Five benefits of Small Business GPS Tracking Systems

Small business owners have some set goals to operate and glow a successful business. They need to set short-term and long term Business goals that will guarantee their success. I bet this is the main reason behind the success of some upcoming businesses in the market. However, the success of their ambitions relies heavily on their strategies to minimize costs of operations and at the same time maximize the profits.

In order to minimize the costs of operations, small companies should focus on both human and non-human asset’s security, easy management, reduced chances of time theft and increased cooperation between the management and their field staff.

To make this a reality, there are several strategies that they should implement including adopting GPS tracking systems. This system provides satellite tracking services that are useful and very important to small businesses. Using GPS tracking system in your business can bear many fruits.

To make it easy for businesses to enhance security in their company and at the same time make it work for them, they have to invest heavily on GPS tracking systems. In this brief, we are going to discuss some of the main benefits that GPS tracking system offers to small businesses.

Security Provided By Small Business GPS Tracking

As I had already stated, security is paramount. You first of all have to make sure that all your assets are safeguarded against damages, theft and at the same time be sure that all your employees are comfortable to work in all the environments. GPS tracking systems offers all the features when it comes to safety. The first and foremost feature is SOS button. This button makes it easy for the driver to report any threat to the control room with ease. In case he/she detects any danger, he’s just supposed to press the button and the management will get instant notification.

There are also reduced chances of misconduct especially when someone knows that the vehicle is wired. If they notice that the vehicle has a GPS tracking system, there are very few people that can attempt stealing parts, the package or even the vehicle.

Safety comes in when you can be able to manage the entire space and know exactly where your assets are in real time. GPS gives instant location notifications which give the asset owner peace of mind. Small Business’s GPS tracking devices can send notifications especially when the driver is involved in harsh accelerations and other risky driving behaviors.

Lastly, we have to talk about Geofencing which is an added advantage from GPS. With reliable GPS tracking software from Small Business GPS Tracking Service provider GPS Leaders, it is very easy to set an electronic fence where your vehicles should operate. The driver will get instant notifications in case the vehicle goes beyond this points. What this means is that it is very easy to contact the driver and inquire. It is also an indication that something fishy is going on. If there are no clear explanation, you can take swift measures to recover the asset and safeguard the driver.

Time sheet verification with small business gps tracking services

Its common sense that your field team doesn’t like entering time and your business runs on the cycle of billing clients and paying your staff. GPS leader’s software offers a range of features that helps you tie together client billing and staff payroll. This even encourages your staff to use your easy time entry features.
Additional benefits from this system are that it offers simple time entry which is done from an intuitive calendar interface. The management has a simple time following up with what happened at each point in time. It makes it simple for the ROI of vehicle Tracking systems. You just have to use GPS tracking systems to save money on Labor.

Tax savings with Federal Section 179 Tax Dedication

Today, when you buy a vehicle for business use, you can get tax deductions for using them. The deductions are basically the depreciation, the expense of buying property over a predetermined number of years. All the deductions can save you money on your business tax return. You may as well be able to get lower costs at the time you buy and start using your vehicles. IRS section 179 allows a 35% write off for your business tracking systems. You will at the same time have higher deductions on all the additions you incorporate on your operating inventory.

The fact is that almost every equipment purchased you make qualifies for a section 179 deduction. This includes the computers you purchase for your office use, machinery for operation and vehicles for transport. The main reason for this is because the government trusts that businesses are liable to carry a larger portion of their country’s tax burden. This puts a huge strain on business owners and that’s why they thought of reducing the costs for business operations.

Insurance Discounts

Small Business management software can as well help you a lot when it comes to cutting insurance costs. Most of the insurance companies today are cutting a huge portion of your premiums if they notice that you have reliable GPS tracking systems on your vehicles. They are doing this to make it more profitable for businesses to safeguard their assets against theft and damage. When the business assets are safe, the insurance company and the business saves a lot on repairs and replacement.

Litigation With Accidents

What would happen in case of an accident and there’s no clear evidence that it wasn’t the driver’s negligence cause? In this regard, there would be long legal procedures to prove that. However, lately GPS tracking systems are used in truck accident litigation. The good thing is that GPS tracking systems can provide details about the accident which can make the whole process shorter. It can as well offer details about the driver’s behavior right before the accident which can as well be a supporting ground. The system can as well be used to verify the amount of time that the driver was behind the wheel.