Work Truck GPS tracking Devices

There are several cases of Work truck theft in the US. On May 10 2017, a Local Man’s Work truck was stolen in Broad daylight. This was just one of the cases that were reported that specific day. His case happened on the 3100 Block of Southeast Military drive. Recently, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) names the brand of trucks that are now hotcakes to thieves all over the country. They revealed that three pickup trucks from three different manufacturers are the most targeted today. At the top of the list if Ford F-150. This is the most targeted machine in the Unites states and several other parts of world.

In 2017 alone, about $6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in the US. Now FBI includes the theft or attempted theft of work trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, buses, scooters and several other motorcycles. According to the same statistics, cars were stolen at a rate of 237.4 per 100,000 people in the same year. In the same year, one case was reported every 40.9 seconds in the US.

The preliminary 2017 crime data released regarding car theft in the previous year shows that car theft cases have increased by 4.1 percent national wide. With all the above statistics, work truck theft is now rampant and for this reason you would better go for a car tracking system. If you live in any part listed above for work truck thefts, then you need a very reliable Work truck GPS tracking system from a reliable provider. Get tracking devices from Work Truck GPS tracking provider GPS Leaders.

The National Highway Safety Administration proposes several methods to ensure that work truck and other types of vehicles theft reduces in the coming years. Some of the suggestions are the use of coded ‘’smart’’ keys, telematic locating systems, parts marking and engine immobilizers among many more. You need to ensure that your work truck has a functional and a highly reliable tracking device. Tracking devices offer very many services that can reduce the chances of your truck getting stolen.

You can as well be able to track and locate your truck even when stole. These are few advantages of GPS tracking devices. In this article, we are going to talk about the use of GPS in tracking work truck and name some of the benefits that you can expect after installing GPS tracking system in your vehicles.
Monitoring work truck usage with GPS tracking devices

Are you suspecting that your drivers are going home with your work trucks or they are running personal errands while on field? Are you not always there to monitor your drivers and other workers on field? GPS tracking system for work trucks has something to offer. Now there’s a way to know whether your work trucks are used the right way or not.

If your drivers cannot be able to account for every hour in field for the whole day, then there are chances that they are not performing for the betterment of the company. If you leave them un-monitored, then they are likely to misuse their freedom and eventually affect the business’s profitability negatively.

The best solution in this case is to use GPS tracking system to monitor work trucks remotely. It is now easy and very reliable. The systems will ensure that your drivers are utilizing the given time to perform the tasks at hand. These tracking systems offer live mapping which can help you supervise the location of your truck at each point in time.

You will always be sure where your truck is and when it is in use or not. This way, the driver will never be able to misuse the vehicle. Knowing that they are monitored, they will perform better.

Recover Your Stolen Work Truck with GPS Tracking Systems

This is the most obvious reason why majority of vehicle owners are going for GPS tracking systems. Having a GPS tracking system installed on your work truck makes it easy for you and the authorities to recover the stolen vehicle. It gives the police an easy time tracking and following the vehicle. The vehicle can be recovered early enough before any harm is done to it. It can be problematic to follow a vehicle manually and sometimes it can lead to more losses in case the truck is not recovered.

Saving Money With Work Truck GPS Tracking

If you let your drivers to mishandle work trucks, then your company should be ready to deal with increased costs of repairs and fuel. This will eventually increase losses and can significantly impact the profitability of the company. The good thing is that GPS tracking devices from GPS Leaders keeps essential data that can be used to analyzer the driver’s performance and either reward or punish them depending on the performance.

Work Truck GPS tracking devices will also keep data about fuel usage, start and truck stop times, idling times, the routes taken and several other helpful data. With all the information, you will get all what you need to ensure that your company is making a profit.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Most of the insurance companies today will reduce your insurance costs if all your work trucks are fitted with Work Truck GPS tracking devices. The reason behind this is that with GPS tracking systems, the risk of loss is minimized. It is also very easy to recover a stolen vehicle which translates to lower costs to the insurance company. The other thing is that having GPS tracking systems fitted on your vehicle gives the insurance company an easy time and peace of mind, knowing that your vehicles are at lower risk of theft.

You Don’t Have To Continue Using Log Books

This is another thing that most of the people have underestimated for years. The fact is that GPS tracking systems eliminates the need for log books and other time and money consuming reporting. The system will keep track of all the data you need. The data will also be more accurate and will eventually help you save a lot on time and money. Some of the information provided includes, the time spent on the road, locations visited in the last few days, and the distances traveled each day. You will also easily track personal and business use for FBT reporting.

GPS Tracking Reduces Work Truck Maintenance Costs

If your GPS tracking system is reliable, then you will impact directly on the cost of maintenance. You will not spend a lot of time and money. With all the data provided by this service such as the kilometers traveled you can be able to make sound decisions regarding your vehicle’s maintenance. You will have timely maintenance and also save a lot on money and time.

Faster Dispatch to Jobs

If you can be able to monitor your drivers and know exactly where they are at each point in time, then you can be able to determine the nearest truck to a job. This allows you an easier and a faster dispatch. The fact is that it is economical to dispatch the nearest vehicle for the next job. However, without GPS tracking system, this is not easy.

Increase Route Efficiency

Work Truck GPS tracking services are not only targeted at giving you accurate vehicle location. You can save a lot of money and time and even save on tear and wear because GPS tracking systems gives accurate data about the shortest route to a point. You can at all time check the shortest route that your workers can take to deliver what your customers are waiting for. There might be shorter and faster routes to a specific location but without GPS tracking systems, you cannot be able to see and advise your drivers accordingly. This will also save you the cost of paying for overtime allowances and other allowances to your employees.

GPS Increases Accuracy

The fact is that there are several errors that are associated with manual collection and analysis of data. In this regard, GPS tracking systems will give you accurate data concerning the time spent on the road and the kilometers traveled, the idling time, start and stop time and the weight of load that the vehicle was carrying at each point in time.

GPS tracking systems also help the company’s management to generate accurate employee time sheets and customer invoices. This reduces the time sheet fraud and also minimizes the customer complains. If you notice that your driver usually takes more time when going a certain route then you can transfer them to another location.

The Bottom Line

With all the above benefits of installing GPS tracking services in your work truck, we don’t expect you to say wait. Reliable GPS tracking system installation should be your company’s next big investment. For the best deals and offers regarding GPS tracking services, contact Work Truck GPS service provider GPS Leaders. Avoid the frustrations of losing your property or even making losses by going for a reliable GPS tracking service provider for all your GPS tracking needs.