Ski Resort GPS Tracking Devices

There are two primary reasons why most of the people today are using GPS tracking systems at ski and snowboarding resorts worldwide. First and foremost, they know that all these activities should be monitored closely for security purposes. They also know that people have to get more satisfied and have peace of mind while having fun.

As a matter of fact, today many families like to go on snowboarding or ski vacations as a family. Sending your children to school and remaining behind without knowing what really is happening there can be a very stressful and disturbing affair. I know most of the time you are worried about what would happen while they are away. What if your son/daughter gets lost or even hurt along the way? Would it be easier for you to find out, find your son or even offer the needed assistance?

Lack of information and control can really disturb us but today there’s some good news. Most of ski/snowboarding schools are using GPS tracking systems because they have now started to witness all the benefits that these systems offer. With GPS tracking systems, snowboarders can be located in real time. It is also very easy to notice whenever there’s any problem along the way.

If there’s any threat and the ski boarder needs to be located and helped, the team can get instant notifications and eventually do what it takes to reach them and offer the needed assistance. The resort employees just have to log into the system with an internet connection and the web-based GPS tracking system will instantly reveal the snowboarder’s exact location.

In this brief, we will give you five reasons to equip your employees with personal GPS tracking devices. We will also touch on the reasons why your shuttle buses should have GPS tracking system. To get the best deals and offers on GPS tracking services for your business, get in touch with Ski Resort GPS tracking Provider GPS Leaders.

Safety Benefits with Ski Resort GPS Tracking Services

Today most of the schools are using GPS tracking systems to make sure they can be able to notice when the students are separated with their instructors and eventually offer the needed assistance. According to statistics, 1-2% of the students are likely to be separated from their instructors especially during peak seasons. However, with the use of GPS tracking systems, the school can assure the parents that their kids are safer while learning.

You can as well get the small child GPS tracking device to help you monitor the children closely and eventually get them even in the case of an issue. The device can be worn as a bracelet or an anklet. It can as well be attached to the child’s garments. Even after separation the instructor will be able to notice almost immediately and take appropriate actions to get the child back to the team. It is also very easy to notice once the students gets out of the permitted area and later be able to spot the exact location the child is.

The extent of tracking children depends with the level of the student. If the child is not well versed with the terrain and the process of snowboarding, then there is an increased chance of an accident.  Consequently, the instructor and the schools management should ensure that all the actions are being taken to safeguard such children and guide them along. It becomes very simple for an instructor to locate the exact location of a student and eventually get them.

The good thing is that with Ski resort GPS tracking devices, it becomes very simple to get instant notifications whenever an issue has come up. The management pre-programs the device to send alerts whenever the child has come past the designated place. For the same case, the instructor sets an electronic boundary which varies depending on the student’s level. What this means is that the advanced student’s ski range is wider than that of beginners or for those students with some physical impairment.

They have a panic button

Some of the tracking devices have a panic or an SOS Button to ensure that the student can notify the management whenever there’s threat. The student is required to press when they need immediate assistance. The other ways that a GPS tracking system can help maintain the safety of the students is that each student is assigned a specific code upon enrollment to the school. These codes are sent to specific parents and after this; they can easily monitor the students whereabouts and get all the information about the progress from the comfort of their houses.

The parents are supposed to use these codes whenever they want to clear the doubts. It tracks the instant location of specific students and gives details such as the instant location of the student, direction and even the speed of the machine.

Additionally, GPS tracking devices can be integrated with the engine and eventually be able to closely track the speed of the machine. What this means is that the management can be able to easily notice when the student is over speeding and be able to intervene before it’s too late. As the management notices and manages the accounts from the office, it is very easy to notice when the student is not moving and eventually inquire what is happening. If there’s any issue with the machine or any threat to the student, then they can be able to involve relevant authorities and eventually offer assistance on time.


You want to be sure of the child’s safety every time they are away from you. In most of the cases, advanced students are left to deal with their snowboarding activities. However, besides the fact that they are advanced, you want to be sure that they are within the safer side of the area and for this reason; most of the schools are going for Snowmobile GPS tracking Devices to make sure they can have a hand on the location that the students can access at any point in time.

The best thing to do in this case is to get a GPS tracking system that offers Geo-fencing capabilities. This means that you can set an electronic boundary where the students shouldn’t go beyond. For any case the student goes beyond this place, it is very easy to notice and do something about it.

Employees Personal GPS Tracking

When everybody is in the field, the school’s management wants to be sure that both the student and the instructor are safe. For this reason, most of the schools are turning to Employees Personal GPS Tracking Devices. Every person in the field should be monitored closely and their safety guaranteed.


You always hear about thefts but if you have never been a victim, you may never understand how dangerous, life threatening and how much losses it can bring. As a business owner, you have worked hard to purchase this machine and the last news you want to hear is that the machines are lost. It can be very paining to write a cheque for replacement.

The good thing is that with GPS tracking system, its  very easy to combat the crime before it happens and at the same time to recover the machines and other assets once lost. The system ensures that you will at all cost get notifications whenever the machine gets out of the designated area. After this, the management will contact to inquire what’s happening and ultimately take actions if the need arise.

You will be notified via email or sms if the machine moves or even when it is stolen. The system works to prevent theft in the store and also in the field. It works to make it hard for someone to get away with the assets. It can detect movement and later send coordinates at pre-determined intervals.

Trace can as well be sending daily status messages. It can as well notice you if the batteries are getting low or not. With a GPS tracking system, all this information is easy to get. That is what makes it very easy for the management to involve relevant authorities to easily recover the assets.

Search and rescue

There are several issues that may come up along the way and for this reason you need to be ready to offer assistance when the need arise. With Avalanche GPS tracking Devices, it’s very easy to notice when there is an issue and eventually deal with it. What this means is that it helps you with search and rescue. Its snow time and most of the people are looking forward to that day they could get to the real deal. The peak time is one of the most dangerous times of the year and it’s the time that schools and authorities need to be very careful. GPS tracking devices helps you with search and rescue to minimize the chances of injuries and accidents.