Why Uber & Lyft Driver GPS Tracking Service Are Needed

There are several problems that Uber and Lyft companies and driver go through including theft and mismanagement. The company wants to keep track of the real position of the driver and also ensure that the driver’s behavior is monitored. Uber, Lyft and several other ride share systems use GPS tracking devices from a trusted dealer such as GPS Leaders to track the driver’s location and also follow the rider. They also install the accelerometers to determine how fast the drivers corner, start and stop. These systems can as well give grades about how sudden you stop or how you accelerate the machine. The main aim of the company is to ensure the safety of their customers and at the same time ensure that the services are delivered according to the set terms. By utilizing Uber & Lyft Driver GPS Tracking Service you will be able to ensure the integrity & safety of your ride sharing service.

How Uber is Using Telematics

Uber’s life is built above a very sophisticated GPS tracking system that helps both the drivers and the customers to collect GPS Gyroscope and acceleration data during their trips. Important data is collected during the Uber trips and transmitted to the servers for processing and long term storage.

The system is likely to analyze the drivers driving expertise and inform the authorities whenever there’s rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speeding or dangerous cornering. For this reason, all Uber drivers and customers are guaranteed their safety by simply ensuring that the drivers are keen on the road when they take you for a ride.

Uber uses this data to cut off drivers that they feel are constantly dangerous or poorly performing. Uber might also use the data for future reference. They want to come up with a comprehensive report of braking in a certain city. These data that is provided by the GPS tracking system might be very useful in the future in development of autonomous vehicles.

Track your mileage and expenses

I personally think that mileage and cost trackers for Lyft and Uber are an absolute must. One thing that I think you have never considered important is that for every 1,000 work miles your drive, you get a $545 tax deduction. I also think that it is imperative to keep track of the vehicle maintenance and repair costs for every miles you travel.

The first important thing about tracking mileage and expenses is that you can offset some of these expenses by simply using them to reduce tax reliability. This will specifically come handy during the tax seasons because you are in charge of your own tax.

The most important thing that you need is a GPS tracking system that can give you instant mileage tracking data. I think its almost impossible for Uber and the Lyft drivers to determine the accuracy if end-of-year statement that is provided by the company if they aren’t tracking the mileage on their own. Utilizing your own mileage tracking system is the most useful thing that you can ever do to your business.

As a Uber or Lyft delivery driver, I also think it’s paramount to track expenses that aren’t necessary and find measures to reduce them. You will be able to closely manage Vehicle Payments, Registration costs, Fuel charges, Car Loan Interest and Cell Phone service.

The drivers can prove what happened in case of an accident

Sometimes an accident can be blamed on several things and Driver misconduct is one of them. However, GPS tracking systems record data about what happened before an accident occurred. The driver can be able to deal with a case in court in case an accident occurred. Insurance companies may as well be in search of data to help them determine the cause of the accident. GPS car tracking devices can reveal instances of careless driving such as harsh braking, sharp cornering, fast acceleration and many more.

The information recorded by the tracking devices is open to scrutiny and for this reason it can be used to validate or repudiate an insurance claim. If the car accident has nothing to do with the driver and if the insurance company clearly understands that the occurrence is purely a cause of nature, then they are actually going to pay you for the damages. However, if otherwise, they will not consider the insurance claim as a debatable issue.

Real time tracking of the vehicle’s whereabouts

With the increased criminal activities in the world, Uber has to ensure the safety of their vehicles and the drivers. This is the reason why they have invested in a reliable GPS tracking service for their vehicles. With the GPS tracking devices, Uber and Lyft have an exclusive opportunity of receiving real time information about the car’s real position at all times of the day. GPS tracking devices are fitted with advanced telematics features such as vehicle, diagnosis, fuel level indicator and engine levels of temperatures. What this means is that the companies don’t have to spend millions of money manually keeping track of their vehicles all over the world. Rather, the information from GPS tracking devices can help them get real time information about the location of each and every car. This saves them money and time. It also ensures that there customers and the drivers are safe at all times.

If you can be able to determine the location of your car at any time, then it means that you can be able to determine suspicious activities and at the same time be able to recover the vehicle when they are stolen. Uber and Lyft Company cares so much about the safety of their vehicles and hence they have since the time in memorial tried to invest money and time to ensure that their vehicles are fitted with the best and the most reliable GPS tracking devices.

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Increase the number of trips

The other advantage of GPS tracking devices for Uber and Lyft vehicles is the increased number of trips. They can help the drivers plan well. The driver is able to get real time information about routes with traffic jams and act accordingly. They are also given a good chance of determining the shortest route to the destination. This ensures that you identify and use routes that saves both money and time. With this, you can increase the number of trips per day which translates to more opportunities.

The GPS tracking systems from GPS Leaders have smart route planning which reduce unproductive work and eliminate unnecessary fuel expenses.

Reduces operation Costs

GPS tracking systems for Uber and Lyft keeps track of the number of hours that the driver has been active. It also analyses the routes taken by the driver and at the same time provide alternatives to help the driver use alternative routes and reduce the cost of operations. GPS tracking system will also inform the management when a driver goes off for 1 hour or two to meet his friends or do something else.

The other thing is that Uber and Lyft managers can use the data provided to schedule their employees more efficiently. This means that the company will solve both costs of operation and the time wasted. This will directly impact on the profitability of the company.

The use of panic buttons

There is this other thing that majority of Uber and Lyft customers don’t know. Due to policies within Uber and Lyft, carrying a weapon in case of a dangerous passage is totally against the Companies TOS. For this reason, these two companies have to implement measures to ensure the drivers are safe at all times. I know you have never thought of what would happen in case a dangerous passenger has threatened the driver and the driver is unable to de-escalate the situation. The smartest solution for all life threatening situations is an on-screen ‘’panic button’’.

In case the driver has sensed danger, he or she can be able to press the button and the service will alert Uber or Lyft, it will also alert the police and also send real time information about your location. This way, the relevant authorities can be able to locate you and offer the necessary help.

I bet all the Uber and Lyft drivers wants to be reassured that they are safe whenever they are on the road with their customers. The panic button will be an extremely useful tool in this case. They want to feel that they can be able to easily call for the help in case of a life threatening situation.

Uber & Lyft Driver GPS Tracking Service Can Help These Ride Sharing Companies Manage Their Drivers & Customers

There’s nothing better than knowing you have control over your assets and drivers wherever you are. GPS tracking devices can help Uber and Lyft management manage their field drivers effectively. The company can be able to use the data provided and at the same time analyze it and take corrective measures where necessary.