5 benefits of Tailgate GPS tracking devices for car dealerships

The fact is that there are several parts of your truck that promises huge money to thieves. These are the parts that are in danger every time you leave your truck unattended. One of these parts is the truck’s tailgate which is one of the main targets for thieves looking for big money with ease. If you have been in this industry for some time, then you can concur with me that you have had to replace your truck’s tailgate time to time. If you haven’t been forced to replace this, then you have at least heard someone talking about it.

Anyone who has ever got into this problem understands the pocketbook pain that is associated with replacement and repairs. In most of the cases, when thieves are targeting your truck’s tailgate, they will not spare the surrounding parts of the truck. Sometimes the problem is not all about replacing them but immediate future risk that your replaced tailgate is projected to.

Why are tailgates a simple target for theft?

You may be wondering why tailgates are a special and an easy target by thieves these days. The first reason is that these parts of your truck command top dollars in the industry. The other reason is that there’s always a ready market for them I bet the two combined are special reasons why most of the thieves are closely targeting this. The worst thing is that most of the people have even never heard about this type of theft and that’s why they are caught off guard. What am trying to mean is that you may never feel the pain until you are caught up in this mess.

This type of thefts very common especially in the US. The worst thing about tailgates is that they have a ready market and at the same time will never be returned. There are several statistics about this type of crime. According to the 2017 report by National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were fewer tailgate thefts in the year. They attributed this type of progress to the increased awareness and adoption of several other measures to combat the crime.

The police say that these crimes are not just happening during the day but also at night. In Arizona for example, car theft is a huge problem. Since most of people in this area have adopted some means to combat the crime, the crooks are now targeting specific parts of the vehicle.

In simple terms, thieves sneak in somebody’s pickup truck and later take off with their tailgate. Trends show that suspects targeting these parts of the truck can even get away with the gate even when there are some security features such as camera systems.

What can you do to prevent Tailgate Theft?

The police in most of the states have given some recommendations to reduce this type of crime. As a matter of fact, they emphasis more on factory installed locking system, after market tailgate locks and marking your tailgates. All the measures they have recommended are aimed at reducing this type of crime.

However, most of the owners are now targeting Tailgate GPS tracking devices for security. There are several benefits of these devices and that’s why even the private sector is really trying to dominate the market. For the best deals and offers, get in touch with Tail Gate GPS Tracking Provider GPS leaders.

What are the benefits of Tailgate GPS tracking devices

As I had already explained, there are several; reasons why most of the companies are turning to Tailgate GPS tracking devices. At this point in time, we are going to discuss top five benefits of GPS tracking systems on safeguarding Tailgates.

Tailgate recovery

This is the top most reason why most of the companies are looking for Tailgate GPS tracking devices. This is aimed at reducing the cost associated with replacing tailgates. It is also at the core of theft recovery and lowering costs of operations. The good thing about GPS tracking systems is that they can slowly help you deal with tailgate thefts with ease. When the tailgate is stolen, it gets easier to involve the right authority to recover the part.

In the unfortunate event that the part is stolen, you will get the exact location of the offenders in real time. What this means is that it allows you to recover the part quickly and reduce the instance of loss.

Reduced Costs

In most of the instances, the company may be forced to incur some extra costs on insurance and repairs. With a good GPS tracking system for your vehicle, the chances of incurring costs are minimized. Most of the insurance companies today know the benefits of having GPS tracking systems on customer vehicles. What this means is that they charge less to those owners with installed GPS tracking systems.

Automatic Theft Notification

The reality of the matter is that prevention is better than recovery. If you are be able to detect a theft before the crime occurs and do something about it, then it gets very easy for you to combat the crime. As a matter of fact, GPS tracking systems make it easy for you to detect theft and at the same time reduce the risk of loss. In an instance of attempted theft, the device will send notifications to the owner instantly. The owner will have an easy time checking the vehicle especially when they are far away from the scene.

Reduced Downtime

With the use of such reporting functionality, it’s very easy to notice when one or more vehicles are underutilized. At the same time, you can be able to combat such crimes or recover. This means that you will not take a long time transitioning from recession to peak.

Inventory Management

If the support team at office can be able to get clear information about the conditions of the vehicle, then it becomes very easy to manage the assets remotely. Managers can keep an eye on whatever is happening at each point in time which is an added benefit.