Ski Patrol GPS Tracking Services and its Benefits

When most of us think about GPS, we usually think about a technology that gives information about the location. Surprisingly, this technology is used to help with finding your way, and it’s equally saving lives and making skiing more fun and safer. GPS technology is being utilized by different industries from emergency respondents, airlines, the police, and even your neighbors for a couple of reasons.

Ski resorts all over the world are using GPS tracking technology for a variety of reasons. The interest in Ski and snowboarding has increased in recent years. Equally, serious injuries, theft, and even death are being recorded at higher rates. AXA customers also report increasing cases of Ski theft every winter. This is mainly the case in major ski resorts. Thieves will always be on the lookout for every opportunity, and that is often on major ski resorts where there is high visitor volume. But is there anything that Ski Patrol GPS tracking services by GPS Leaders help in? Read on.

Live/real-time tracking

I know you are already wondering who pays for stolen skis. In many instances, the household contents insurance can pay for the services. But there are those instances when the owner will be forced to cover the main costs of the damages. Gone are the days when patrol officers spent months pinching the suspect and recovering the machine. Ski Patrol GPS tracking services offer real-time tracking to monitor and track down potential suspects and initiate law enforcement using the systems. The system increases the probability of stopping a ski theft or catching the criminals.

Easily Locate Ski Patrol Employees Using GPS Tracking

The management wants to be sure that every employee is at work and performing their duties to the brim. You must be sure all your employees are safe and ready for any rescue mission. Using Ski GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders, you will definitely be able to track individual employees and dispatch them appropriately when the need arises.

Easily locate security guards.

Many situations can come up in ski resorts. In case any of these situations need emergency security intervention, the management will be better positioned to locate the nearest security guard to the site.

Search and Rescue using Ski GPS tracking systems

The management at a Ski resort needs to be readily active to pinpoint individual cases and offer appropriate assistance. Using GPS Leaders Ski GPS tracking services, it will be very easy for you to locate where a situation has occurred and rescue on time.

Out of Boundary notifications with Geofences

You probably want to be sure that everyone, customers, and employees are safe and sound. Some customers may choose to extend their ski or snowboarding activities past the designated areas. Incase of students or a vulnerable user, the management will immediately get a notification and act swiftly to inquire and offer assistance.

Easily dispatch the nearest Ski Patrol Employee to an accident


If someone is hurt, they can immediately press the panic button, and the nearest Ski employee will be dispatched to offer first aid and any further assistance. Ski GPS tracking services from GPS Leaders automatically notice the nearest employee for easy dispatch.