involved in sharp cornering, instant braking, speeding and any other signs of careless driving. After the system is installed on the bus, the management is likely to get automatic start and stop reporting and the location of the bus.
There are dozens of surveys out there that shows recognizing dangerous driving behavior can be a strong motivator for the driver to improve their driving behavior. The other thing is that if the driver knows that he is monitored, then they are likely to drive carefully. Monitoring the driver’s behavior can be a silver bullet in this case. The GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders allows tracking real-time individual driving performance when he/she is transporting students from one place to the other.

Monitor Bus Driver Activity

The good thing with GPS tracking systems is because they calculate the amount of time it takes a school bus to travel from one place to the other. It also tracks the engine idle time. Based on all the above information, it is easy to optimize routes to decrease the time a driver takes to move students from one place to the other. This eventually reduces the fuel costs and also saves the school money and time. It also ensures that the students are in the right place at the right time. Having the information about the whereabouts of the bus and having an estimated time that the students will be home is also a good thing. Parents will have the information about the time they can actually expect their children home. They know the time to be worried and when to call the school management for clarification.

Bus Maintenance Scheduling

There’s nothing better than knowing the time to schedule maintenance for your vehicle. There are several benefits of keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance which includes reliability, value, fuel economy and many more. The reality of the matter is that if you don’t maintain or take care of your vehicle, then it will not be there for you down the road. Take good care of the oil changes and tire rotations. Vehicle maintenance also entails having regular checkups by expert technicians.

The other thing is that if you want to keep the school bus in good condition and maintain its value, then you should take good care of it. You need to adhere to the routine maintenance so that it continues to run in optimal condition. A well maintained vehicle will run optimally and reduce fuel consumption.

A well maintained school bus is safer. It helps you to keep the school bus running properly and avoid unnecessary downtime’s and breakdowns. GPS bus tracking systems from GPS Leaders lets you address the maintenance issue before bigger problems occur. They will give data about the mileage, engine conditions and the engine run hours among many more metrics. They all help customize and manage maintenance reports. Furthermore they store historical data for a year.This makes identifying trends and long-term driver behavior simple.

Keeping The Bus Driver Accountable

Some of the GPS tracking service providers such as GPS Leaders provides driver time tracking software alongside the GPS tracking software. This is to ensure that the driver is accountable to all his deeds on the road. It makes time sheets verification easier. The system automatically calculates employee hours and consequently reduce or entirely eliminate errors and reduce preparation time. Alongside the GPS tracking systems, this can help to reduce the work hours and eliminate unauthorized usage of School Bus.

Efficient Record Keeping

In schools, detailed record keeping is imperative to prove how funds are used. But manually tracking buses in a school can be overwhelming and time consuming. For ease of data collection and keeping, install GPS tracking devices for School buses. The authorities will benefit from the data these tracking systems collect. They collect data about the fuel consumption, driver behavior, start and stop time, mileage and other key factors.

The Bottom Line

If you are not using GPS tracking devices, you are missing a lot. Start tracking your school buses and be on the safer side. Schools should take advantage of the above benefits and install GPS tracking technology on the school buses as soon as possible. For the best tracking system and devices in the USA, get in touch with GPS Leaders