Recover Vehicles Before It’s Too Late with Stolen Vehicle Recovery GPS Tracking Technology

Recently, the Progressive Insurance examined 2012 Insurance data and found that vehicle theft recovery depends on several factors including where the car owners live and indeed the season. According to Recessive Insurance, the cases of car theft in the US become alarming during the summer. The other thing is that in the US, the car recovery rate is 46 percent but all varying from state by state. In some states where vehicle theft rate is lower, then the recovery rate is also high. According to statistics. Washington is the leading state in vehicle recovery, with the recovery rate of 71 percent followed by Utah (63 percent), South Dakota (61 percent) and lastly California with a recovery rate of 60 percent.

According to 2012 statistics, there were estimated 721,053 motor vehicle theft cases which is estimated to be 229.7 motor vehicles stolen in every 100,000 inhabitants. It is also estimated that property losses due to motor vehicle theft in 2012 were$ 4.3 billion.

How Do Criminals Steal Motor Vehicles

There are several methods used by criminals to steel motor vehicles. Some of them includes:

  • Taking vehicles left unattended without a key-Most of the criminals break in and remove an unattended vehicle followed by hot-wiring or any other form of tampering methods to start the vehicle. The police say that in the United States, 50 percent of all the vehicles stolen are stolen using this method. Annually over 20,000 car thefts are now from high tech Onboard Diagnostic ports, key cloning kits and bypassing immobilizer simulators.
  • Taking a vehicle without the Owner’s consent-This is another method that most criminals use to get away with vehicles. In the UK, this is known as Towing or the unauthorized usage of a vehicle.
  • Opportunistic theft-This is another method of car theft which is usually associated with the owner’s negligence. It is characterized by the removal of an unattended vehicle with the keys visibly present. It is also known as idling. In the United States, the police say that most of the cars stolen through this methods are stolen during car tests. Another cases, a test drive can provide potential car theft opportunities because the criminal will already have got some insights with where the car keys are kept. The criminal may return later to steal the vehicle.
  • Carjacking-This is also a very common method of stealing cars. It refers to the act of taking a car by force from the owner or the operator. In the United States and several other parts of the world, this is characterized as the most serious form of car theft. It is characterized by assault and other forms of brutality. The other thing is that the method of taking the vehicle is actually a robbery.
    In some of these cases, the driver and other passengers are forced out or retained in the car as hostages. The other situation is where the driver is forced to drive the vehicle away to a pre-planned place.
  • Fraudulent theft-This is illegally acquiring a vehicle that was initially owned or purchased by another person. It is actually characterized by the fraudulent transfer of funds from one person to the other. In most cases, it is associated with the identity theft or the use of a fake cheque.
    Police argue that most vehicles stolen through fraudulent methods are resolve immediately thereafter. The criminal can avoid detection and continue stealing vehicles in other parts of the world.

Why Are Vehicles Stolen?

There are several reasons why criminals steal vehicles with the top of all being making money in fraudulent ways or even selling spare parts and scrap metals. One of the end results of vehicle theft is Identity Theft. Identity theft is a very enormous problem and the worst of all is that it is today happening to cars.

It is easier for someone to copy your vehicles VIN number because it’s readily available in the Windshield. After this, they can apply for duplicate papers and use the details to register another stolen vehicle or even to take loans or even do other fraudulent things. They can as well get other identification documents after stealing your vehicle and use them for their personal gains.

Vehicles Frequently Stolen In The United States

The models and the types of vehicles frequently stolen in the USA vary depending on several factors such as the region and the ease of theft. The other factors includes the security systems, spare part and scrap metal prices. Sometimes back, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released its annual report and listed the most frequently stolen vehicles in the United States. Their findings were based on theft submitted data submitted by law enforcement. The data determines the model, make and the model year.

Even though there are several measures taken by most of car owners to reduce the cases of their vehicles being stolen, the crime is always on the rise. The report also revealed that most of the cars stolen were easy to go away with simply because the drivers either complied or left keys on the car. Below is a list of the most stolen vehicles in the USA according to the NICB report of 2017.

  • Honda Civic-Over the years, Honda has always been at the top of the list as the America’s most stolen vehicle. In 2017, there were over 45,000 reported cases of theft concerning Honda Civic.
  • Honda Accord-in the same year, Honda Accord came second with over 43,000 reported cases.
  • Ford Pickups-In the same year, Ford Pickups were stolen and came third in the list with over 35,105 reported cases.
  • Chevrolet Pickups also reported an increase in cases of theft with more than 30,058 cases reported the same year.
  • Toyota Camry-This vehicle reported 17, 287 cases in the same year.

How to Prevent Car Theft and use GPS for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The reality of the matter is that there are several methods of preventing car theft but the use of GPS tracking devices and alarms serves as the best method. The reason for this is because Car alarms can make it difficult for someone to steal the car and GPS tracking devices can help the authorities recover the vehicle in case the criminal succeeds in steeling it. At this point in time, I am going to share some of the benefits of GPS tracking and how to track your car using GPS tracking systems.

The good thing is that you can make your vehicle Virtually theft proof by the use of GPS tracking Systems. If you want to get GPS tracking systems and devices fitted on your vehicle in the United States, then get in Touch with Stolen Vehicle Recovery Provider

  • A GPS auto-recovery system can give instant location details which makes it easier for you to recover the vehicle. In case the vehicle is stolen and there’s no better way of running after the criminals, then you can have peace of mind knowing that police will be able to get instant location details and recover your vehicle quickly.
  • The other advantage is that the theft and car recovery systems can lower your insurance costs. Most of the insurance providers provide a discount to people who have fitted their vehicles with GPS tracking devices.
  • GPS tracking devices from GPS readers are also going to give the details about your vehicles location even when the thieves cuts the vehicle’s battery cables. The reality of the matter is that thieves nowadays have sophisticated methods of getting away with stolen vehicles but if you get a proper GPS tracking systems for your car, you can still get them.
  • The other advantage is that you can as well be able to track your vehicles on regular basis and observe your driver’s driving habits.
  • Geofencing-Another important part of GPS tracking devices is that you can be able to set geofencing and tell every time your vehicle gets out of the fenced area. This way, you can either communicate with the driver or sense danger when it’s about to happen.

The fact is that vehicles with a GPS tracking systems are recovered more often and with less damage than those without GPS tracking systems. What this means is that whether at home or a work, a telematics Solutions such as those provided here makes sense.

Repossession and vehicle recovery team can take days and even weeks to locate and recover vehicles stolen without GPS tracking systems. With GPS, it can only take them minutes to few hours to locate the car, recover and prosecute the offenders. What am trying to mean is that your chances of a vehicle recovery increases significantly with the installation of a GPS tracking system.

Vehicle Recovery systems from GPS Leaders are very effective and versatile in stolen vehicles recovery, vehicle monitoring and vehicle tracking. Unlike many of the GPS vehicle tracking systems available in USA today, the Southern California Vehicle Recovery Provider GPS Leader provides affordable and highly effective tracking systems. For more information, offers and deals, contact