New Bill requires GPS tracking systems installed in all Ney York City School Buses

In January 2019, the NYC council approved a measure that will see all the New York School Buses installed with GPS tracking systems. The system will allow parents to keep an eye on what is happening along the way as they leave their children to get to school and as the children are retiring back home. This decision was made after the last year’s sudden snowstorm that left school buses stranded in traffic for hours. It was reported that most parents were worried and did have an insight of what is happening.

It can be particularly challenging for children especially those with special needs. This move was known as STOP which stood for Student Transportation Oversight Package. It established that there should be a two way radio devices and GPS tracking systems on every school bus in the city. New York City will now be mandated to report bus times, delays and complaints.

New York City has over 10,000 school buses that are now supposed to be installed with GPS tracking systems. All the buses should comply before the end of the year. As a matter of fact, they should comply before September 2019. The good thing is that a significant number of buses in the city have already complied. With all the benefits that GPS tracking systems can offer, most schools in New York are looking for a good service provider. For the best deals and offers, get in touch with School Bus GPS Tracking service provider GPS Leaders.

Additionally, parents are very satisfied with the move because they have already dealt with a couple of horror stories about students being stuck in the city without their notice. There are also situations where the students’ bus drops students at the wrong location. Parents wants to hear that they have a good and a classic way of getting all the information about their children whenever they are. Most of the parents are highly concerned about the safety of their children and for this reason they want a system that will give them peace of mind.

As a matter of fact, I also concur with this move because GPS tracking devices offer uncountable benefits especially when it comes to tracking your children to school and back. However, the schools and the government will incur a cost of about $3.6 million in the first year of implementation. The estimates are up to $1.8 million in the year to follow.

When it comes to this regard, there are several parents that are celebrating the move by the government. Eliyanna Kaiser says that she’s very comfortable and happy about this move by the government. She confirmed that most of the buses were arriving about an hour or two late almost every day. This brought very many issues especially when the parents are worried about the children.

We know that it’s a horrible experience not to know where your child is after leaving school. It can be worrying to not know where your children are at each point in time. This registration comes to bring some peace of mind on the side of the management and the side of the management.

The department of education will be required to implement this move by September for the 2019/2020 academic year. As parents, there’s so much to appreciate in this legislation. Given the benefits of GPS tracking systems, there’s nothing to worry about as far as this move is implemented.

Besides the above move, the council advanced legislation that requires DOSRIs to list city agency reports on its website. They also put more emphasis on legislation that would clarify for the purpose of enforcing prohibitions against unauthorized commuter van services. As a matter of fact, many of the city families rely on school buses to get their children to and from school and for this reason, parents wants to heart that there are several moves by the government to improve the safety of their children.

Additional GPS tracking benefits for school buses

Despite the fact that the authorities are looking for a good option in regard to children safety and the parent’s peace of mind, there are several other benefits that schools and the parents can get from GPS tracking systems. Here are additional benefits that school buses will get along the way.

Know where the students and the school buses are at all times

This is the main and the most important reason why most of the school managements are going for GPS tracking systems. The parents want to know where the children and the buses are at real time. They also want to be informed whenever there are delays. One of the main worries on the side of the parents is not knowing where the buses and the students are. The system today notices missed and delayed stops. The system may also inform the parents where and when the parents get on and off the buses.

It can be a brilliant idea to see the student’s bus on a map. It gives you an insight of when and where to wait for your child. It as well gives the parents peace of mind because they will notice when there are delays and whenever there are issues with the transport system. The parent will as well be able to get the real cause of the delay and when they should expect their children. This gives them peace of mind since they know that the child is okay and will be united with them in the next few minutes. It can be stressing to wait for an hour or two without a clear picture of what is happening in with the bus.

Additionally, the parents get confirmation merges that their children are confirmed to be on the bus. What this means is that the parent can be able to detect the bus their children are riding on and when to expect them. It informs the parents about the safety of their children and also gives them some information about the route they are expected.

With all the above capabilities, the management and the parents have more peace of mind. It also gives them more control and efficiency in the critical effort. The schools’ management wants to ensure that they are transporting the students safely and the parent wants to feel that their children are safe and will be at home in the next few minutes.

It helps to increase driver skills

As a matter of fact, when the driver knows that they are monitored, they have to drive carefully and at the same time ensure that they meet all the driving concerns. They will not over speed, they will as well not take sharp cornering or participate in any other reckless driving activity. The drivers will as well be especially careful with the locations, the pickup stages and the drop locations. The driver will take everything with due care and ensure that everything is done the right way.

With School bus driving GPS tracking systems, it is very easy to get Driver Behavior Reporting. Management can get all the information concerning the drivers behavior with little efforts. This means that the school can make it simple to detect the case and eventually take actions.

Save fuel

As we have already stated, GPS tracking system works to reduce any reckless driving that may at last cause any trouble on the road. It is also a concern when the school is incurring countless costs on fuel and maintenance. As a matter of fact, GPS tracking systems will at any time reduce the instances of excessive fuel use such as over speeding or any other reckless driving activity. The system can as well monitor fuel thefts and other driving behaviors that may add directly to fuel consumption. With all the data that it can rely, it is very simple for the management to reduce fuel conception and other expensive.

The ability to adjust bus routes or stops if need arise

It is very easy for the management to adjust the routes and the stops if need arise. If for any case there are changes along the way, the company can make it easy and simple for the bus to change the route and eventually get where it’s necessary.

School children safety

This is the main reason why almost every parent is very comfortable with GPS tracking systems. Children safety is at the core of every school and for this reason they have to implement School children portable GPS tracking devices to make sure they can detect whenever there are threats and offer the needed assistance.

Geo fencing

Lastly, school bus GPS tracking devices makes it very simple for the management to track down the overall performance of a specific bus. It makes it very simple for them to set an electronic fence where any of the buses shouldn’t bypass. If for any case the management notices that the bus is passing past this place, then they can contact the driver to inquire the underlying problem. If they notice any problem, the management may involve relevant authorities to deal with the case.